Women’s Boots: Reasons to Choose Platform Boots and Ways to Style Them

When it is about fashion, one style that has been gaining prominence is the favourable look. This exclusive fashion trend lets women show their personalities and cuddle their specific styles. One key attribute of the favourable look is platform boots or brogans. These shoes, with their lifted soles and plump heels, not only elevate height but also create a bold fashion statement. And, there are several ways to style these women’s boots to go with your own appeal. Choosing a plain black colour for these shoes can take you to the world of enhanced style, sprucing up already attractive and fun outfits you may have in your wardrobe.

Reasons Women Prefer Platform Boots

1. Today, most girls and ladies prefer platform shoes because they elevate height, are more cosy than conventional high heels and bring attention. Buying stylish and adaptable shoes is one of the best methods to improve your appearance, in spite of your outfit. That is why: if you are searching for trendy shoes that will take you through the day with simplicity while keeping you appearing as a fashion icon, then a platform shoe might be an appropriate option if you want to look appealing always.

2. One of the biggest benefits of these women’s boots is their height and, thus, the safety they offer to your ankles. This safety is in the type of support and padding from impact. Support is helpful as it helps prevent you from twisting the ankle, which can result in a strain, sprain, or even a break.

3. As the impact of the heel length as a whole is essentially reduced by platforms. Moreover, they will also make it feasible to adorn heels that are significantly higher as they appear funkier. On the top, these shoes step up both the balls of your feet and the heels, which is helpful in keeping your feet in a more contented position in comparison to different high heels. In due course, these shoes are among the most cheerful and comfortable shoes to step in.

How to Wear Platform Women’s Boots?

1. Style with Elegant Floral Dresses

There is something more graceful about a plain, floral dress. If you wish to avoid the elegance of a summer dress matched to sandals, boost up the grunge aspect with platform women’s boots.

Black, white, or even a mix of both platforms is the best choice for this ensemble. Mix your dress and shoes with a torn-up denim jacket to finish the look. You could even wear fishnets below your dress. This outfit will make you appear both grungy and subtle at the same time, the ideal combination of the two. You can also dress it with extra accessories such as necklaces, rings, and earrings.

2. Keep Your Look Casual

While platforms appear to offer a dressy type of vibe, they are simple enough to style in a casual way. Ripped jeans and a comfortable shirt mixed with these shoes will make you feel cool and casual without forcing the boundaries excessively. Take your preferred casual outfit and add platforms to it. You will be amazed at the difference they create.

For this appearance, go for regular-height boots in place of ankle or thigh-highs. Switch to the colours in your outfit to revive this look back in the future. Any shade of ankle shoes will work with this ensemble.

3. Mini Skirt and Tights

A pair of shaded tights, a button-down shirt, and a plaid mini skirt will be ideal with platform women’s boots. They can be a good addition to an academia-influenced outfit. A suede mini skirt and solid-hued tights will offer you a 70s-inspired appearance. Adorn a turtleneck or a shirt with long sleeves and a napped leather vest for an even more retro feel.

4. Leggings

An effective way to wear your platform shoes is to put on your favourite leggings. If your shoes are of bold hue, we would recommend you choose leggings that go with the shade of the footwear, or if you wish to keep it simple, wear neutral-shade leggings.

If you have plain boots, feel free to spruce them up and choose a dramatic pattern in your leggings. Plaid, checkered, and colourful prints are in the latest trends.

You can even go with a colour-blocking outfit with these shoes. If you have a pair of brown brogans, enhance them with various coloured leggings, a brown top, and a cardigan or accessory that goes with the shade of the leggings.

5. With a Leather Jacket for an Edgy Ensemble

To attain an edgy appearance, add platforms to a leather jacket ensemble. This combination shows confidence and rebels next to traditional fashion rules. On the other hand, you can create a grunge-influenced outfit by putting on these women’s boots with a tartan shirt and despondent jeans for a restless and easy cool vibe.

6. Large Size T-shirt or Sweatshirt

A large-size shirt or sweatshirt will work well with platform women’s boots. It offers a comfortable, casual vibe and makes the appearance more connected with each other. The shoes are the proclamation piece here, so let them radiate!

For your big-size sweatshirt or shirt, you can simply choose a vintage shirt, match it to your brogans, and you are all set to go. You can choose an easy, neutral-coloured fit or something vibrant. In any way, you will be cosy and still exude that confidence a wonderful pair of shoes gives.

In Summary

Platform women’s boots are an adaptable and stylish option for getting a favourable look. From selecting the best pair to wearing this footwear with several outfits and adding accessories, there are many ways to rock this shoe trend. Always keep in mind that attitude and confidence are important when it comes to attaining a favourable look. So, move ahead, express yourself, and add a touch of boldness to your wardrobe with a huge footwear collection at Novo Shoes NZ!

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