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The trajectory of Johnny Manziel’s football career has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. After reaching meteoric heights when selected in the 2014 NFL Draft, widely publicized controversies saw his playing days quickly flame out. Yet “Johnny Football” retains legions of engaged fans curious if he harbors any last gridiron ambitions. In this article, we will learn about What is Johnny Manziel Doing Now.

Now entering 2024 approaching age 31 with batteries recharged, rumors indeed resurface suggesting Manziel contemplates football options anew, even as he enjoys family life and explores assorted business ventures. So what current activities occupy the Texas A&M legend known for theatrics both on and off the field? This article explores the latest around his prospects.

Evaluating Johnny Manziel’s Football Comeback Possibilities

Despite last appearing in a pro game nearly half a decade ago, whispers percolating entering 2024 indicate Johnny Manziel actively weighs football playing opportunities perhaps for final acts.

NFL Return Chance Near Nil

Let’s address the obvious first – Manziel’s returning to the NFL where he flamed out spectacularly ranks infinitely improbable after his misconduct. Legal troubles and addictions torpedoed his employability for good in their eyes.

Intriguing CFL Overture Rumored

However, a stunning recent rumor claims the Canadian Football League’s Edmonton franchise seeks to sell tickets leveraging Manziel’s past breakout college magic. After implementing strict behavioral prerequisites there, it can’t be fully dismissed if Johnny mellows with age.

Other Leagues Ideally Suited for Revival

More realistically, Manziel likely garners consideration from startups like Fan Controlled Football or even XFL rebooting 2023. Their looser environments cater to personalities and highlight play-extending maneuvers he excels at executing when focused.

Johnny Manzi el’s Other Athletic Endeavors Outside Football

If blocking schemes no longer drive Johnny Manziel’s competitive mojo going forward, an array of fledgling sports leagues and novelty exhibitions provide alternative stages allowing the former phenom flashing athleticism for audience entertainment.

Redemption-Focused Boxing Match Ahead?

Manziel’s 2021 announcement he’d train boxing professionally hides nothing ambition lacing gloves competitively. Typical bravado move, smart money wagers colorful personality translated boxing undercard celebrity draw.

Johnny Manziel's Potential Boxing Match Details Style: Likely Exhibition (Non-scored) Ideal Opponent: Fellow Redemption seeker Like DJ Khaled Platform: High-visibility PPV Undercard or Streaming Objective: Reclaim positive mindset, transition athletic skill

Foray into Pro Wrestling Plausible?

If channeling performative energy theatrically appeals post-football too, rumors predictably pose that Johnny Manziel inevitably flirts joining Vince McMahon’s WWE or rival upstart wrestling outfit. He boasts the swagger and existing fanbase making splashy mat transition a reasonable publicity ploy.

Don’t Rule Out Niche Opportunities Either

Regardless of scattershot efforts reclaiming sports glory, expect Manziel to periodically capitalize on smaller exhibitions allowing competitive juices to flow like celebrity golf, softball tournaments, or pickleball amidst semi-retirement. These pop-ups keep options open half-decade since last playing organized ball.

An Overview of Johnny Manziel’s Business Portfolio

With no salary-sustaining lifestyle anymore, Johnny Manziel diversified entrepreneurial and sponsorship ventures in recent years targeting durable income utilizing fame.

Launched Online Sports Memento Marketplace

Manziel’s flagship business stake ties directly to sports legacy co-founding venture MOMENTUM showcasing autographed memorabilia alongside other stars for collectors purchasing iconic snapshots from careers.Copy code

Details on Johnny Manziel's Current Startup Company Name: MOMENTUM Founded: 2021 Model: Online Marketplace for Autographed Memorabilia Investors & Partners: Other pro athletes Categories: Sports collectibles, game-used equipment Notable Investments: Seven figures self-funded initially

Site allows monetizing nostalgic gridiron glory anew.

Inking Endorsement Deals Locally

Rehabilitating public standing in the Houston area specifically, Johnny aligned promotional relationships with regional auto dealerships, energy drink, and courier delivery services trading visibility for needed income.

Exploring Hospitality and Nightlife Concepts

Sources suggest hospitality ventures appeal to Manziel’s business expansion goals as familiar settings, with focus groups reportedly gauging regional demand for branded Las Vegas club ownership or Texas honky tonk dive_ reflecting irreverent personal sensibilities post-football.

Updating Johnny Manziel’s Family Life and Relationships

While rollercoaster professional pursuits dominate Manziel headlines, details of his lifestyle prove equally intriguing for the public perpetually infatuated with the Texas A&M icon once projected NFL greatness.

