What is Paul Ryan Doing Now (2024)

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After serving as Speaker of the House from 2015 to 2019, Paul Ryan decided not to seek reelection in 2018. Now over 5 years removed from public office, he stays actively engaged in policy debates and Republican politics.

Though no longer commanding the Speaker’s gavel, Ryan wields his prominent profile to support conservative causes he champions related to economic policy, fiscal restraint, and free-market solutions through private sector channels off Capitol Hill.

Post-Political Career: Policy & Business Pursuits

Though absent from electoral politics since retiring from Congress, Ryan has pursued several influential policy and business roles.

Paul Ryan's Post-Congressional Positions: - Fox Corporation Board of Directors - American Enterprise Institute Fellow - Partner, Solamere Capital Investment Firm - Professor, University of Notre Dame - PBS Board of Directors

American Enterprise Institute Fellow

As a visiting fellow at the prominent conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute, Ryan conducts research and writes about poverty alleviation, labor issues, healthcare, and economic opportunity.

Fox Corporation Board Member

Ryan serves on the powerful Board of Directors overseeing Fox News’s parent company Fox Corp. chaired by billionaire Rupert Murdoch who relies closely on Ryan’s political insights guiding company strategy.

Public Speaking Circuit & Media Commentary

Ryan frequently delivers paid keynote speeches and media commentary advocating the viability of conservatism. He argues progressives dangerously undermine free market mechanisms and fiscal prudence.

Political Involvement: Supporting Conservatives

Though absent from running for office himself since retiring from Congress, Ryan actively supports conservative candidates and causes by lending his trusted perspective rooted in Midwestern working-class values.

Campaigning for Republican Candidates

Ryan hits the road campaigning for handpicked Republicans in key 2022 midterm races. He also advises candidates on sharpening their pitch to voters questioning liberal governance.

2022 Ryan Campaign Support: - OH Senate: J.D. Vance - AZ Senate: Blake Masters - VA 07 House: Yesli Vega - NY Governor: Lee Zeldin

Advocacy for Conservative Economics

With Democrats controlling the White House and Congress, Ryan aggressively critiques big spending proposals like the Inflation Reduction Act he blasts as fiscally reckless. He argues such policies spur inflation, debts, and taxes throttling growth.

Fox News Commentary & Social Media

Ryan appears frequently on Fox platforms strongly criticizing liberal policies and societal trends he believes violate traditional values. His active social media spreads similar messaging to his wide audience.

Personal Life: Family & Work-Life Balance

Though still actively engaged politically, Ryan sets firmer boundaries around quality family time and personal health.

Dedicated Family Man

Back home in Janesville, Wisconsin, Ryan spends ample time with their wife Janna, and their three school-aged children who deeply anchor his worldview.

Paul Ryan's Immediate Family: - Wife: Janna Ryan - 3 Children: Ages 16, 15 and 13 - Lives in Janesville, Wisconsin

Physical Fitness & Personal Interests

A devoted fitness buff who inspired Capitol Hill’s ‘P90x’ workout craze, Ryan maintains demanding exercise training regimens that fuel his energy balancing work, politics, and family life across his native Wisconsin and travels to Washington D.C.

Legacy: Enduring Conservative Lightning Rod

Loathed by progressives and beloved by traditional conservatives, Ryan cultivated a reputation for pushing disciplined fiscal policies and free-market solutions throughout his lengthy Congressional career climaxing in tense battles when wielding the Speaker’s gavel before Democrat takeovers of the House.

Former Speaker & Policy Vision

Serving as the 54th Speaker of the House, Ryan pushed historic tax cuts and proposed entitlement reforms to Medicare and Social Security funding that critics argued excessively burdened working families to finance tax relief favoring the affluent. Supporters praise Ryan’s sincerity in grappling with America’s long-term fiscal instability threats.

Controversial Figure

Unafraid to target once untouchable third-rails like Medicare and Social Security, Ryan’s boldness in spearheading reforms made him a notorious lightning rod scorned by progressives but acclaimed by conservatives.

Tax Cuts & Healthcare Battles

Ryan will be forever linked to the massive 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signature legislation under the Trump presidency, along with unsuccessful efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act known widely as Obamacare.

Enduring Influence

Even absent the Speaker’s gavel and Congressional voting power, Ryan still impacts Republican politics through media platforms and advising candidates on messaging and policy differentiation as the party fights to regain Congressional control.


No longer defining the partisan direction of Congress, Paul Ryan continues his ideological crusade advancing controversial conservative policies related to healthcare, taxation, social welfare, and fiscal reforms.

Outside public office since 2019, he wields influence through media commentary, paid speeches, nonprofit policy work, and corporate board positions. All while trying to balance political passions still burning with family life awaiting back home.

