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Tucker Carlson Tonight continues to be one of the highest-rated shows on cable news in 2024. The show averages over 3 million viewers per night, often beating out other prime-time cable news shows. In this article, we will learn about What is Tucker Carlson Doing Now.

In the key 25-54 demographic, Tucker Carlson Tonight averaged 489,000 viewers in January 2024, marking the show’s second highest-rated month ever in that category. This demonstrates the broad appeal of Tucker’s populist messaging.

Tucker Carlson Tonight Viewership Stats

YearAverage Total ViewersViewers Ages 25-54
20223.2 million496,000
20233.1 million512,000
2024 (January)3 million489,000

Tucker has also seen strong growth in streaming audiences, with Fox News reporting record-high streaming numbers in 2023 and 2024. This increasing popularity underlines Tucker Carlson’s influence as a prime-time host.

Tucker Carlson’s New Episodes and Interviews

Tucker Carlson continues to host new episodes of Tucker Carlson Tonight five nights a week in 2024. His opening monologues and interviews drive the national conversation around controversial issues.

Recent Notable Tucker Carlson Tonight Episodes

  • Interview with President Trump on the 2024 election and border security
  • Debate with Democratic senator on latest immigration policy
  • The segment with Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán on traditional values
  • Exclusive interview with Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski
  • Discussion with Senator-elect JD Vance on the “American First” agenda
  • Breakdown of multiple state “Stop WOKE” acts limiting critical race theory

Tucker has landed high-profile interviews in 2024 building on his status as the most influential host on cable news. This gives him a powerful platform to shape political discourse.

Upcoming Tucker Carlson Tonight Episodes

Here are some exclusive interviews and segments Tucker has lined up for the coming weeks:

  • Two-part discussion with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
  • Interview with billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel
  • Special episode on censorship of conservatives on Big Tech
  • Town hall debate on border crisis and solutions

Tucker Carlson Coverage of Current Events

Tucker Carlson offers in-depth, controversial coverage of major news stories that impact conservatives across the country. Some topics he has covered extensively in 2024:

The Russia-Ukraine War

Tucker has questioned Western support for Ukraine and instead focused coverage on rising inflation and oil prices impacting Americans at home rather than escalation risking nuclear conflict with Russia.

The Southern Border Crisis

Illegal immigration and the opioid epidemic are urgent threats in Tucker’s view. He continues highlighting crimes by illegal immigrants and has called for declaring a national emergency to stop uncontrolled flows of migrants.

Social Issues and “Woke Ideology” Backlash

From trans athletes in women’s sports to neo-pronoun mandates on campus, Tucker covers many cultural flashpoints. He amplifies conservative voices fighting back against radical gender ideology and cancel culture he sees attacking traditional values.

This coverage of the major news stories follows Tucker’s populist, “America First” vision aimed at his broad audience across the conservative spectrum.

Tucker Carlson’s Controversies and Criticisms

While Tucker Carlson Tonight garners consistently high ratings, it also attracts significant controversy and criticism. Some recent issues include:

Perceived Soft Stance on Russia

Critics from across the political spectrum have condemned Tucker’s refusal to fully support Ukraine against Russian aggression. His show has been accused of parroting Russian propaganda viewpoints.

COVID-19 Misinformation Claims

Public health experts have flagged Tucker’s show for airing COVID conspiracy theories and hosting guests spreading medical disinformation.

Racially Divisive Rhetoric

Advocacy groups have highlighted Tucker Carlson’s past inflammatory comments about racial justice protesters, diversity initiatives, and immigrants as dangerously divisive.

Despite the backlash, Tucker has doubled down on his opinions rather than issue retractions or apologies. This refusal to back downplays well with his fiercely loyal base audience.

Tucker Carlson 2024 Presidential Run Speculation

As Tucker Carlson’s media profile and influence within conservatism continue rising, speculation around a potential 2024 presidential run has ramped up.

Would Tucker Carlson Run Against Trump?

Most political analysts view it as highly unlikely Tucker would directly challenge former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination. He has remained friendly with Trump and avoids directly critiquing him.

Is Tucker Carlson the 2028 Front Runner?

If President Biden runs for reelection in 2024 and wins, or Trump decides not to run at all, many conservatives see Tucker as the early Republican front-runner for 2028. His connection with the populist base could power a strong run.

What Would a Carlson Campaign Look Like?

Expect a Tucker Carlson presidential campaign to emphasize nationalist “America First” policies on issues like immigration and trade while lambasting liberal elites, the media, tech companies, and other perceived enemies of common people. Staunch conservatism mixed with economic populism aimed at non-urban voters could comprise his platform.

