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Will Smith captivated audiences for decades as a charming leading man and versatile actor in blockbuster movies like “Independence Day,” “Men in Black,” “I Am Legend,” and the “Bad Boys” cop franchise. His 2022 Oscars meltdown, when he strode onstage and slapped presenter Chris Rock for making a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, shocked fans and led to immense scrutiny of his career. Now, in 2024, many are wondering — what is Will Smith doing now?

Current Entertainment Projects

After laying low in 2022 and early 2023, Smith has recently resurfaced by signing on new film and TV projects.

Bad Boys 4

Smith has returned to his hit action franchise to film “Bad Boys 4” (expected release in 2024), reuniting with co-star Martin Lawrence as Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. Filming was completed in late 2023.

Table 1: Will Smith’s Bad Boys Franchise

MovieRelease YearWorldwide Box Office
Bad Boys1995$141 million
Bad Boys II2003$273 million
Bad Boys for Life2020$426 million
Bad Boys 4*2024TBD


It remains to be seen if the fourth installment can replicate the success of 2020’s “Bad Boys for Life,” which earned over $426 million globally. Smith’s scandal looms over the project, but reteaming with Lawrence may appeal to fans.

Upcoming Projects

Beyond “Bad Boys,” Smith has been attached to several tentative film and TV ventures, though exact details remain closely guarded. These include:

  • An undisclosed drama thriller directed by Antoine Fuqua
  • Rumored involvement in a Netflix project produced by Westbrook Studios
  • Speculation around a sequel to his hit sci-fi flick “I Am Legend”

Smith appears to be keeping his options open across genres. But rather than committing to specific franchises, he seems to be biding his time with one-off projects to test the waters of a potential comeback.

Table 2: Will Smith Movie Genres

GenreExample Movies
ActionBad Boys, Independence Day, Suicide Squad
Sci-fiI Am Legend, Men in Black
DramaAli, The Pursuit of Happyness
Romance/ComedyHitch, Focus

Career Strategies

Given the turmoil surrounding Smith, plotting the right career moves is critical to rehabilitating his image. Here are some apparent tactics:

Project Selection

Smith is likely strategic in choosing projects with older established franchises like “Bad Boys” that play to loyal fanbases. Newer films may allow him to demonstrate range, like the Antoine Fuqua thriller. Minimizing risk is imperative.

Genre Breadth

By spanning different genres like action, sci-fi, and drama, Smith can appeal to varied demographics. This showcases his versatility while allowing audiences to compartmentalize reactions to his conduct.

Behind-the-Scenes Work

Smith may continue venturing into production, direction, and other behind-the-camera roles. This could maintain Hollywood relevance while avoiding excessive onscreen exposure.

Balancing these efforts may enable Smith to slowly rebuild his battered public perception.

Personal Life & Public Image

Beyond entertainment, Smith has maintained an exceedingly low profile since 2022’s Oscars slap. Limited sightings include:

  • Vacationing in India with Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Attending son Jaden’s birthday celebration in Los Angeles

Smith appears to be focusing inward on family and self-care while avoiding substantial media interactions. He disabled Instagram comments and has not addressed the slapping incident beyond a resignation from The Academy and an apology to Chris Rock.

This approach may cool negative associations until Smith reemerges stronger on a marketing campaign closer to a new project release. But the slap fallout remains unresolved in the public psyche.

Lingering Impacts of the Oscars Slap

Despite career calculations and privacy efforts, Smith still faces recurring scrutiny because he assaulted Chris Rock. Reactions span from confused to outraged.

Public Perception Issues

Many former fans struggle to conciliate their image of the amiable, family-friendly movie star with his violent outburst. Smith projecting intense anger clashes with expectations.

Industry Forgiveness Uncertain

Though still Academy Award-winning, Smith being barred from events like the Oscars for 10 years underscores uncertainties around Hollywood forgiveness. His legacy took a heavy blow.

Repeated Media Spotlight

The slap incident will likely re-enter headlines whenever Smith books new films. Speculation around the event itself also continues regarding things like Rock’s decision not to press charges.

Navigating these factors remains an ongoing challenge for Smith in reinventing his career.

What Does the Future Hold?

Given the slap’s massive visibility and Smith’s otherwise inspiring resume, his path forward promises to be complex. Here are the possibilities on the horizon:

More Apologies or Explanations

If Smith commits to high-profile projects or marketing campaigns, he may need to directly discuss the slap timing, reasoning, and growth from it before audiences can move on.

Career Renaissance

With strategic role selection and time passage restoring goodwill, Smith has opportunities to rebuild esteem through memorable performances. He retains unique charisma.

Behind-the-Scenes Transition

Over the long term, Smith may increasingly shift towards directing, producing, or even music while reducing onscreen roles. His multi-talented skillset provides options.

Regardless of scandals, Smith’s credentials suggest he can craft his next acts over time if he sustains the patience, wisdom, and resilience that brought past success. Though the way forward holds challenges, his formidable talents could ultimately prevail.


