What is Trevor Noah Doing Now (2024)

Trevor Noah continues starring on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” in 2024, his seventh straight year hosting since taking over in 2015. Balancing TV anchoring with stand-up tours and side projects, Noah stays busy while expanding his influence by interviewing cultural figures and providing social commentary. In this article, we will learn about What is Trevor Noah Doing Now.

Let’s examine Noah’s current “Daily Show” tenure along with his evolving comedy career at age 39 as he navigates fame. We’ll also explore his advocacy work and growing portfolio beyond the Comedy Central anchor desk.

The Daily Show

2024 marks Trevor Noah’s eighth season leading Comedy Central’s nightly flagship talk series. Under his tenure, viewership bounced back after initially dropping replacing longtime beloved host Jon Stewart.

Last year proved Noah’s highest-rated ever averaging over 1 million nightly viewers while analyzing Biden administration policies and cultural issues. Critics praise Noah’s more global perspective expanding beyond just American politics covering world affairs.

Come 2024’s midterm election coverage, Trevor Noah seems firmly positioned to continue engaging commentary around politics and social matters from his distinct lens.

Comedy Career

Alongside his “Daily Show” platform, Trevor Noah maintains a thriving stand-up career regularly touring different cities when schedules allow. He continues developing his relaxed yet biting comedic style for diverse audiences.

Noah experiments with presenting shows in both English and Spanish displaying his multi-lingual talents to reach more fans globally. He may film a new special soon with online streaming providing ideal comedy exposure that Noah never before enjoyed entering comedy over a decade ago.

Beyond stand-up, speculation suggests Noah wants to create or star in a future TV series or movie project after mostly limiting acting to small cameos thus far. But Noah seems selective balancing rising fame with a passion for social advocacy.

Advocacy and Other Endeavors

While more low-key than outspoken predecessors like Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah utilizes his far-reaching platform to champion selected causes like expanding educational access and economic opportunity in underserved communities. He partners with various philanthropic organizations to further goals on the ground and through content creation.

Noah also exercises creative chops by co-writing music and releasing books like 2024’s reflective essay collection “Into the Uncut Grass” examining modern society. Critics praise Noah’s wry wit and poignant personal storytelling skills diving into race, poverty, politics, and self-identity topics through writing.

Juggling these multimedia interests while hosting a prime political talk show in nightly production, Noah appears driven making up for his underprivileged South African upbringing. Though just 39 years old, his diverse portfolio and global following position expand his blossoming influence for years to come.


In closing, Trevor Noah works hard to cement his place in assuming such an iconic late-night hosting role replacing revered anchors before him. He balances expanding creative pursuits and passions while still approaching age 40.

The South African import appears strategic with calculated career and brand choices rather than chasing overexposure. Noah collaborates with handpicked partners raising his global social discourse platform covering world issues with a ‘people first’ perspective – staying true to his modest beginnings pursuing comedy dreams without many resources.

With Daily Show ratings stable and comedy touring thriving as he publishes more introspective writing, Noah’s stardom shines bright anchoring moral discussions in divisive times. Though just beginning what promises an adventurous upward path, he generously lauds every laugh and lesson lifting him from humble roots planted through hardship weathered as blessings bloomed uncovering destiny’s drive. The best undoubtedly still lies ahead for this suddenly famous yet forever grounded host opening minds, living his truth, and elevating many rising stars across continents he conquered with class.

Frequently Asked Questions What is Trevor Noah Doing Now

Where is Trevor Noah originally from?

Noah was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa living there until relocating overseas for career opportunities first to the UK and later to the US as his comedy profile grew enough to land a correspondent role on The Daily Show in 2014.

What languages does Trevor Noah speak?

In addition to English, Trevor Noah also fluently speaks German, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, and Tsonga which represent six of South Africa’s 11 official languages. Noah integrates multilingual skills comedically at times into performances for diverse global audiences.

How old is Trevor Noah?

South African native Noah was born on February 20, 1984. So by date during 2024, Noah is currently 39 years old while essentially entering his show business prime with over a decade under his belt establishing himself through comedy stages and TV hosting.

