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After retiring from the NFL in early 2023, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is embarking on a broadcasting career. He will join Fox Sports as their lead NFL analyst in 2024 on a record-breaking contract. In this article, we will learn about What is Tom Brady Doing Now.

Fox Sports NFL Analyst Debut

Tom Brady stunned football fans in February 2023 announcing his NFL retirement at 45 years old. But the future Hall of Famer’s competitive fixation will find new outlets at Fox Sports, which tabbed Brady as the centerpiece talent upon their acquiring rights to NFC conference coverage.

Fox made Tom Brady’s broadcasting move official in May. While he initially planned to begin in-booth duties after playing, excited bosses couldn’t pass up accelerating the high-profile switch following retirement. Brady is 2 years into a decade-long $375 million contract swaying him from field to fourth estate.

Date Milestone
May 2022 Signs 10-year Fox contract
February 2023 Announces NFL retirement
March 2023 Exits Fox Big Noon Kickoff Show
Summer 2023 Prep for Game Analyst Role
Fall 2024 Fox Broadcast Booth Debut

The megadeal entrusts Brady as Fox’s signature voice headlining weekly game coverage, plus exclusives across broader corporate assets. But juggling early TV obligations while playing ultimately tilted Brady towards dedicating focus solely to broadcasting future.

Broadcast Booth Commentator

As Fox’s lead NFL game analyst beginning the 2024 season, Tom Brady steps behind the mic full-time rather than holding a clipboard after revolutionizing concepts of aging quarterbacks.

Many all-time sports greats cashed reputation clout for cushy broadcasting gigs once physical gifts faded. But rare transcendent icons like Tom Brady attracted suitors willing to shatter records, as Fox did striking over a 9-figure investment on his analysis rookie status.

The contract calls for Brady to be featured on Fox’s signature weekend matchups beside top play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt. He replaces former tight end Greg Olsen, who initially seemed heir apparent before Brady’s star power upended plans. Executives envision Brady elevating Fox broadcasts through recent player insights and spirited commentary.

Inside access privileges with Brady also aim to boost streaming service visibility when leveraging his interviews or behind-the-scenes shoulder programming. However, the lead analyst role defined in-game may establish the loftiest expectations facing Brady post-playing days.

10-year, $375 million contract

Luring Tom Brady from stadium to studio required Fox to dig far deeper than typical broadcaster budgets. They shelled out an unprecedented 10-year contract nearing $400 million to pry Brady straight from Tampa Bay quarterbacking into the lead NFL analyst role he planned once retiring after the 2022 season.

At $37.5 million annually, Tom Brady’s broadcasting pay leapfrogs highest-paid host salaries by large margins. The deal surpasses Tony Romo’s top position at $18 million. Fellow icons Troy Aikman and John Madden maxed out around $20 million in later stages.

But Tom Brady represents a transcendent celebrity exceeding normal sports media math. As Fox prepares to rival Disney juggernauts like ESPN through streaming wars, his household name recognition offers marketing gravity rebranding Fox Sports.

Even hands-on owner Rupert Murdoch signed off unprecedented terms locking Tom Brady as face defining their NFL footprint. Tom embraces the new challenge flexing competitive muscles through a different lens of the game.

Replacing Greg Olsen

In May 2022 when Fox first struck the Tom Brady deal, recently retired Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen seemed next in line to assume lead analyst role as veterans Strahan, Aikman and Buck left for ESPN’s Monday Night Football package.

The rising broadcaster impressed in early auditions and offered polished chemistry with play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt. But acquiring Tom Brady’s rights rearranged plans. Burkhardt confirmed network brass informed Olsen in March 2023 plans were suddenly pivoting towards Brady occupying the chair beside him.

Olsen has since joined rival Fox Sports rival ESPN appeasing egos. But Tom Brady’s celebrity inevitably overshadowed any incumbent not also owning jerseys in Canton. Though Olsen deserves credit for stabilizing the transition year on reduced duties before potentially getting phased out by Brady completely by 2024.

