What is Megyn Kelly Doing Now (2024)

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Megyn Kelly’s Current Career

Megyn Kelly has continued her career in media after leaving NBC News in 2018. Here are some of her main professional activities:

SiriusXM Radio Host

Kelly now hosts a two-hour weekday radio show, “The Megyn Kelly Show”, on SiriusXM. This platform enables her to reach a dedicated conservative audience of millions across North America.

Podcast Host

In addition to her SiriusXM show, Kelly also continues hosting “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast after its cancellation on YouTube in 2020. Her podcast allows her to directly engage with her loyal followers.

Commentary and Analysis

Kelly frequently provides her perspective on the latest news stories and political figures. She utilizes her background as an attorney and former Fox News host to deliver commentary and analysis.

Building Her Audience

With her SiriusXM and podcast platforms, Kelly is focused on continuing to grow her audience and establish her brand. Though she has faced setbacks, she remains determined to succeed on new media platforms.

Potential Future Partnerships

There is speculation that Kelly may be exploring potential partnerships and media ventures outside of her current platforms. However, her plans remain unverified.

Megyn Kelly’s Approach to Interviews

Kelly has continued conducting high-profile interviews as part of her radio show and podcast.

Prominent Guests

She talks to prominent newsmakers, politicians, journalists, cultural figures, and other personalities. Recent guests have included Tulsi Gabbard, Chris Christie, Dave Rubin, Mike Pence, and Tucker Carlson.

In-Depth Conversations

Kelly focuses on facilitating meaningful conversations, often diving deep into nuanced issues. She allows guests to share ideas at length rather than quick soundbites.

Diverse Perspectives

While catering to a conservative audience, Kelly also aims to bring on guests with diverse ideological perspectives. She explores areas of disagreement through civil discussion.

Challenging Questions

True to her reputation built on years as a lawyer and journalist, Kelly asks probing, skeptical questions that hold guests accountable. She does not shy away from pointed follow-ups.

Attention-Grabbing Style

Kelly’s sometimes confrontational approach consistently generates attention and reactions from the media and public. Her standout interview style continues to attract listeners.

Megyn Kelly’s Public Image

Controversial Reputation

From her exchanges with Donald Trump during the 2016 election to fiery exchanges on her NBC talk show, Kelly remains a polarizing figure with a knack for stirring controversies.

Conservative Viewpoints

She consistently advocates for conservative viewpoints, delivering scathing critiques of Democrats, cultural progressivism, and the mainstream media.

Public Scrutiny

Kelly is subject to intense, often harsh criticism in the media and online for her statements and stances. Her past comments on blackface and other issues draw particularly strong backlash.

Maintaining Her Brand

Amidst the controversies, Kelly remains focused on presenting her opinions unapologetically and toughening out the scrutiny. She strives to engage her fans who appreciate her perspective.

Balancing Career and Personal Life

Kelly also balances her busy professional life with her personal life as a mother of three children. After the tumultuous end of her short-lived NBC show, she seems intent on achieving a calmer career pace.

Megyn Kelly’s Trajectory and Influence

Evolving Media Role

Having held prominent roles on Fox News and NBC News, Kelly’s position in the media landscape continues to shift. She strives to maintain exposure and carve out her niche.

Uncertain Future Goals

It remains unclear what Kelly’s long-term career ambitions may be as she approaches her 50s. Will she attempt to return to mainstream television or build out her media empire? Her future is uncertain.

Conservative Influence

Despite setbacks since leaving Fox News, Kelly still commands influence among conservative audiences through her commentary and interviews. She connects with millions who feel underserved by mainstream media.

Generating Interest

Even liberals cannot help tuning in as Kelly continues generating publicity – both positive and negative – by addressing hot-button issues in her trademark combative style. She retains the power to spark widespread debates.

So while Kelly’s place in the media ecosystem is fluid, she continues making noise and driving discussion across ideological lines. Her next career reinvention likely lies just around the corner.


The rollercoaster career of Megyn Kelly has continued its unpredictable twists and turns in recent years. Kelly faced the disappointment of a failed NBC talk show experiment but rebounded by building her platforms at SiriusXM and Spotify to retain a significant voice if no longer commanding broadcast television mega-contracts.

By maintaining her trademark conservative political commentary and hard-edged interview style, Kelly continues making noise that generates reactions across the ideological spectrum – though she often courts controversy haunted by past remarks.