Where did Trevor Noah go to school?

Trevor Noah attended Maryvale College, a private Catholic high school in Johannesburg, for grades 10 through 12 graduating in 2002. Earlier education background remains less publicized although Noah has commented that opportunities proved limited given long commutes and fewer resources in all-black township schools during the post-Apartheid era.

Did Trevor Noah go to college?

No, Noah has often mentioned on his show that he never attended university or college after finishing high school in South Africa around age 18. Noah opted against higher education more common for those able to afford it in his country due to feeling immense pressure to earn a steady income supporting his single mother and younger siblings instead.

How did Trevor Noah get on The Daily Show?

Noah leveraged stand-up success and previous TV correspondent experience in Africa to land an on-air contributor role on The Daily Show in late 2014. This built his visibility appearing regularly before ultimately getting tapped as lead host replacement by Comedy Central in 2015 after Jon Stewart announced his departure.

What is Trevor Noah’s leadership style?

Both critics and staffers close to production praise Trevor Noah’s leadership approach overseeing The Daily Show team as more thoughtful and level-headed versus the high-intensity style of past longtime host Jon Stewart. Noah himself humbly defers to the larger staff he considers family rather than demanding forma respect as “boss” of the operation.

Has Trevor Noah won any awards?

Yes, Trevor Noah has accumulated various awards and nominations for his breakthrough work hosting The Daily Show and stand-up releases in more recent years. Highlights include multiple NAACP Image Awards plus notable Emmy and Critics Choice Award nominations as his exposure expands rapidly.

Is Trevor Noah a comedian?

Yes, comedy is Trevor Noah’s specialty and claim to fame working over a decade in stand-up while integrating comedic talents hosting late night’s The Daily Show. Noah is renowned for his wry, observational style invoking his unique upbringing in Apartheid and post-Apartheid South Africa as fodder for commenting on broader cultural and political issues.

Is Trevor Noah still dating Minka Kelly?

Trevor Noah and actress Minka Kelly reportedly dated for about one year before splitting up around May 2022. Noah has avoided sharing extensive personal life details including official confirmation while focusing professionally on his booming Daily Show hosting duties and stand-up opportunities amidst rising A-list fame.

What book did Trevor Noah recently release?

Expanding his writing portfolio beyond just comedy and TV production, Trevor Noah published a new book on November 8, 2022, titled “Into the Uncut Grass” musing candidly on wide-ranging modern cultural topics through a collection of insightful personal essays blending humor and philosophy.

Where does Trevor Noah live?

When not touring stand-up shows, Trevor Noah splits their current domestic residence between rental properties in New York City close to The Daily Show’s Manhattan studio and larger homes in lavish Los Angeles neighborhoods. But Noah still frequently visits family back in their native South Africa whenever possible balancing professional demands.

What social causes does Trevor Noah support?

Some more notable causes and non-profit initiatives Trevor Noah actively supports include various educational access foundations like TEAL and Coaching for Literacy as well global health efforts including work producing vaccines in Africa and tuberculosis research through partnerships with organizations like the Gates Foundation.

Who does Trevor Noah date?

Trevor Noah has avoided extensive public discussion around his dating life and relationship status across years in the spotlight. But celebrity gossip circles linked him to actress Minka Kelly from 2020 through early 2022 before an apparent amicable split. Noah himself has joked before about struggling with dating amid his increasingly hectic work demands.

What controversies has Trevor Noah faced?

Trevor Noah has navigated occasional backlash for various comedy bits or commentary arguments judged insensitive regarding gender, race, or cultural issues – albeit milder compared to predecessors like Jon Stewart hosting similar format late-night shows. But Noah typically responds considerately by explaining satirical contexts and welcomes dialogue around promoting greater understanding.

How can fans send mail to Trevor Noah?

The Daily Show maintains a viewer mail address accepting fan letters, gifts, and other packages to host Trevor Noah at this corporate business mailing address:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 1551 Broadway Room 403 New York, NY 10036

Fans should include Noah specifically with any mail to help ensure delivery directly to him amongst overall program staff.

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