What is Julia Haart Doing Now (2024)

Julia Haart made waves as the star of Netflix’s reality show “My Unorthodox Life,” which chronicled her life after leaving an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and building a career as CEO of modeling agency Elite World Group. Though Haart was controversially fired from Elite in early 2022, she continues pursuing multifaceted projects spanning business, fashion, activism, memoir writing, and beyond.

In this article, we will learn about What is Julia Haart Doing Now.

Julia Haart’s Background

First, a quick recap of Heart’s fascinating backstory:

  • Grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclave before my rebellious departure
  • Faced poverty and homelessness as a single mother newly secular
  • Worked way up the fashion industry including La Perla creative director
  • Named CEO of Elite World Group in 2019
  • Starred in Netflix’s “My Unorthodox Life” documenting post-religion life
  • Fired from Elite World Group in 2022 amid legal disputes

Haart made a dramatic journey from sheltered religious community outlier to celebrity CEO and social media star – though not without controversy.

What is Julia Haart Doing Now in 2024?

What occupies the next chapter for Julia Haart after her high-profile professional split from Elite World Group? She continues hustling on ventures old and new:

Legal Battles

  • Suing Elite Group and former business partner for wrongful firing
  • Fighting name/likeness usage rights amid company fallout

Fashion Businesses

  • Expanding e-commerce for shapewear line +Body
  • Consulting various fashion houses


  • Promoting the memoir “Brazen” on speaking circuits
  • Weighing TV project offers


  • Expanding nonprofit Free to Walk helping abuse victims
  • Advocating for workplace equality through public appearances

Personal Life

  • Co-parenting two younger children post-divorce
  • Frequenting NYC society circles and events

Regardless of the controversial Elite World Group shakeup, Julia Haart lands on her feet with legal fights, fashion ventures, writing pursuits and women’s advocacy keeping her in the spotlight.

Julia Haart’s Ongoing Elite Legal Battle

Lingering fallout from Haart’s ugly Elite World Group exit remains front and center, including:

Wrongful Termination Suit

Haart sued Elite and co-owner for $50+ million in 2022 after being ousted as CEO. The case awaits likely 2024 court date.

Fight Over Life Rights

Haart battles Elite Group for control over rights to her name/likeness tied to her rags-to-riches story. No settlement reached yet.

The messy lawsuits suggest residual tensions between Haart and her former business partners. Resolution may take years tying up court systems.

Julia Haart By The Numbers

2022Founded shapewear firm +Body
2019Named Elite World Group CEO
2021Launched Swimsuits for All campaign
2008First La Perla creative director gig

What’s Next for Julia Haart?

Tabloids buzz about Julia Haart’s next moves as she looks beyond the Elite World Group lawsuits. Beyond expanding her fashion brands, potential upcoming ventures include:

New Memoir Content – Additional writings about her post-Elite life.

Reality TV Projects – Haart fields various potential TV concepts including a “My Unorthodox Life” renewal.

Elite World Group Alternative – Some speculate Haart may launch a competing modeling venture.

Increased Activism – Expanding her women’s advocacy through high-profile partnerships.

Now untethered fully from Elite responsibilities, Julia Haart likely pursues passion projects while capitalizing on her growing celeb status and inspiring backstory.


In conclusion, Julia Haart enters a new chapter in 2024 seeking pastures beyond the stifling Elite World Group ouster. She tackles legal tribulations, propels her fashion interests, continues activism, and weighs TV or memoir opportunities leveraging her star power.

With Elite World Group in the rearview, Haart focuses on ventures centered on empowerment – both building her brands and uplifting women broadly. Her next goals may surprise critics expecting her to fade away post-Elite firing.

Years past religious repression and business scandals now, a tested Julia Haart appears right at home in the storm’s eye defying odds and critics. Wherever her unorthodox path leads next, she won’t walk it quietly into the night from here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Julia Haart

What is Julia Haart doing now in 2024?

In 2024 Haart is expanding her shapewear firm +Body, promoting memoir “Brazen,” weighing TV projects, growing her women’s advocacy nonprofit “Free to Walk,” and tackling messy lawsuits with former partners at Elite World Group after her controversial ousting.

What happened with Julia and Elite World Group?

Haart was abruptly fired from the CEO position and the board in 2022 amid disputes with the company co-owner and chairman. Reasons remain unclear but likely internal power struggles. Haart filed wrongful firing lawsuits seeking $50+ million.

How has Julia Haart evolved since leaving their Orthodox roots?

Haart continues embracing secular creative expression through provocative fashions, CBD partnerships, memoir writings, and TV concepts debunking traditionalism – sometimes irking former Orthodox peers despite largely avoiding direct criticism.

Where is Julia Haart living now?

Now single after her recent divorce, Haart primarily lives in New York City where her younger children attend school. She owns a lux Upper East Side apartment and frequents NYC galas and society circles.

What businesses does Julia still own post-Elite exit?

Haart retains ownership in various personal brands pre-dating Elite tenure including shapewear line +Body and Freedom by Julia Haart consulting. Lawsuits continue over rights to ventures initiated while leading the Elite.

Will there be another season of My Unorthodox Life on Netflix?

No official renewal yet from Netflix entering 2024, but Haart suggests production is interested when legal disputes calm and children/ex-husband agree to continue filming her unfiltered lifestyle.

What is Haart’s nonprofit organization Free To Walk?

She founded Free to Walk in 2021 to help provide legal and counseling services to women escaping abusive situations – drawing from personal trauma suffering domestic violence early on.

How has Brazen performed since its release?

Haart’s memoir Brazen, covering her journey leaving her Orthodox roots through the fashion industry ascent, gained modest sales aided by TV fame. She continues promotional speaking engagements and ponders follow-up writings.

Who makes up Julia Haart’s family and personal life now?

Haart shares 2 teen children with ex Robert Brotherton whom she divorced in 2022 after 10 years. Daughter Miriam from a prior marriage is estranged siding with conservative roots. Haart dates but remains unmarried.

Does Julia Haart hold any professional role now?

No longer with Elite, Haart focuses on growing her pre-existing ventures like +Body shapewear while consulting various luxury brands. She contemplates launching an Elite competitor pending the outcome of legal appeals.

What does Julia foresee as the next stage of her career?

Haart aspires to expand activist work through memoirs, film/TV projects highlighting religious oppression and abuse. She also mentors young women pursuing fashion industry dreams. Her Elite ousting only furthers her motivations.

What advocacy does Julia Haart currently focus on?

Beyond Free to Walk domestic violence support, Haart champions workplace equality by appearing at women’s conferences criticizes abortion restrictions by wearing protest fashion, and may expand the LGBTQ rights platform repressed under previous religious dogma.

Who are Julia Haart’s biggest supporters?

Haart enjoys a supportive following among trailblazing women focused on overcoming odds, and religious/cultural isolation to find expression. Younger generations and progressive fashion industry figures largely cheer her boldness.

Does the Orthodox Jewish community approve of Julia’s life journey?

Views remain polarized as some silently applaud her independence while leaders issue criticism over her “heretical” departure and secularity, especially related to skimpy fashions. She avoids direct community condemnation, however.

What criticisms does Julia Haart still face?

Fashion traditionalists knock Haart’s provocative styles as cheap grabs for fame over substance while business experts question their capability to lead large firms like Elite. She also fights claims of exaggeration regarding ultra-Orthodox upbringing strictness.

How can the public follow Julia Haart’s upcoming projects?

Haart shares updates across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and tabloid journal/talk show interviews. Gossip sites and women’s empowerment blogs also chronicle her next ventures in memoir writing, TV, fashion, and female advocacy spheres.

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