Analysis and predictions

As polarizing as Brady the athlete often proved to divide fanbases, expectations stand uniformly sky-high for his analysis potential holding nothing back. Supporters are bullish that Tom Brady translates relentless winning formulas decoding complex defenses into enlightened explanations for mass viewers.

Based on well-regarded podcasting dialogues, Brady vibes an entertaining blend of curmudgeon combined with cutting wit commenting on poor play. Forthright opinions could rankle peers not matching his obsessive standard similar to anecdotes of Brady chastising teammates. But hopefully, honesty earns viewers’ trust even if overly critical.

The bigger question looms whether Brady sustains intrigue without playing access if losing horses in information races. Can he elevate tactical breakdowns beyond surface cliches if struggling to build league-wide sources? Brady’s curiosity and head start collaborating with media partners at least suggest a genuine dedication to the craft.

Post-playing career venture

The Fox NFL analyst role marks Brady’s most high-profile venture launching a new era after walking away from playing football at age 45 as the most accomplished quarterback in league history following 23 record-shattering seasons with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers that amassed seven Super Bowl victories, numerous MVP awards and statistical benchmarks that may never get challenged.

Tom Brady flirted with retirement several times in recent years before finally committing upon the 2022 expiration of his Bucs contract. His unwavering desire to fight time’s tolls until unable physically to continue reflected extreme competitiveness. But rising media ambitions hinted Brady prepping diligent post-career financial foundations.

Cashed-in health still permits exploring wide interests like apparel lines, NFT projects or Hollywood production plans down the line. But broadcasting beats offer Tom Brady nourishing team atmospheres, scratching competitive itches through different mediums after football monopolized prior horizons.

Personal: Life after football and divorce

On top of adapting to NFL retirement, Tom Brady faces major personal life changes following his 2022 divorce from supermodel Gisele Bündchen ending a 13-year marriage strained navigating fame’s demands alongside raising kids.

Tom Brady hopes increased family time reconnects bonds with kids frequently displaced over playing seasons. Healthier work-home balances should ease related stressors while still chasing competitive outlets.

Friends say Tom Brady remains inspired by making up lost memories with son Jack and daughter Vivian. He also knows the spotlight is even brighter without team insulation requires thoughtful navigation. But Brady seems equipped to compartmentalize public-facing ventures protecting private realms.

Focusing on family and children

Altering priorities put family above football with Tom Brady retiring to dedicate more presence to raising son Jack and daughter Vivian alongside co-parent Gisele Bündchen following their 2022 divorce.

Tom Brady hopes relocating part-time to Miami and introducing new ventures enable nourishing valuable bonds with kids no longer stretched thin over lengthy seasons. More family freedom also attracted broadcasting over coaching.

Jack and Vivian still require careful guarding from public glare Tom Brady often shouldered independently before. But his disciplined mindset now sets healthier boundaries valuing home fulfillment. Football required extreme tunnel vision that perhaps neglected deeper connections only clear in absence.

Business ventures and investments

Renowned for entering risky ventures seeking post-football challenges, Tom Brady launched varied business plans leveraging his unrivaled sports icon status into lifestyle branding spanning apparel, NFTs, publishing, and Hollywood media investing through his expanding Authentic Brands portfolio.

Key partners like trainer friend Alex Guerrero help guide fitness-aligned endeavors. The clothing line “Brady” aims to upscale athleisure wear popularity. Tom Brady also eyes stepping behind the camera potentially directing or producing documentaries and TV/film projects resonating given the streaming wars demand for premium sports content.

Production seems natural lane given the massively downloaded weekly podcast created alongside Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald. But Tom Brady weighs ventures carefully against family priorities not repeating fame tunnel vision. He understands transcendent personal brand power while navigating what symbiotic partnerships respect work-life balance.

