What is Nancy Pelosi Doing Now (2024)

As Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi continues to be one of the most influential figures in American politics in 2024. Now in her 19th term representing California’s 12th congressional district, Pelosi is pursuing an ambitious policy agenda and working to enact the priorities of the Democratic Party. In this article, we will learn about What is Nancy Pelosi Doing Now.

Nancy Pelosi’s Current Governmental Role

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is second in the presidential line of succession, after the Vice President. She presides over the House of Representatives and leads the Democratic majority.

Congressional and Leadership Responsibilities

Pelosi oversees all legislative business on the House floor. She determines which bills come up for a vote and appoints members to committees and congressional delegations. As leader of the House Democrats, she also develops the party’s policy positions and messaging.

Pelosi remains fully engaged in all aspects of the leadership despite her historic tenure. She continues to be a prolific fundraiser for House Democrats, raising over $921 million for candidates since entering leadership in 2002.

Nancy Pelosi’s Policy Priorities

Speaker Pelosi has outlined an ambitious policy agenda for the current session of Congress focused on the economy, health care, climate change, and governance reform.

Domestic Policy Goals

Pelosi’s domestic policy priorities include protecting social safety net programs, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, expanding affordable healthcare access, enacting new ethics and voting rights legislation, overhauling federal infrastructure, and stimulating jobs through investment in clean energy and advanced technology.

Notable legislation Pelosi has spearheaded as Speaker includes the Affordable Care Act, economic stimulus bills, reforms of Wall Street regulation, lifting of the ban on LBGTQ+ service members, and major investments in environmental protection and renewable energy.

Foreign Policy

On foreign policy, Pelosi has focused on strengthening international alliances, using diplomacy to resolve conflicts, upholding human rights globally, and continuing American global leadership. She has been an outspoken critic of some Trump administration foreign policy decisions. Priorities include:

  • International cooperation: Rebuilding strained alliances, participating actively in the UN and other global institutions
  • Defense & Security: Maintaining a strong national defense while using military force judiciously
  • Human rights & democracy: Advocating for human rights, democratic reforms, empowerment of women worldwide

Pelosi has made multiple overseas trips aimed at reassuring allies of America’s commitment to shared global security and values. She continues to argue for a leadership role for the US on issues like climate change, global health, and nuclear non-proliferation.

Nancy Pelosi’s Political Initiatives and Appearances

Within Congress and her party, Speaker Pelosi is focused on maintaining Democratic control of the House in the 2024 elections. Externally, she frequently makes public appearances and media interviews to promote and defend the party’s policy agenda.

Congressional Deal-making

Behind the scenes, Speaker Pelosi is known as a formidable political strategist and deal-maker. She continues to leverage her decades of Congressional relationships and formidable vote-counting skills to achieve Democratic legislative priorities. Pelosi spearheads negotiations with Senate leaders and the White House to push shared objectives.

Public Representation of Party Priorities

Pelosi frequently delivers major public addresses on policy issues and current events to articulate the Democratic Party’s perspective. She works closely with the Biden administration to coordinate messaging.

Some recent major public appearances and speaking events by Speaker Pelosi:

  • January 2024 speech on protecting democracy and voting rights
  • November 2023 address at UN Climate Change Conference
  • September 2023 commencement speech at Georgetown University
  • Ongoing media interviews on Sunday talk shows, cable news, web videos

Pelosi uses these appearances to rally public support for the Democratic agenda, praise achievements gained and criticize Republican opposition.


As her remarkable tenure enters its 20th year, Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to be one of the most influential political figures in America. She is working determinedly to enact an ambitious domestic policy agenda focused on economic opportunities, healthcare affordability, climate action, and political accountability while also restoring America’s global standing.

Pelosi remains fully engaged in Congressional leadership, public advocacy, and partisan political battles as she guides House Democrats. Her experience and formidable political skills continue to make Speaker Pelosi hugely consequential in shaping national policy debates and outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions about What Is Nancy Pelosi Doing Now

What governmental role does Nancy Pelosi currently hold?

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is second in line to the presidency and presides over the operations of the House of Representatives. She sets the legislative schedule and leads the Democratic majority.

What are Nancy Pelosi’s top policy priorities this year?