While it remains speculative, Tucker Carlson’s growing profile and embrace on the right keep the 2024/2028 door open. Refusing to rule it out, he could bide his time before jumping into presidential politics depending on how circumstances develop.

Tucker Carlson Future Media Ventures

Beyond anchoring the top-rated Tucker Carlson Tonight for the foreseeable future, analysts speculate on Tucker expanding his media ventures to further grow his brand’s power and influence.

Potential Book Deals

Tucker could leverage his previous bestselling author track record into a future political book setting the stage for a presidential run, or compiling his manifesto-style monologues from the show.

Subscription Streaming Service

Some technology experts expect Tucker to break out on his own if tensions rise with Fox management over controversies. An independent subscription streaming platform in the mold of The Blaze could give Tucker total freedom and direct viewer support.

The Tucker Carlson Program Podcast

As podcasts continue growing, launching The Tucker Carlson Program as an audio download would effectively syndicate Tucker’s segments to expand his audience. The conversational podcast format has proven successful for other conservative pundits migrating from TV.

Tucker Carlson has built the most powerful brand in right-leaning media today. Expect him to continue expanding his platforms and mechanisms to mobilize his viewers as a force shaping America’s political future.

Tucker Carlson’s Influence on the Republican Party

Both critics and supporters acknowledge Tucker Carlson’s growing influence over the policies and priorities of the Republican Party heading into 2024 and beyond:

Shaping the Conservative Populist Agenda

Tucker’s show sets the tone and frames issues for conservative populism now. He can elevate personalities and causes with his platform, as shown by election victories for candidates he boosted like JD Vance.

Reprioritizing Key Issues

Tucker focuses Republican voters’ attention on immigration, tech censorship, anti-woke backlash, and nationalism more than traditional limited government or social values priorities. This shift reorients the party.

Fueling Trumpian Primary Challenges

Tucker cheers primary challengers taking on establishment Republicans deemed insufficiently conservative. This is steadily remaking the party more in Trump’s populist image rather than traditional Reagan-Bush conservatism.

With Tucker Carlson’s sky-high viewership and credibility with the base, his commentary continues redirecting the partisan agenda and identity – whether his critics consider it a transformation or hostile takeover.

Tucker Carlson Long Term Legacy in Media

Both fans and foes of Tucker Carlson acknowledge his emergence as an extraordinarily talented broadcaster. Supporters and detractors debate what his long-term legacy will ultimately be:

One of Cable’s Greatest?

Tucker’s fans believe he deserves mention alongside legends like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity for sheer ratings dominance and longevity at the peak of cable news over 20+ years.

Or Too Divisive a Figure?

Critics argue Carlson’s inflammatory rhetoric makes him far too polarizing to leave a positive legacy. Rather than illuminating they see him as undermining American political discourse.

Visionary Figure or Demagogue?

Political historians may view Carlson as a critical driver redirecting conservatism in his era, for better or worse. Tucker may ultimately be seen as a Pat Buchanan-esque prophet by devotees, or a dangerous demagogue enabling bigotry by critics.

Lasting Movement Leader or TV’s Top Entertainer?

Tucker may be remembered as spearheading a new right-wing movement built on populism beyond just rating success as a TV host. Or perhaps he was best just an entertainer who understood how to attract an audience for show business but without meaningful impact.

Carlson’s nightly broadsides captivate millions, equally, animate both supporters and dissenters, and could resonate for years driving America’s partisan divides.

Tucker Carlson’s Relationship with Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson have built a largely positive relationship, especially since Trump’s exit from the presidency in 2021. Tucker refrains from directly attacking Trump despite any disagreements.

Key aspects of the Trump-Carlson relationship include:

  • Frequent Interviews Trump regularly gives Tucker primetime exclusive interviews fueling ratings and buzz. Tucker avoids confrontational questions, giving Trump a friendly platform.
  • Ideological Alignment Both share similar populist-nationalist policy priorities focused more on immigration, China, and anti-elitism than traditional conservatism.
  • 2024 Tensions? Potentially complicated dynamics loom if Trump and Carlson both decide to run for president in 2024. But Tucker would likely defer rather than directly challenge Trump.
  • Next Generation Leader? Some conservatives see Tucker as the heir to the Trump movement – Trump passing the torch onto the next-generation leader of his base. But Trump may not cede that role.

This mutually beneficial TV-turned-political relationship drives the right and boosts both their brands for now. But tensions may arise if their ambitions collide down the road.