TB12 Method promotion

Given physical longevity enabling sustained excellence playing through age 45 standard, much attention focuses on Tom Brady’s strict training and pliability methods targeting muscle recovery, injury prevention, and overall longevity popularized through his TB12 brand.

Tom Brady and business partner Alex Guerrero aim to expand their TB12Centers and Body Coaches nationally while increasing educational reach spreading their deep knowledge empowering everyday athletes. Their regimes and products target optimizing the mind and body for peak performance.

While opponents occasionally mocked Brady’s new-age tactics, unprecedented durability results speak loudly. Retired, Tom Brady seems hungry to further evangelize his philosophy so others pursuing athletic dreams maximize careers and life quality. TB12’s interests intertwine with broadcasting ensuring his methods permeate sports conversations.

Maintaining physical fitness

Even retired, the fitness freak Tom Brady remains utterly devoted to keeping his body Temple in peak condition through intense daily workouts, light resistance training, agility drills, and strict dieting habits hoping to play recreationally while pushing physique limits. Brady knows health enables achieving post-career goals chasing new mountains when most peers lounge lazily. Staying shredded also keeps media options open should Wanderlust bring comeback itches someday.

Media & Public: Reactions to Brady’s broadcasting switch

Reactions towards Tom Brady launching a broadcasting career generally draw enthusiasm but some skepticism questioning whether his ultra-competitive intensity and limited patience for lazy players translates seamlessly into breaking down games.

Supporters highlight Brady’s high football IQ deep resources understanding of all aspects of the sport at the highest levels. They expect him to leverage extensive career insights and provide informative commentary applying hall-of-fame prisms toward plays average viewers miss. Brady optimists welcome blunt criticisms holding audience and players alike accountable.

Skeptics argue Tom Brady lacks traditional media polish to connect with audiences, risking coming across as overly critical without proper experience. Some posit Brady missing intimate emotional ties football provided pursuing interests outside family life and question commitment reaching levels rival top analysts maintain.

But most expect fascination around transcendent icons to ensure viewers tune Brady’s debut. How his persona resonates long-term remains a compelling plotline given the rabid media swirl always surrounding polarizing superstars.

Comparisons to other analyst greats

As Tom Brady joins ex-players Cris Collinsworth, Troy Aikman, and Tony Romo atop the NFL broadcasting hierarchy, natural comparisons arise towards previous icons praised for candid analysis blending personal experiences with relatable communication skills.

Like Aikman, Brady enters Fox booth possessing a pedigree few ever achieve but must prove by translating prompter notes into enlightening commentary. Collinsworth wins loyalists leaning technical illuminating schematics for casual fans. While Romo’s infectious enthusiasm endears predicting plays pre-snap via supernatural instincts.

Expect Tom Brady to incorporate the strengths of all predecessors while forging a distinct style. His blunt critiques could mimic Jimmy Johnson’s old-school harshness. Visceral excitement of seeing games evolve may echo Romo’s broadcast joy. And Brady tends to exhibit flashes of self-deprecating wit so Collinsworth’s regular guy charm emerges occasionally.

Ultimately Brady must locate where intimidating football genius melds entertainment value keeping audiences engaged across long seasons. But he understands the magnitude of shoes replacing legends. Hopefully, competitive nerves are steady rather than consuming Tom Brady striving for an impossible perfect broadcast standard.

Interviews and podcasts

Aside lead analyst role, Brady’s booming podcast following offers vehicle interaction with fans and media after years of shunning attention. The SiriusXM show “Let’s Go” with Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray lets Tom Brady control messages while building conversing skills transferable for broadcasting.

The unfiltered long-form audio format allows free expression on Brady’s terms. Expect networks to leverage Brady exclusives across daytime or late-night talk-promoting projects. But Pod remains safe harbor addressing football interests without hostile press corps limits.

Subject matter spans play breakdowns, draft takes, personal anecdotes, and occasional celebrity interviews generating headlines when addressing controversial opinions. Careful PR guides the brand, but some unrehearsed moments feel authentic against normal guarded instincts.

