Why Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer After a Collision

Dealing with the aftermath of a collision is seldom a DIY project. That’s why most victims of motor vehicle crashes in the area decide to hire a Philadelphia car accident lawyer.

A personal injury claim such as a car accident is typically an overly complex proposition that most often requires an experienced legal professional to handle rather than opting for a do-it-yourself approach.

For instance, it’s quite a hill to climb for a layperson to deal with the often-convoluted claims process, the various legal technicalities associated with car accidents, and all that goes with it, such as evidence gathering, evaluation, and various forms of required paperwork. Any missteps in the process after a collision in the Philadelphia area could conceivably doom your claim even in its early stages.

A Specialist for Your Claim

For this reason, it’s much more advisable to delegate this responsibility to a competent attorney who specializes in these matters.

With that expertise, a car accident lawyer can take charge of and assemble the entire claim, including its proper value, while you or your family concentrate on putting your life back together.

Similarly perhaps, if your tax return is anything beyond routine, you’ll want a seasoned CPA to prepare and file it on your behalf to avoid any inadvertent hassles with the IRS that could cost you serious money.

To put it another way, there are a host of improvement projects at home that you would presumably never tackle yourself and instead would prefer to hire a= trained and qualified carpenter, electrician, or plumber to remedy.

In this context then, hiring a dedicated and experienced lawyer to review all aspects of the claim and then implement a detailed strategy for your car accident case dramatically increases your chances of getting the result that you deserve, i.e., potentially maximum financial compensation.

An Experienced Practitioner for Your Claim

Keep in mind that an insurance company, or whoever else might be responsible for compensating you for your collision-related injuries, can sometimes deny liability altogether, so you need a lawyer who has been ‘down this road before,’ as it were.

With the appropriate resources provided as part of the attorney-client relationship, your legal counsel can thoroughly investigate and/or further investigate what happened in the collision, separate fact from fiction, and in so doing, put together a convincing exposition to refute any attempts to prevent you from obtaining money damages.

You also need a respected Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. or law firm with a track record that insurance companies, defense attorneys, and those otherwise liable for your injuries must take seriously.

In other words, a dedicated legal team not to be trifled with during settlement negotiations.

A Litigator for Your Claim

If settlement appears beyond reach, however, the next step is most likely a court trial, which introduces another set of complexities that signals the need for a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer.

That’s an additional reason why retaining an attorney well-versed in how the court system operates and with practical and long-time litigation skills becomes so important to the end result. It would be tantamount to a disaster, moreover, for a car accident case to be tossed out of court because a victim tried to pursue a lawsuit without an attorney.

Understandable unfamiliarity with some arcane court rule with little or nothing to do with the merits of a claim can lamentably mean case closed.

Even if it never gets that far, you never want to accept a settlement offer, especially a   low-ball proposal, or one that seems that way, from an insurance adjuster without getting a readout from an accomplished personal injury attorney first. To set your car accident case on the right course, schedule a free consultation

with The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., in Philadelphia.

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