Tucker Carlson’s Social Media Presence and Engagement

While banned from Twitter, Tucker Carlson maintains an active, popular social media presence amplifying the reach of his Fox News show:

  • 5.5 Million Facebook Fans Tucker’s Facebook page has over 5 million diehard followers and consistently drives high engagement. His viral clips rack up millions more views on Facebook.
  • 1 Million Instagram Followers Given Instagram’s popularity with younger audiences, Tucker’s presence broadens his appeal, with patriotic, pro-America themes and culture war commentary generating fan excitement.
  • Viral TikTok Audience Videos from Tucker’s show trend almost nightly on fast-growing TikTok despite bans of his handle as the platform cracks down on conservatives. Grassroots fans actively share his viral soundbites.

This multi-platform social media universe built around his television brand cemented Tucker Carlson’s rank as one of the most powerful digital media stars and influencers within the conservative movement’s eco-system.

Tucker Carlson Book Deals and Publications

Tucker Carlson has launched several New York Times bestselling books that promote his vision and capitalize on his massive audience. Each book has sold over 1 million copies.

Tucker Carlson Book Publications

  • “Ship of Fools” (2018) – Takes on out-of-touch liberal elites
  • “The Long Slide” (2021) – Decline of key American institutions
  • “The End of Men” (2022) – Fall of traditional masculinity

Potential Future Tucker Carlson Books

Tucker fans anticipate additional book projects further expanding on his sociological analyses, potentially focused on:

  • Big Tech Tyranny
  • The New Secession Division
  • Exposing Woke Racism
  • Defending the Nuclear Family

These compiled writings and lectures will solidify Carlson as the premier thought leader of the new populist right for years.

Tucker Carlson Public Speaking Engagements and Tours

In addition to his prime time show and bestselling books, Tucker Carlson draws huge crowds at his campus lectures and political events:

  • 5,000+ Turnout at UT Austin 2022 Lecture – Record conservative event on left-leaning campus
  • California College Speaking Tour Sells Out All Stops – Hungry crowds want to hear Tucker’s controversial take
  • Heritage Foundation Gathering Draws Full House – Think tank fans enthusiastically receive Carlson
  • dehydrogenases Festival Invite Draws Protests – Tech and progressive activists target advertisers

His appeal to young conservatives ensures demand at universities while older grassroots audiences pack his political rallies. Tucker will likely expand these live reach efforts as his influence grows.

Tucker Carlson’s Net Worth and Financial Status

Thanks to his primetime Fox News salary plus book royalties and related ventures, Tucker Carlson has amassed high personal wealth:

  • Estimated Net Worth: $50 million
  • Previous Fox News Salaries – Reportedly $6-10 million annually
  • Current Salary – Likely even higher with raises after beating other networks’ ratings
  • Houses – $4 million Florida vacation mansion; $2 million Maine lakefront property

With his massive viewership showing no signs of declining, Tucker appears well-positioned to keep earning tens of millions annually for years barring any controversies ending his Fox tenure.


As the host of the most watched show on cable news over the last decade spanning political eras, Tucker Carlson stands as one of the most prominent media personalities in America today. His fiery conservative populism captivates millions nightly while drawing intense criticisms from detractors accusing him of fueling dangerous divisions.

But the passion on both sides signals Tucker’s essential role in driving discussions around economic nationalism, anti-elitism, immigration fears, and culture war flashpoints. His commentaries directly influence Republican positioning and candidates during an era of transformation for the right wing.

With Donald Trump’s movement divided on future direction, many conservatives now look to Tucker Carlson as the ideological polestar – a potential 2024 presidential contender or running in 2028 if not. His brand seems positioned to shape discourse on the right for years. At only 54 years old, Tucker Carlson still has many prime-time years ahead to consolidate power via multiple media channels while mentoring and boosting the next generation.

So amidst the turmoil of modern political divisions, the theater of Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight remains appointment viewing for Americans across the spectrum whether cheering or jeering its host. And the fiery host drives debates likely to define conservative politics for years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on What is Tucker Carlson Doing Now

What is Tucker Carlson’s current viewership?

Tucker Carlson Tonight remains the highest-rated show in cable news, averaging over 3 million nightly viewers in early 2024. Among viewers 25-54, a key demo, he also leads with around 500,000 watchers nightly.

How much is Tucker Carlson worth?

Forbes estimates Tucker Carlson’s net worth at $50 million thanks to his multi-million Fox News salary and book royalties among other ventures. At his current primetime salary, he likely earns between $10-$15 million annually.

Is Tucker Carlson running for president in 2024?

Most analysts think it unlikely Tucker Carlson will run directly against Trump for 2024 if Trump decides to mount another bid. But he looms as an early Republican front-runner for 2028 if Trump does not run again or a Democrat wins in 2024.

What is Tucker Carlson’s relationship with Trump?