Pelosi is focused on strengthening the economy, creating jobs, lowering healthcare costs, tackling climate change, reforming government ethics and money in politics, and protecting voting rights. Major proposals include infrastructure upgrades, prescription drug pricing reforms, clean energy incentives, and voting rights legislation.

How much influence does Nancy Pelosi have over legislation?

As Speaker leading the House majority, Nancy Pelosi holds tremendous influence over what legislation makes it to the House floor for votes. She actively steers the House agenda and negotiates directly with Senate leaders and the President to craft bills.

Is Nancy Pelosi planning to retire soon?

While there is always speculation about her plans given her long tenure, Pelosi has stated clearly that she has no plans to retire from Congress any time soon. She was just re-elected Speaker in 2023 and seems energized to continue serving.

What recent public appearances has Nancy Pelosi made?

She frequently gives major public speeches about policy and current political events. Recent examples include a January 2024 speech about protecting democracy, a November 2023 UN Climate Change Conference address, a September 2023 commencement speech at Georgetown University, and regular Sunday talk show interviews.

What political initiatives is Nancy Pelosi working on right now?

Behind the scenes, Pelosi oversees Congressional deal-making to advance Democratic bills and maintains relationships to hold her majority coalition together. Publicly she communicates about the party agenda, praises legislative accomplishments, and criticizes Republican opposition. Maintaining the House majority in the 2024 elections is also a priority.

How would you describe Nancy Pelosi’s political leadership style?

As Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is widely seen as a highly effective party leader and political strategist. Her strengths include vote counting, leveraging personal relationships, resolving internal disputes, delivering discipline within the diverse Democratic caucus, and negotiating major deals. Her political style tends to be pragmatic, adaptable, and oriented toward concrete accomplishments over ideology.

What challenges does Nancy Pelosi face in achieving her policy agenda?

A key challenge is that Democrats have only narrow control of Congress, requiring compromise with moderate members of her party as well as Republicans to get laws passed. Opposition from conservatives, divisions among progressives and moderates, the filibuster rules in the 50-50 split Senate, and occasional defections from her caucus all constrain Pelosi’s ability to quickly pass ambitious liberal legislation.

Does Nancy Pelosi get along with President Biden?

Yes, Pelosi and Biden have a very strong working relationship built on decades of service together in Congress and shared policy priorities. As leaders of their party in Congress and the executive branch, they communicate regularly to coordinate strategies for advancing Democratic bills even when disagreements occur over specific details.

How has Nancy Pelosi responded to recent Supreme Court decisions?

She has been highly critical of what she calls an extremist Supreme Court majority intent on rolling back established rights and ignoring public opinion and precedent. Pelosi has called for legislation to codify abortion rights and marriage equality into federal law, but prospects are unclear given Republican opposition.

Is Nancy Pelosi doing anything to support candidates in the 2024 elections?

Yes, she continues her prolific fundraising efforts, already helping raise over $250 million for House Democrats’ 2024 races. Pelosi uses her national profile and connections to steer donor support toward vulnerable incumbents and promising challengers to help Democrats retain their slim House majority next year.

Does Nancy Pelosi still have opposition within her party?

Yes, a small number of outspoken progressive House members have periodically criticized Pelosi over the years for not backing sufficiently liberal policies on issues like health care, climate change, and defense spending. Some call for new leadership. But Pelosi maintains broad support among the House Democratic caucus.

What criticisms does Nancy Pelosi face from Republican legislators?

Republicans frequently demonize Pelosi as an out-of-touch San Francisco liberal bent on advancing a dangerous far-left agenda. They blame her for increased government spending and higher taxes and depict Pelosi as the face of Democratic Party extremism in their own fundraising and campaign attacks.

How old is Nancy Pelosi and how long has she been in office?

Nancy Pelosi is 84 years old as of 2024. She has represented her San Francisco area district in Congress for over 35 years since first being elected in 1987. Pelosi has been the leader of House Democrats for 20 years and Speaker for 16 years over two stints, her current run beginning in 2019.

How is Nancy Pelosi viewed by most Democrats nationally?

Among Democratic voters and supporters nationwide, Pelosi remains very popular and well-regarded. Polls show over 60% of Democrats holding a favorable opinion of her. Her reputation for accomplishments like passing Obamacare and constantly battling conservative opposition helps keep Pelosi in high esteem on the left.

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