Though the former Speaker of the House works now from outside government channels, Ryan’s visibility and voice still matter influencing Republican politics and future generations perhaps drawn to public service seeing pieces of themselves in the longtime Midwestern Congressman who aimed so high yet always remained firmly grounded in hometown Wisconsin roots now nurturing new growth.

Frequently Asked Questions about What is Paul Ryan Doing Now

How old is Paul Ryan currently and where is he living now?

Paul Ryan is 53 years old now having been born in 1970. He resides with his family in Janesville, Wisconsin when not traveling for work.

Does Ryan still interact with former President Donald Trump after retiring from Congress?

Paul Ryan keeps limited contact with Trump after having strained relations while serving as Speaker. He occasionally offers input privately but refrains from direct attacks some Republicans level against the former President.

Why did Paul Ryan decide to retire relatively early from Congress and political life?

Paul Ryan cites wanting to spend more time being present with his young school-aged children at home rather than commuting weekly to Washington absent from so many family moments.

What corporate Board of Directors does Paul Ryan now sit on?

Ryan joined the powerful Board overseeing Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News and other Murdoch-owned media properties shaping conservative politics and narratives.

How does Ryan get along with other Republican Congressional leaders no longer serving as Speaker?

Ryan maintains cordial relationships meeting occasionally with former colleagues like John Boehner and friendly contacts like Senator Rob Portman though his direct insider influence on Congressional votes waned.

Does Ryan openly criticize any recent Republican policies or positions?

While largely supporting Republican messaging, Ryan argues the Party focuses too narrowly on culture war grievances. He says Republicans must offer working-class people substantive economic policy solutions in their pitches beyond mere outrage.

What possible future political plans might Ryan still have?

Ryan rules out running for President or any elected office again due to demands conflicting with family life priorities. But he remains open to appointed positions someday potentially including Cabinet roles.

Does Ryan advocate Republicans cooperating with Democrats under Biden?

Ryan firmly believes Republicans across Congress and States should present principled opposition challenging liberal economic and social welfare policies proposed by Congressional Democrats and the Biden Administration.

Who are Ryan’s most likely political allies and rivals right now?

Ryan maintains support from establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell while drawing scorn from certain populist conservatives in his party who view Ryan as too comfortable with big business interests and insensitive regarding working people’s struggles.

What criticisms of Paul Ryan as Speaker does he take most personally?

Ryan shows sensitivity towards accusations he excessively focused on austerity policies targeting social safety programs without sufficient compassion for populations who rely on those services he aimed to reform in sweeping budgetary overhauls.

Which political figures does Ryan consult most frequently these days besides media appearances?

Besides Fox Corporation leaders, Ryan frequents discussions with American Enterprise Institute associates and Republican thought leaders like economists Larry Kudlow and Art Laffer.

Does Paul Ryan actively use Twitter or other social media outlets to engage with the public?

Yes, Ryan maintains very active social media profiles personally posting commentary and promoting his public appearances defending conservative positions on various controversies and policy debates central to current news cycles.

What issue or policy does Paul Ryan focus on most intensely right now?

Ryan has concentrated recently on countering Democrat proposals related to healthcare, taxation, climate change, and social welfare spending with free market-oriented alternatives Republicans can rally voters around implementing should they regain Congressional majorities after the 2024 elections.

Does Paul Ryan still experience any health issues related to his intense P90X fitness routines?

No recent publicly known health struggles after Ryan experienced past complications. He programs his workouts now appropriately for his 50s lifestyle and maintains a clean diet to fuel his ongoing vigorous exercise regimen practiced for years.

What does Paul Ryan envision as his long-term legacy?

Ryan hopes his legacy will be viewed as a public servant of integrity who honestly with Americans about budgetary issues that politicians typically dodge and who fought hard for conservative governing principles he sees as upholding freedom and prosperity for more people.

Does Paul Ryan ever privately second-guess his decision to leave Congress at a relatively young age?

While Ryan suggests no substantive regrets over retiring when he did, he ruefully acknowledges timing did not favor Republicans with Trump controversies unfolding as Ryan exited Washington. Maintaining the Speaker’s gavel may have better positioned the GOP defending Congressional ground lost under Ryan’s successor Nancy Pelosi.

Which former Speakers of the House does Paul Ryan most closely study and attempt to model his leadership after?

Ryan deeply analyzes Newt Gingrich’s tenure shepherding the 1994 Contract with America era where Republicans retook the House after decades out of power. He also closely reviews speeches and tactics deployed by Speakers Tip O’Neill and Sam Rayburn when negotiating with Presidents.

What critique of Biden administration policy bothers Ryan more than anything else lately?

Ryan rails against proposed tax hikes on corporations and upper-income earners included in the controversial social spending bill dubbed Build Back Better, arguing such fiscal policies trigger rampant inflation devastate family budgets, and kill incentives driving investment and innovation over the long run.

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