As the 2024 election cycle heats up, Megyn Kelly is positioned to offer her blend of analysis, debate, and Republican support. And she will undoubtedly provoke her share of vociferous criticism and adulation along the way in line with her divisive reputation.

Kelly’s days as a dominant primetime cable news force may have passed. But she has proven adaptable in continuing to engage her supporters by giving voice to underserved conservative viewpoints even from alternative media perches.

And at just 53 with ample career runway left, expect Kelly’s next act to feature more attention-seizing moves and the inside scoop on power players before she leaves the spotlight for good.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Megyn Kelly Doing Now

What happened between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump?

During the early Republican presidential debates in 2015, Megyn Kelly pressed Donald Trump on his history of misogynistic comments. This sparked an intense feud with Trump launching many attacks on her. This feud raised Kelly’s public profile significantly.

Why did Megyn Kelly leave Fox News?

In January 2017, Kelly left Fox News after 13 years amidst reports she felt marginalized at the network. She was also likely interested in expanding beyond political commentary to host a broader daytime talk show. Her departure was another spark in her ongoing feud with Trump.

Why did Megyn Kelly’s show on NBC get canceled?

After joining NBC in 2017, Kelly hosted the “Megyn Kelly Today” morning show but struggled to connect with daytime audiences. Controversial segments and offensive comments accelerated her declining ratings, ultimately leading to her show’s cancellation after less than two seasons amidst backlash.

What TV networks has Megyn Kelly worked for?

Over her media career, Megyn Kelly has worked as an anchor and host for Fox News from 2004-2017, hosted a primetime MSNBC show in 2017, then joined NBC News to host “Megyn Kelly Today” from 2017-2018 before her turbulent exit.

What racist comment did Megyn Kelly make on air?

In 2018, during a “Megyn Kelly Today” segment defending the use of blackface on Halloween, Kelly asserted that “blackface was OK when I was a kid as long as you were dressing like a character.” This sensational racial controversy played a major role in NBC canceling her show.

Why did YouTube ban Megyn Kelly’s channel?

In 2020, YouTube banned Kelly’s channel for violating its COVID-19 misinformation policy after she made comments promoting unproven treatments like hydroxychloroquine. The ban contributed to her podcast moving to SiriusXM’s platform.

What is Megyn Kelly best known for?

Megyn Kelly attracted fame for her sharp questioning style anchoring political segments on Fox News, her dramatic exchanges with Donald Trump, her switch to NBC, and the controversy surrounding offensive on-air comments that sank her morning talk show ambitions.

What awards has Megyn Kelly won?

Over her prolific career in journalism and broadcasting, Megyn Kelly has won numerous prestigious awards. These honors include Primetime Emmy awards for news coverage in 2016 and 2017 as well as Time Magazine naming her one of the 100 most influential people in 2015.

Is Megyn Kelly a conservative or a liberal?

Megyn Kelly is considered a conservative-leaning political commentator and interviewer. On issues like immigration, patriotism, and gun rights, she reliably advocates for conservative viewpoints. She is popular with Republican audiences.

Is Megyn Kelly still married?

Yes, Megyn Kelly remains married to her novelist husband Douglas Brunt. They live with their three children in New York City as Kelly continues her broadcasting and podcasting career. Her family and personal life is an important anchor points as her professional endeavors remain turbulent.

What is Megyn Kelly’s net worth?

According to available estimates as of 2024, Megyn Kelly has a net worth in the range of $30 million to $50 million accumulated primarily through her past lucrative contracts with Fox News and NBC News paying her millions per year during her peak earning years.

Could Megyn Kelly run for political office?

It is considered unlikely Kelly would pursue elective political office in the foreseeable future given her extensive background in media and broadcasting. She may be able to provide commentary on political campaigns and serve as an informal advisor.

Will Megyn Kelly return to mainstream television?

While Kelly has expressed openness to returning to TV under the right circumstances, currently she seems focused on building her SiriusXM and podcast audience. But at age 53 in 2024, she likely still has time to return to mainstream television later if she can overcome reputational damage from past controversies.

What are critics’ biggest complaints about Megyn Kelly?

Kelly has faced consistent criticisms over inflammatory racial comments, promoting false information about COVID-19 that platforms found policy-violating, adversarial interviewing tactics seen as harsh even by conservative standards, and a tendency for ego and self-promotion that rubs many the wrong way.

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