What is Michael Weatherly Doing Now (2024)

Michael Weatherly rose to fame playing Anthony DiNozzo on the hit TV series “NCIS” from 2003 to 2016. After a successful 13-year run, Weatherly went on to star in another popular CBS drama, “Bull,” from 2016 to 2022. With “Bull” ending in 2022 after 6 seasons, fans are curious about What is Michael Weatherly Doing Now.

Acting Career

Weatherly capped off his tenure on “Bull” in 2022 and has already filmed a guest appearance on the new “NCIS” spinoff, “NCIS: Hawai’i.” While full details are limited, this indicates Weatherly is still open to acting opportunities, especially related to the beloved “NCIS” franchise.

Beyond this guest spot, Weatherly’s current and future acting projects remain unverified. However, after leading two successful network dramas for nearly 20 years combined, Weatherly likely has plenty of options to choose from for new TV or film roles.

Fans can expect him to be selective in taking on diverse, challenging leads or supporting parts that build on his talents and reputation. He may also explore teaming up with prominent directors and fellow actors he has not worked extensively with before.

Table 1: Michael Weatherly's Acting Career Timeline 1996–1997 | The Cosby Mysteries (Jeffrey Collins) 2000–2002 | Significant Others (Henry Beckman) 2003–2016 | NCIS (Anthony DiNozzo) 2016–2022 | Bull (Dr. Jason Bull) 2023 | NCIS: Hawai'i (Anthony DiNozzo) TBD | Future films and shows

Weatherly has transitioned away from his longtime “Bull” part but remains attached to the character that made him famous in DiNozzo. Supporters will be interested to track if and how Weatherly fully moves on from “NCIS” to new creative directions.

Music Career

In addition to acting, Weatherly is also pursuing a professional music career. In early 2023, he released his debut single “Under the Covers” on streaming platforms. The details and plans for more music remain unverified at this time.

Weatherly may be exploring more song releases, record deals, live performances, or collaborations. His fame and existing fanbase give him a platform to readily promote his music to an interested audience through social media and websites.

Balancing both acting and music ambitions long-term could pose a challenge. However, Weatherly may view music as an outlet from acting or a way to further connect with fans. Any updates on his budding music career will be eagerly tracked by his supporters in 2024 and beyond.

Personal Life

While his professional life evolves, Weatherly remains focused on family behind the scenes. He has been married to physician Lee Garlington since 1996 and they have two children together.

Weatherly maintains privacy around his family and personal time. He makes limited formal public appearances compared to the heights of his “NCIS” fame. While Weatherly engages with fans occasionally on social media, he does not share extensive personal updates.

This approach allows Weatherly to prioritize his health and life balance after years of an intensive production schedule. Fans continue showing massive support no matter how much or little he shares in the public eye at this stage of his wide-ranging career.

Legacy, Public Image and Future

Having starred in two of CBS’s most popular dramas for 18 of the past 21 years, Weatherly has solidified himself as a network TV star with wide audience appeal. His breakout role as Tony DiNozzo serves as the most prominent stage of his career so far with a lasting legacy.

Between his acting history and music ambitions, Weatherly aims to maintain a multi-faceted career while upholding his publicly amiable persona. While he engages fans less compared to the peak of his fame, he retains a markedly affirmative reputation.

As Weatherly explores unpredictable post-“Bull” post-opportunities and potentially new creative directions, public interest persists surrounding his projects. His supporters continue demonstrating their dedication regardless of what is next on the horizon in Weatherly’s evolving career arc.


In conclusion, Michael Weatherly remains a prominent actor and public personality entering his third decade in the entertainment business. Even years after driving shows like “NCIS” and “Bull” at CBS, Weatherly still commands major name recognition and fan support.

Weatherly is exploring unpredictable new directions like music and acting roles of varying sizes in 2024 and beyond. While his future career moves stay mostly unconfirmed, longtime fans demonstrate loyalty to follow Weatherly’s journey wherever it takes him next.

With aspirations across acting and music, plus a settled personal life, Weatherly aims to balance professional versatility and personal well-being. If he branches out more into music or new creative film/TV ventures, his admirers are sure to track those efforts eager for his continued success. After years of playing beloved characters, Weatherly’s story remains compelling as he pens the next chapters.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Michael Weatherly Doing Now

What shows has Michael Weatherly starred in?

Some of Michael Weatherly’s most well-known acting credits include starring roles as Jason Bull on the CBS drama “Bull” from 2016 to 2022 and playing Anthony DiNozzo on “NCIS” from 2003 to 2016. He also had a supporting role earlier in his career as Jeffrey Collins in the sitcom “The Cosby Mysteries.”

Is Michael Weatherly still acting?

Yes, Weatherly remains actively involved in acting after finishing his lead role in “Bull” in 2022. He filmed a 2023 guest appearance reprising his famous “NCIS” character Tony DiNozzo for an episode of the spinoff series “NCIS: Hawai’i.” He may continue taking on select acting projects in movies and TV moving forward.

