What is Sarah Palin Doing Now (2024)

Sarah Palin has continued making headlines years after rising to fame as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate in 2008 and later serving as Governor of Alaska from 2006-2009. This polarizing political figure remains in the public eye through commentary appearances, endorsements, legal issues, and persistent rumors of an electoral comeback.

In this article, we will learn about What is Sarah Palin Doing Now.

So what occupies Sarah Palin’s schedule amid the next presidential election cycle heating up in 2024? This article looks at Palin’s recent activities and her potential future ambitions.

Sarah Palin’s Background

Before examining Palin’s current schedule, it helps briefly revisit her past path to prominence:

  • Elected Alaska Governor in 2006 after serving as Mayor of Wasilla
  • Chosen by John McCain as VP nominee in 2008 election
  • Resigned as Governor in 2009 before completing full term
  • Published memoir Going Rogue detailing career and controversies
  • Starred in multiple TV shows on networks like TLC
  • Key early endorser of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential run

Palin has stayed busy since her meteoric political rise and fall over 15 years ago. She remains a force among far-right conservatives.

What is Sarah Palin Doing Now in 2024?

Sarah Palin’s present activities run the gamut from political punditry to business roles and legal tribulations:

Media Commentary

  • Makes frequent guest appearances on Fox News
  • Weighs in on political news of the day for outlets like Breitbart
  • Co-hosted talk show The Masked Singer

Business Ventures

  • Launched own online news channel
  • Sits on the Board of AZ Natural Resource Company

Legal Issues

  • Ongoing defamation lawsuit against the NY Times
  • Previous domestic abuse filing against husband Todd

Between political opinions, media roles, oil/gas company connections, and lawsuits, Palin maintains numerous irons in the fire as she extends her public profile and net worth.

Political Activity

Despite hints of future electoral plans, Palin currently holds no political office. However, she stays politically active through endorsements and advising far-right candidates.

Public Appearances

Palin frequents conservative rallies and conferences to inspire grassroots support. She also associates with controversial figures like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Personal Life

Palin spends free time with their husband Todd and their five children/grandchildren. However, previous divorce filings and son Track’s PTSD battles have kept home life complicated.

Clearly, Sarah Palin shows no signs of leaving headlines soon between commentary appearances, legal issues, political dabbling, and an enigmatic public persona.

What are Sarah Palin’s Future Political Plans?

Palin still drops occasional hints about resuming her political career rather than just endorsing others. Could she run for office again?

Alaska Senate or Governor races would hold appeal for a comeback. And another vice presidential bid can’t fully be ruled out despite previous failed experience.

However, Palin must first disentangle from her legal skirmishes and redouble building far-right support through public appearances before launching any official campaigns.

Her increasing political alignment with controversial figures like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene does raise eyebrows but also strengthens recognition among adamant Make America Great Again (MAGA) loyalists.

Never one to be underestimated, Sarah Palin can’t yet be written off as a potential candidate down the line – likely on an unconventional ticket.

Sarah Palin By The Numbers

1996Elected Wasilla City Council MemberFirst political position
2006Elected Governor of AlaskaDefining breakthrough role
2008Named John McCain’s VP NomineeRocketed to national fame
2009Resigned as Alaska GovernorSurprise decision still debated
2022Launched subscription online channelThe surprise decision still debated


In conclusion, former GOP vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has not ridden quietly into the political sunset. She maintains an active schedule still today in 2024 – a year to see another US presidential election unfold.

Palin frequently appears on conservative media outlets to blast Democrats, reaffirm her support base through grassroots appearances, face tangled legal situations, and align herself with other MAGA firebrands.

Rumors continue swirling that Palin may mount an unconventional new bid for national office or vice presidential running mate after previously falling short. However, she must first extricate from legal issues and solidify far-right backing.

Regardless if Sarah Palin ever returns to elected office, she will keep wielding political influence through polarizing punditry on hot-button issues – perhaps laying the groundwork for her children to someday take up the mantle.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Sarah Palin Doing Now

What is Sarah Palin doing now in 2024?