Social media presence and activity

Famously private until later career stages, retirement has spurred traditionally press-shy Brady to embrace social media showcasing dry humor. His Twitter and Instagram accounts frequently mock playful jabs towards golf games or the latest pop culture meme du jour.

Brady understands crucial balancing personal life protections while leveraging engagement opportunities around media projects. Viral moments like the Lombardi trophy toss or post-unretirement hype photos reveal veterans grasping new PR advantages. Occasional family moments offer controlled glimpses countering past uber-secrecy.

PR teams ghostwrite promotional messaging but seem to encourage Brady’s comfort in connecting contexts beyond the field. Personal dynamics with public engagements remain a developing process. But improved social fluency hints fruitful broadcasting chemistry awaiting built on Brady’s terms.

Public appearances and endorsements

Even early into retirement, Brady remains a highly sought celebrity for endorsements, public functions, or sponsored appearances leveraging unmatched championship pedigree and a rising Hollywood multimedia profile.

Brady’s unquestioned status as football’s consensus GOAT with sustained crossover celebrity opened doors for major marketing partnerships with brands like Subway, Under Armour, Tag Heuer, and FTX before the crypto firm meltdown. Auto or luxury categories match matinee looks.

Event bookings approach A-List levels with Brady confirming the 2023 Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf appearance alongside Patrick Mahomes hinting more than duffer chasing on the course. Galas and university speaking could await should the media be stable. Expect savvy Brady to monetize fame judiciously without overexposure fatigue.

Football Legacy: Seven-time Super Bowl champion

Setting every meaningful career passing milestone for seasons, touchdowns, and yards compiled and counting by age 45 retirement cemented Brady as the undisputed greatest quarterback in pro football history after winning a record seven championships split between dynastic New England Patriots (2000-2019) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2020-2022) runs spanning 23 seasons excelling in distinct offensive systems.

Brady culminates a defining lifetime excelling through evolving eras by sustaining prolific statistical benchmarks and unrivaled big-game performances despite detractors perpetually awaiting decline from his 40s onward. But unwaveringly committed work ethic continuously overcame athletic mortality en route establishing a resume near peerless across major sports.

Brady’s impact in reshaping concepts on sustained championship viability seems destined for lingering decades given the revolutionary longevity advances modern training practices offer quarterbacks. And with fiery competitive spirit still overflowing into broadcasting gigs, the final chapters detailing history’s most sublime signal-calling career promise remain ahead chasing new heights however Brady chooses to apply himself.

Greatest of all time (GOAT) discussions

Consensus crowns Brady pro football’s undisputed G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-Time) for unprecedented statistical milestones compiled over 23 seasons split between two franchises, headlined by a record seven championship rings as a centerpiece the New England dynasty then cementing legacy quarterbacking Tampa Bay from age 43-45.

Detractors questioning Brady’s physical talents compared to peers’ dazzling traits tend to minimize symbiotic bonds forged with shrewd New England strategist Bill Belichick’s engineering tactics optimizing Brady’s pristine precision spreading the ball toward playmakers found ways to win titles before Belichick.

But Brady’s unquenchable thirst for bettering weaknesses through maniacal film study and practice habits undoubtedly fueled continuity staying atop sport never allowing complacency.

What separates Brady includes evolving with modern nutritional and training philosophies extending prime years rivaling millennials. Additionally, Brady’s photographic memory and quick distributions of picking defenses apart raised situational football concepts revolutionizing playoff success.

While Joe Montana owns valid “Comeback Kid” claims and Peyton Manning boasted rocket arms, Brady checks every intangible box quantifying career trajectories quarterbacks measure themselves through from durability to crunch-time courage.

And the glowing respect Brady’s peers past and present uniformly express underline reverence will only grow legendary when the 2024 broadcasting career showcases sharp intellect built on the field commanding huddles for two decades.