What was Michael Weatherly’s last episode of Bull?

The series finale of “Bull” aired on May 26, 2022, marking the end of Weatherly’s run playing Dr. Jason Bull over 6 seasons and 131 total episodes. The last episode was titled “Goodbye” and featured character send-offs for Bull and his legal team.

Is Michael Weatherly leaving Bull?

Yes, with CBS opting to end “Bull” in Spring 2022, that marked Weatherly’s departure as the lead after more than 130 episodes played across 6 seasons. This has freed up Weatherly to pursue new acting ventures following his lengthy tenure as Dr. Jason Bull.

What happened to Michael Weatherly from NCIS?

After starring as DiNozzo on “NCIS” for 13 seasons, Weatherly opted to leave the show to headline the new CBS drama “Bull” in 2016. While no longer a series regular after more than 300 “NCIS” episodes, Weatherly did return to reprise his character in a 2023 guest appearance on the franchise’s “NCIS: Hawai’i” offshoot.

Will Tony return to NCIS in 2023?

Yes, following much fan speculation and hope for Tony DiNozzo’s return, Michael Weatherly did film a Tony Dinozzo guest appearance in early 2023 on the “NCIS” spinoff series “NCIS: Hawai’i.” This marks Weatherly’s first time portraying Tony since departing the flagship “NCIS” in 2016.Copy code

Table 2: Michael Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo Character Return Show | Year | Episode Count | Last Appearance NCIS | 2003–2016 | 303 | May 17, 2016 NCIS: New Orleans | 2016 | 1 | March 15, 2016 NCIS: Hawai'i | 2023 | 1 | Upcoming

What is Michael Weatherly’s net worth?

Celebrity net worth sites estimate Michael Weatherly’s net worth at approximately $25 million as of 2023. This derives mainly from his acting salaries as the star of “Bull” and many years as a main cast member on “NCIS” rather than music or other business ventures.

How much did Michael Weatherly make per episode of Bull?

In 2019, it was widely reported that Weatherly’s salary reached $375,000 per episode by Bull’s fourth season. Over 6 total seasons of the show, this equates to an estimated $25-30+ million in earnings over the run of the series.

How much did Weatherly make on NCIS?

While early season salaries remain unconfirmed, Weatherly was making an estimated $250,000 per episode by Season 13 of “NCIS” in 2016. With well over 300 episodes as DiNozzo, he earned approximately $75+ million for that role from 2003-2016.

Is Michael Weatherly a singer?

Professionally, yes – Weatherly branched out into music by releasing his debut single called “Under the Covers” in early 2023. While details on any future singing career remain unconfirmed, this surprising venture indicates he is exploring work as a musician alongside acting.

What instruments does Michael Weatherly play?

In various interviews, Michael Weatherly has mentioned playing instruments like guitar and piano over the years. However, his musical skill set remains vague so it is unknown if he played any instruments himself on his debut single or future music plans.

Who is Michael Weatherly married to?

Weatherly has been married to Dr. Lee Garlington since 1996, so they have been married for 28 years as of 2024. Garlington works as an internist in Los Angeles. The long-time couple has two children together – a son named Liam born in 2002 and a daughter Olivia born in 2005.

Does Michael Weatherly have kids?

Yes, Michael Weatherly and his wife Dr. Lee Garlington have a son named Liam (born in 2002) and a daughter named Olivia (born in 2005) so they have two kids together. Weatherly keeps his family life private from the media but has mentioned his kids occasionally in interviews over the years.

Where does Michael Weatherly live?

While his permanent residence remains undisclosed, Michael Weatherly has been based in Los Angeles dating back to his years on “NCIS” to accommodate filming the show. Even after the series moved to shoot in Santa Clarita starting in Season 9, Weatherly stayed in the Los Angeles area full-time.

What ethnicity is Michael Weatherly?

Michael Weatherly’s ethnic background is mixed. On his father’s side, he is of Irish and English descent while his mother is of Serbian heritage. Weatherly was raised partially in Fairfield, Connecticut, and references both his mixed European lineage and New England upbringing from time to time.

What is Michael Weatherly’s health condition?

No major health conditions have been publicly disclosed. In 2013, TV Guide reported that Weatherly relied on the prescription medication Chantix to help him quit smoking cigarettes. Otherwise, as he continues acting in his mid-50s, Weatherly has maintained apparent good health and fitness.

What charities does Michael Weatherly support?

Over the years, Weatherly has been involved in charitable work with organizations like Operation Smile and Roots & Wings. Both charities work to improve healthcare and education for children in need around the world, reflecting Weatherly’s compassion for young people facing hardship.

What is Michael Weatherly’s official fan mail address?

Fans can send physical mail to Michael Weatherly through his talent agency by addressing letters to:

Michael Weatherly c/o Fortune Creative 5815 Sunset Blvd Suite 500 Los Angeles, CA 90028

Followers can also reach out to him through his verified Instagram account and Facebook page, where he may occasionally see and reply to fan messages.

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