What is OJ Simpson Doing Now (2024)

Decades after his highly publicized trial and acquittal on murder charges, OJ Simpson continues to live outside the spotlight. As of 2024, he resides primarily in Nevada, maintaining a low-profile lifestyle focused on leisure activities and family time out of the public eye. In this article, we will learn about What is OJ Simpson Doing Now.

Background and Profile

Before assessing OJ Simpson’s current status in 2024, it is helpful to understand his background.

Legal History

Simpson’s legal record stems from his 1995 trial for killing ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Though acquitted criminally, a civil suit found Simpson liable. A 2008 robbery conviction added more notoriety.

NFL and Acting Career

Long before legal troubles, Simpson was a football star for the Buffalo Bills and an actor in movies like the Naked Gun series. This fame and fortune eventually eroded.

Release from Prison

In 2017 at age 70 and after 9 years in prison for the robbery charges, Simpson was released on parole to live in Las Vegas.

Life and Routine in 2024

Simpson keeps his recent lifestyle and regular activities firmly out of the public eye:

Community and Residence

He is believed to reside in a golf course community outside Las Vegas. Simpson’s current home and neighborhood supposedly offer privacy and security.

Recreational Habits

Playing golf, dining out, and other leisurely habits occupy Simpson’s time based on limited sightings. He occasionally interacts with tourists and fans in the area.

Career and Finances

With debt and past settlements, Simpson is not actively working. Pension and autograph signings provide income. He lives comfortably but far removed from past wealth.

Assessing the Present Situation

In 2024 Simpson appears reasonably settled and uninterested in public attention. The exact details are unclear by his design.

Lingering Speculation and Discussion

While avoiding the spotlight himself nowadays, public intrigue about OJ persists decades later, especially regarding the murders.

The Murders and Trial

The dramatic 1995 criminal trial continues as a cultural touchstone. Debate around evidence, theories, and the social context carries on.

Were botched police procedures behind his acquittal? What was OJ’s role even if claims of innocence persuade some? For many, the famous trial gloves epitomize the enduring uncertainties.

Family and Relationships

Simpson’s dealings with family also prompt questions. He is reportedly on positive terms with most relatives, though debates over motives and responsibility have supposedly strained certain relationships.

Life After Prison

Another discussion point involves assessing Simpson’s life post-incarceration.

Is his low profile an adjustment challenge or a prudent shift? Does the public deserve more insight or is privacy best? This connects to debates about redemption, punishment, and culpability.

The Road Ahead

As OJ Simpson nears 80, reflections on justice and legacy will likely intensify along with curiosities about his remaining years.

OJ Simpson Key Dates 1995: Acquitted of double murder charges 2008: Convicted of robbery and kidnapping 2017: Released from prison on parole 2024: Believed to be living quietly in Nevada


In the end, OJ Simpson remains an elusive yet inescapable fixture rooted in 90s infamy who now embraces obscurity. The 2024 reality for those curious is an aging, financially limited ex-football icon centered around family and leisure far from his epic rise and fall. While the dramatic mid-90s spotlight long fades, his mark on history persists as the nucleus of debates around ethics, justice, race, and redemption.

Ironically, the present search for Simpson duality tracks America’s own. But perhaps the most monumental yet humble legacy lives within families still picking up the pieces decades later less visible but forever impacted. There the deeply personal aftermath continues long past headlines onto new generations indelibly changed despite Simpson’s evaporated fame.

And as the divided public lens eternally pulls the focus back to the sensational mid-90s cauldron, the underrated full-circle truth endures in their shadows.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is OJ Simpson Doing Now

OJ Simpson’s life decades after his divisive murder trial continues to prompt public curiosity and questions even as he avoids the limelight.

Where does OJ Simpson live right now?

H2: Reports indicate OJ Simpson currently resides in a private gated golf community located outside Las Vegas called The Palms. He has lived there since transitioning out of the Nevada prison system around 2017.

Why did OJ Simpson go to prison?

In 2008, OJ Simpson was convicted of robbery, assault, and other charges stemming from an attempted sports memorabilia retrieval from a Las Vegas hotel in 2007. He served 9 years in a Nevada state prison before being paroled.

How does OJ Simpson support himself financially nowadays?

It is believed Simpson relies on an NFL pension, social security, and occasional autograph-signing income payments. However, he lacks the wealth he once possessed before legal troubles.

Who does OJ Simpson spend time with in 2024?

Simpson appears to lead a private, insular lifestyle centered on leisure and family. Reports suggest he maintains decent relationships with living relatives. Specific friends are unknown besides occasional golf partners.

Are there any documentaries about OJ Simpson’s current life?

No recent in-depth documentary projects are known to have profiled Simpson’s contemporary lifestyle. Past TV specials focused on his football career, murder trial, and legal tribulations without much current-day coverage.

Can OJ Simpson leave the state of Nevada?

Yes, Simpson’s parole conditions allow him to travel domestically and internationally with proper paperwork and permissions. But he predominantly stays in Nevada near where his family resides.

Does OJ Simpson have social media accounts?

No verified social media exists for OJ Simpson. He has made no discernible online presence in keeping with avoiding publicity and interviews in recent decades while focusing simply on family and living privately.

Is OJ Simpson still golfing regularly?

Yes, Simpson is still said to golf frequently at area courses. The activity provides exercise and diversion. Some Nevada residents report occasionally seeing him tee off at various clubs and tracks around Las Vegas.

Who is still in OJ Simpson’s inner circle?

The only definitively known close connections remaining include Simpson’s living family members, like daughter Arnelle Simpson. The rest of his current circle is obscured as he shuns media visibility.

Are there any OJ Simpson commercial appearances?

No, with his controversial status, Simpson has not participated in any commercials or advertising campaigns in recent memory. Even during the height of his fame preceding legal troubles, such promotions were already relatively limited.

Does OJ Simpson do public speaking engagements?

Simpson has not been known to actively engage in public speaking or appearances in the past few years besides the stray autograph event. He has denied various interview requests as well opting to avoid publicity.

What was OJ Simpson’s number-one hit song as a singer?

In 1976 during the height of his NFL fame, OJ Simpson released a bouncy pop song called “The Juice is Loose” as a musical single. It charted reasonably well despite no follow-up musical releases before he shifted to acting.

How is OJ Simpson’s NFL pension amount determined?

Simpson’s NFL pension remains confidential but estimates assume it is at least $10,000 per month. The amount is based on benefit formulas related to his 11 seasons played, stats, salaries earned, age, and other factors.

Who stood by OJ Simpson during his legal troubles?

His lead defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran and certain family members like daughter Arnelle Simpson most prominently supported him. Most friends and associates distanced themselves over time as controversies intensified during the trials.

Can OJ Simpson get book or TV deals currently?

It is unlikely any major book deal or media rights could manifest presently without intense backlash. Past attempts resulted in canceled projects, lawsuits, and relinquished profits amid overwhelming public disapproval.

What ultimately happened to collectibles from OJ Simpson’s trophy room?

Many items like game balls and plaques were sold off or taken by creditors over the years after civil liability debts mounted. Some trophies went to his family, while the fate of the entire physical trophy room itself remains unknown.

How old would Nicole Brown Simpson be in 2024?

If still alive today, OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson would be 65 years old as of 2024. Tragically she was killed at age 35 in 1994, leaving the characters involved frozen in time despite the world evolving for 30 more years.

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