Carlson and Trump maintain a largely positive relationship with Tucker granting fawning interviews and the two sharing similar populist visions for conservative politics focused on nationalism and anti-elitism.

Will Tucker Carlson turn against Trump?

It appears unlikely unless Trump’s brand sharply declines on the right. Tucker has carefully avoided directly attacking or critiquing Trump to stay in good graces with his base audience sympathetic towards the former president.

What media ventures might Tucker pursue besides his Fox show?

There is speculation of Tucker launching a subscription streaming show, podcast, book deals compiling his monologues or setting the stage for a presidential bid, and other ways to expand his platform as he ascends to conservative media’s biggest star.

Could Tucker Carlson get fired from Fox News?

While critics have called for Fox to fire Tucker over various controversies, his show’s sky-high ratings make that extremely unlikely unless advertising revenues collapse. As Fox’s top star, he has the latitude to push boundaries others don’t.

Will Tucker Carlson run for president if Trump doesn’t?

Carlson would immediately be the Republican front-runner in 2024 if Trump surprises by deciding not to run. Tucker becoming the Trump movement’s successor by directly taking up his populist mantle could be an appealing option.

Does Tucker Carlson support Donald Trump in 2024?

Carlson has avoided weighing in on 2024 directly but given his friendly rapport with Trump and similar worldviews, he would likely support Trump’s re-election over any establishment Republican options.

What is Tucker Carlson’s stance on Russia?

While support for Ukraine is widespread across the American political spectrum, Tucker has taken heat for insufficiently condemning Russia’s invasion and focusing on high gas prices at home instead along with potential nuclear war risks.

Why do some liberals want Tucker Carlson fired?

Detractors accuse Carlson of airing dangerous misinformation on topics like COVID-19, stoking racism against immigrants, undermining American democracy in questioning 2020 election results, and providing a friendly platform to authoritarian figures abroad.

Who are Tucker Carlson’s most frequent guests?

Recently Tucker has hosted Trump himself, Senator Josh Hawley, FOX colleague Sean Hannity, Senator Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani, Victor Orban, and other conservative firebrands along with occasional liberal foils.

What streaming service might Tucker Carlson start?

If tensions escalated with Fox management over advertiser boycotts targeting his controversial segments, Tucker has the platform to follow Glenn Beck’s example in launching an independent subscription streaming channel.

How has Tucker Carlson influenced the GOP agenda?

Carlson is credited with elevating nationalist populism focused on issues like immigration, Big Tech censorship, anti-China sentiment, and protecting conservative culture as priorities over traditional limited government or social conservatism stances. His commentaries shape voter attitudes and priorities.

Who are Tucker Carlson’s proteges to watch?

Several young staunchly conservative politicians like Madison Cawthorn, Lauren Boebert, and JD Vance have gotten publicity boosts from Carlson and adopted similar “America First” branding. He mentors the next generation.

What awards has Tucker Carlson won?

While despised on the left, Carlson racks up awards among conservative media circles including a Cablefax Lifetime Achievement award, and the National Review’s William F. Buckley Jr. Award for Media Excellence.

How does Tucker Carlson respond to controversies?

Critics demand apologies for Carlson’s segments perceived as racist, misogynist, or spreading misinformation. But he always aggressively punches back calling it cancellations while his ratings remain unaffected by even ad boycotts.

How does Tucker Carlson view the mainstream media?

Carlson portrays media elites and institutions like the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN as fundamentally corrupted by dishonesty and anti-conservative partisan bias. He casts himself as a rare truth-teller.

Why doesn’t Tucker Carlson run his website?

Unlike some Fox colleagues, Carlson has chosen not to launch his separate subscription website or podcast, likely calculating being exclusively on Fox platforms strengthens his brand power and reaches the most at this stage.

What awards and honors has Tucker Carlson received?

Along with his Cablefax and National Review awards, Tucker received the American Conservative Union’s Defender of Freedom Award, and an honorary doctoral degree from Hillsdale College, an influential conservative Christian school.

Will Tucker Carlson transition into politics full-time?

While he entertains a potential future presidential run depending on circumstances, Tucker appears content remaining a media and movement leader for now rather than directly entering electoral politics with all the scrutiny and risks involved at his level of influence.

Is Tucker Carlson married? Any potential First Lady in waiting?

Yes, Tucker has been married to his wife Susan Andrews since 1991. While very private, as Carlson’s political future speculation increases, his spouse’s views and roles may draw increasing interest.

What is Tucker Carlson’s fan base demographic?

While exact figures are elusive, Carlson likely indexes among non-college-educated white males outside major urban centers responding to his resentful populist messaging aimed at liberal elites and establishment conservatives alike.

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