Palin maintains a schedule packed with media pundit appearances, politically oriented speeches, business roles with resource extraction firms, participation in lawsuits, endorsements of far-right candidates, and hints about her future electoral plans.

Does Sarah Palin still care about politics?

Absolutely. Despite lacking current office, Palin frequents conservative events and outlets to fire up grassroots support, endorses extreme candidates, associates with rising MAGA figures, and drops hints about getting on ballots herself one day.

What political issues does Sarah Palin focus on now?

Palin recycles greatest hits opposing gun laws, abortion, immigration, taxes, and pandemic restrictions – all catnip for maintaining her right-wing base. However, she has minimized expanding into newer policy realms.

Is Sarah Palin close with Donald Trump?

Palin and Trump have a complicated relationship. She helped legitimize his 2016 campaign early on but was later dismissed as a possible Veterans Affairs Secretary. Today they praise each other on media while competing for the same conservative support base.

Does Sarah Palin hold political office currently?

No, Palin resigned before finishing her only major elected role as Alaska Governor back in 2009. She has unsuccessfully pursued other minor state/local positions since but currently holds no formal political titles beyond pundit.

What legal issues is Sarah Palin dealing with?

Palin filed for divorce in 2019 from husband Todd but they reconciled. More notably, she is still embattled in a defamation lawsuit appeal against the New York Times related to a 2016 editorial she claims hurt her brand.

What business ventures is Sarah Palin involved with?

Palin earns consulting fees sitting on the Board of an Arizona-based natural resource extraction company, serves as a spokesperson for various conservative organizations, launched her own online news/opinion channel, and will endorse various brands.

Is another vice presidential bid likely for Sarah Palin?

While unlikely to receive major party attention again, rumors pop up during each election cycle that Palin entertains landing somewhere on a presidential ticket to energize the farthest right conservatives.

Do people still pay attention to what Sarah Palin says?

Within her loyal conservative following, Palin’s political endorsements and media take continue carrying weight. However, beyond right-wing bubbles, she is largely mocked as an outdated relic or political liability.

Has Sarah Palin’s influence within the GOP grown or faded?

Palin’s sway specifically over Republican party mainstream leaders and moderates has severely diminished from its brief 2008 peak. But her grip strengthens over an increasingly powerful far-right faction.

Why did Sarah Palin resign as Governor early?

Palin cites their desire to spare Alaska taxpayers the expense of defending ethics suits against her administration. But the move remains controversial as possibly abandoning voters’ trust for nationwide political celebrity chase unfettered.

Who are Sarah Palin’s top political allies?

Palin aligns herself tightly these days with attention-getting MAGA figures popular on social media like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene along with rising outsider darlings trying to pull the GOP farther right.

Is another run for Governor likely in Sarah Palin’s future?

Palin is rumored to be considering trying to recapture the Alaska Governor’s office she previously abandoned. But she waits for optimal timing when any links to past digressions fade and she can capitalize on partisan anger against incumbents.

Does Sarah Palin get along with her family?

Palin’s home life grew complicated over the years with them eldest son Track arrested related to domestic violence while she temporarily separated from her husband Todd. However, recent years suggest improved family relations.

What TV shows have Sarah Palin appeared on lately?

In between news punditry appearances, Palin looks to expand pop culture presence through reality shows like cameo appearances on The Masked Singer and judge roles on programs like Amazing America with Sarah Palin.

Who are considered Sarah Palin’s most likely political successors?

One emerging scenario suggests Palin passing her conservative baton to daughter Willow or daughter-in-law Britta who share similar policy passions and have shown growing visibility in recent Alaska politics as their mentor ages.

How does the media view Sarah Palin in 2024?

Today’s media landscape regarding Palin depends greatly on the outlet. She remains a heroic folk hero among conservative publications but gets pilloried as an irrelevant, embarrassing relic by liberal-leaning journals.

What reception would Sarah Palin receive if she ran for President?

While easily dismissed by critics, Palin could energize a loyal grassroots base in a presidential long-shot bid. But she still carries heavy baggage from the disastrous 2008 race that mirrors Trump’s volatile swagger without governing expertise.

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