Impact on the NFL and sports

Brady’s unprecedented playing longevity thriving well into their 40s demonstrated commitment towards nutrition, training, and recovery regimens enabling sustaining physical prime through ages perceived as unrealistic extending careers. Inspired peers accordingly adopted Boddy’s cutting-edge TB12 training principles targeting maximizing careers.

Rule adjustments also argue extending quarterback protection seeing values paying $200 million contracts for veterans like Brady shattering notions aging athletes suffered diminished skills. Emulating Brady’s discipline-seeking edges mentally and physically become roadmaps 21st century athletes follow seeking greatness through sports science advances favoring cerebral signal callers like Brady able to dissect opponents.

Even Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods dominating respective sports never sustained consistent championships into late career stages at Brady’s rate for nearly 25 seasons. Football was seen as the most punishing sport writing off players by the mid-30s. But Brady’s philosophical and tactical impact fundamentally changed perceptions of aging curves.

His video game digits seemed to make a mockery of production comparisons towards historical greats playing in massively different eras. But Brady’s receivers and protection bought time and space exploiting mismatches way more effectively. The data-driven concepts Brady’s Patriots teams unleashed grew leaguewide trends optimizing two-tight end schemes now defining modern offenses.

Concepts of unemotional team building and leadership also contrast with some previous generation tough guy coaches barking and scolding undisciplined players which Brady’s avuncular lessons on accountability and communication modernized effectively connecting all generations. Coaching also becomes more collaborative building gameplans tailored towards individual quarterback’s strengths whereas old-school rigidity limited maximizing roster talent.

Future in the NFL Hall of Fame

Brady’s first-ballot Hall of Fame induction seems mere formality awaiting 2028 eligibility. But shining presenter possibilities include former coach Bill Belichick or perhaps friend/rival Peyton Manning handling introduction honors. Brady’s 2021 return reversing retirement to capture an improbable seventh championship expanded once unattainable career records.

With children reaching awareness and understanding dad’s monuments, Brady chasing broadcasting feats not satisfied by the Bronze Bust’s glory. The fire burning inside feels destined to seek fresh vehicles achieving that competitive rush.


In conclusion, the legendary Tom Brady enters the next phase of his illustrious career in 2024 by becoming Fox Sports’ lead NFL analyst. After retiring from football in February 2023 following an unprecedented 23-year career, the 45-year-old is embarking on a lucrative decade-long contract to provide commentary on Fox’s newly acquired rights to broadcast NFC conference games.

Brady steps into the large shoes vacated by former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman’s departure to call Monday Night Football alongside Joe Buck on ESPN. Expectations are sky-high for Brady’s analysis potential and blunt commentary, which should make for must-see TV based on his football genius IQ and understanding of the game at the highest levels.

Off the field, Brady is learning to balance life without football following his divorce from Gisele Bündchen and increased focus on business ventures like apparel and Hollywood production companies. More family time spent raising his three kids remains the top priority. And Brady figures to still promote his famous TB12 training methods and fitness regimens that enabled his age-defying career longevity.

While his Fox broadcasting debut isn’t expected until Fall 2024, Brady should stay very much in the public eye through appearances, endorsements and his increasingly humorous social media presence interacting with fans. And the undisputed Greatest of All Time continues cementing an unmatched football legacy that will undoubtedly end in future NFL Hall of Fame enshrinement on the first ballot.

But with Tom Brady’s relentless competitive drive, he likely won’t be satisfied strictly looking back. Expect him to forge a stellar broadcasting career over the next decade as he seeks new challenges applying his uncompromising work ethic towards mastering football analysis at an elite level, much like he did playing the sport better than anyone in history.

Frequently Asked Questions about What is Tom Brady Doing Now

Why did Tom Brady initially retire after the 2022 season?

At age 45, Brady cited wanting to spend more time with family after years playing football first. Divorce from Gisele Bündchen also factored into the initial retirement decision before un-retiring for the 2022 season.