Will Smith finds himself at a turbulent crossroads after one shocking outburst jeopardized his long-cultivated Hollywood standing. But his formidable onscreen talents suggest pathways to redemption may still emerge if handled wisely to balance memories of that inexcusable lapse against career priorities now focused on humility, self-care and selectively utilizing his gifts.

Smith remains a singular figure whose relatable charm captivated global audiences across every film genre. As memories fade, strategic reengagements with loyal fanbases could flame new interest. Still, the slap’s severe damage cannot be erased overnight. By committing to understanding himself and respecting others with compassion, Smith may inspire supporters to one day appraise his whole story.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Will Smith Doing Now

What was the public reaction to the 2022 Oscars slap incident?

The reaction was highly negative overall. Smith faced immense criticism for exhibiting anger physically and overshadowing recognition of that year’s talent. Audiences were shocked at behavior widely deemed unacceptable.

How has the slapping incident impacted the perceptions of Will Smith?

Many former fans now view Smith less positively in light of actions conflicting so severely with his friendly public persona. The event introduced doubts about Smith’s character that did not exist beforehand.

Did Will Smith face any professional penalties for the slap?

Yes. Beyond public condemnation, Smith was banned by The Academy from attending any Oscars ceremonies for the next 10 years as a penalty for his display of violence. He also resigned from his Academy membership.

Has Will Smith starred in any major film projects since 2022?

After over a year absent from cameras, Smith returned to filming the next installment in his “Bad Boys” series in late 2023. He has otherwise made no significant onscreen appearances but does have movie deals in development.

What efforts has Will Smith made to redeem his reputation since 2022?

Smith offered apologies and explanations in the slap’s immediate aftermath but has avoided substantial media interactions since. He appears to be strategically keeping focus on his family and mental health while memories of the event cool.

Is Will Smith expected to address his Oscars slap again publicly?

If Smith pursues a major comeback requiring publicity, directly discussing and offering perspective around the slap may be necessary for audiences. But further revisiting the event risks continued damage too. His approach remains uncertain.

How did Jada Pinkett Smith react to Will Smith’s defense of her?

Jada has said she had no issue with Chris Rock’s joke and never requested protection from Will. Reports suggest she was mortified by her husband’s violent stage charge. Their interactions remain unclear.

Does Will Smith still face potential legal charges for his Oscars slap?

Police were prepared to arrest Smith following his assault on Rock during the live program. But Chris Rock declined to press any civil or criminal charges against Smith tied to the battery. The legal saga ended there.

Could Will Smith realistically make an acting comeback based on his talent?

Absolutely. Smith has repeatedly showcased exceptional acting abilities from comedy to drama in acclaimed films. If he selects smart projects and makes a sustained effort to restore his reputation, Smith still carries the skills to regain career stardom.

Who is representing Will Smith publicly in 2024 during his career reset?

Smith and his family continue being represented in 2024 by the influential talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Their guidance could be invaluable in reviving Smith’s prospects.

What film genre is Will Smith opting to focus on with his initial comeback projects?

In a likely bid to appeal to loyal fans for early forgiveness, Smith has returned first to the action genre beginning with “Bad Boys 4” – the franchise that cemented him as a bankable Hollywood star capable of anchoring major blockbusters.

Will Will Smith speak publicly about lessons learned from the Oscars slap incident?

At some point attempting a comeback, Smith will face immense pressure to address lessons learned following an act now infamous for its misalignment with reasonable conduct. How much Smith is willing to delve into remains unclear.

Is Will Smith seeking or receiving any counseling after the Oscars slap?

Unconfirmed. But given the obvious distress implied by Smith’s erratic behavior, seeking guidance from professionals – whether anger management, counseling or other psychiatric specialists – would appear a prudent move to ensure no repeats.

What is the next movie genre Will Smith will likely explore as he tries rehabilitating his career?

Early indications suggest Smith may lean into drama projects next. Opting for more serious roles requiring an emotive acting range could help shift the audience’s focus to his talents rather than past actions.

Is Will Smith expected to return to major public appearances like awards shows soon?

No. Beyond a decade-long Oscars ban already imposed, Smith appears to be avoiding extensive public visibility for now. Red carpet walks, interviews, and other appearances seem unlikely as he works to reset perceptions.

How has Will Smith’s reputation as a family man been impacted by the slap incident?

The clash between Smith’s shocking aggression toward Rock and his longstanding image as a doting husband and father has confused fans. Restoring faith in that Father of the Year branding may prove one of his greater career challenges.

Who are Will Smith’s biggest Hollywood supporters still publicly standing by him?

Several long-time Smith collaborators like Martin Lawrence have aided his career revival by filming “Bad Boys 4.” Figures like Denzel Washington also empathized with Smith’s emotions getting the better of him while discouraging his actions.

Does Will Smith seem optimistic about his ability to rebuild his entertainment career?

Hard to say given Smith’s lack of public statements since his profuse immediate apologies to Chris Rock and the Academy. But the willingness to undertake major new film projects implies Smith harbors some hope if he can channel past charisma.

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