What records and accomplishments did Brady achieve over his 23-year NFL career?

Brady won 7 Super Bowls, 5 Super Bowl MVPs, 3 regular season MVP awards, and multiple single-season and career passing records while mastering two very different offensive systems for two franchises.

How long is Tom Brady’s Fox Sports broadcasting contract?

Brady signed a 10-year contract worth about $375 million to become Fox’s lead NFL analyst starting in the 2024 season through the 2033 campaign once retired for good.

What are Tom Brady’s major business ventures in retirement?

Brady has apparel lines, an NFT startup, a production company, and a fitness/nutrition business centered around the trademark TB12 Method and Body Coaches promoting pliability principles.

How will Brady’s analyst style differ from past NFL broadcast icons?

Expect Brady to blend the best traits of Collinsworth (technical expertise), Aikman (championship pedigree), and Romo (predictions) into their style defined by curmudgeon bluntness, wit, and tactical IQ delivering informative commentary leveraging career insights.

How did Brady perform in brief Fox studio appearances before their planned debut?

Early reviews praised Brady’s comfortable camera presence during 2022 Fox cameos. But live booth analysis marks an untested challenge relying on different skill sets he will work on developing.

Who did Brady replace as Fox’s lead NFL game analyst?

Rising announcer Greg Olsen was expected successor before Fox signed Brady to a record deal that overhauled broadcast booth plans built around Olsen beside top play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt.

Will Brady continue his SiriusXM podcast in the broadcasting role?

Yes, the weekly show offers Brady an outlet for interacting with fans and media on their terms while building skills. Safe harbor for him to address opinions without a media filter.

What are the expectations for Brady’s analysis and critical comments?

Brady likely won’t pull punches highlighting poor play. But critics question if their ultra-competitive style plays overly negatively on air while supporters welcome honest breakdowns leveraging his expertise.

How will Brady balance life without football following divorce?

Brady cites increased family time with kids as a priority while exploring business/TV interests post-football. He understands brighter spotlight without football requires boundaries protecting his personal life.

How involved is Brady expected to remain in NFL circles?

Having strong relationships across the NFL built over 23 seasons, Brady should continue attending marquee events like MVP ceremonies or staying active in welcoming new-era stars at awards shows during retirement.

Will Brady quickly earn induction into the NFL Hall of Fame?

Yes, Brady will be eligible in 2028 when he seems a first-ballot lock to enter the NFL Hall of Fame with the strongest resume ever as a 7-time champ and consensus choice as football’s Greatest of All Time quarterback.

Can Brady eventually become one of the best NFL analysts ever?

If applying his meticulous football study habits towards broadcasting with the same work ethic fueling his playing career, Brady has the tools to potentially emerge an elite analyst with some seasoning on par with top NFL broadcast talents like Collinsworth and Romo.

Will Brady stay in peak physical condition despite retirement?

Yes, Brady remains a devoted fitness fanatic still training intensely daily while strictly dieting hoping to play recreational sports and live an active lifestyle chasing new challenges instead of typical retirement malaise.

Does Brady have aspirations to eventually try acting or Hollywood?

Brady’s production company hints at interest in creating documentaries or TV/film projects recognizing booming demand for premium sports programming. Acting holds lower priority but cameo chances exist given fame.

What reaction does Brady get now in public appearances?

As an undisputed football GOAT, Brady remains a hugely popular figure drawing admirers of all ages seeking autographs, photos, etc. clamoring for his status as an all-time sports great.

How has Brady embraced social media since retirement?

After years of shunning attention, Brady is finally showcasing personality via Twitter/Instagram. Images often mock his golf struggles but show comfortably promoting ventures and controlled glimpses of family interactions meeting modern media demands.

Could Brady eventually return to the NFL in some capacity?

While Brady insists on “never say never” privately, his 2023 retirement announcement seemed resolute finally done playing after the age 45 comeback season. But perhaps coaching and executive roles someday can’t fully be ruled out.

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