Settling Down as a New Dad

Manziel and their wife Bre Tiesi excitedly welcomed a baby daughter on Sunday Night this year – prompting speculation calmer family dynamic inspires maturity once lacking. Insiders suggest he embraces fatherhood’s responsibilities.

Overview of Johnny Manziel's Family Members Wife: Instagram model Bre Tiesi (Married 2022) Daughter: Sunday Night Manziel (Born 2023) Siblings: Brother Jimmy, Sister Meri Parents: Father Paul, Mother Michelle

Parenting Style Draws Curiosity

With past substance and legal issues aired publicly, many fans express high curiosity about whether Manziel nurtures their daughter appropriately to avoid repeating their childhood troubles. Early signs indeed show dedicated family man traits.

Analyzing Johnny Manziel’s Efforts Improving Public Image

In the aftermath of famously rapid professional and personal unraveling on the national stage, Johnny Manziel acknowledges the necessity of confronting past maturity issues improving mainstream reputation and trust factors critical to securing viable career options moving ahead.

Sober Lifestyle Displayed on Social Media

Where once Instagram showcased noche notoriety fueled benders, Johnny nowadays projects positive vibes from exotic vacations, wife times, and new dad milestones counter memories of controversial undoing. This curation aims to influence perception.

Supporting Relevant Charitable Causes

Seeking additional goodwill boost, Manziel aligns charitable efforts causes personal like addiction recovery organizations leveraging visibility for fundraising. Future tax write-offs aside, outreach aids in rebuilding rapport.

Public Demeanor Shows Newfound Humility

As the media re-grants Manziel selective interview chances recently to plug business ventures, once defiant persona exhibits measured humility both discussing squandered NFL gifts and grateful current lifestyle possible only after intense self-work confronting demons.

Projecting Johnny Manziel’s Final Act in Football History Books

The lingering imprint Johnny Manziel leaves football legacy depends largely on how wisely balances current opportunities for redemption – be it achieving closure personally or risking capitalizing on fleeting nostalgic attention.

Seeking One Final Moment Under Lights?

Close confidants suggest part of Manziel’s soul perpetually seeking closure from brief fallen NFL stardom still motivates chasing remotely plausible playing opportunities, even lesser leagues attracting eyeballs briefly. Expect him to pursue that fleeting hit.

Better Remembered Less for Playing Than Persona?

But all money bets football itself playing only a secondary role in cementing infamy. Even Manziel acknowledges a cultural footprint now tied to Texas A&M bravado and controversy more enduring than Broncos backups. The lampoonable persona proved bigger than the underdog player ultimately.

Cashing Checks From Trading On Past Fame

Win-loss records and passing stats fade relevance. Johnny Football’s business acumen focuses on monetizing Heisman Yore however possible. Autograph sessions, broadcasting gigs, branded nightclub ownership – the hustle sustains long-term through entrepreneurial ventures capitalizing marketable college magic.


Four years removed from washing out the NFL, an assessment of Johnny Manziel’s trajectory shows more nuance than a one-dimensional punchline. True, the temptations of celebrity foiled his projected stardom. But the forest fire public unraveling sparked gestated measured personal growth in its ashes. Sobriety and fatherhood reveal added maturity once lacking.

While football itself likely bestows few last chances, Johnny’s resilient star power affords options like broadcasting or entrepreneurism, ones embracing fresh foundations supporting reputational rebuilding. The public remains equally invested in this storied redemption.

So don’t bet against the Texas Comet just yet. Where publicity exists, opportunity follows. And for a while there, no one proved more skilled in capitalizing on hype than Manziel himself. His eventual last act still developing. But don’t expect a quiet fade to black. Flair for dramatics forever links Johnny Football’s rise, fall, and return.

What is Johnny Manziel Doing Now in 2024? – FAQs

What football options exist for Johnny Manziel attempting a comeback?

Manziel likely realizes NFL doors are closed permanently. But football observers gander feed mythic college audacity in competitive environs like Fan Controlled League welcoming polarizing talents. And speculatively, CFL or even XFL possibly offer last rides if meeting extreme behavioral clauses. Legal troubles torpedoed talent prematurely, but it still flickers for audiences.

What is Johnny Manziel’s current family situation?

Married Instagram model Bre Tiesi 2022 and welcomed baby daughter ‘Sunday Night’ this January, signaling Manziel embracing maturity once publicly lacking. He posts regularly about proudly enjoying a more domesticated lifestyle surprising those who assumed earlier hard-partying ways defined him indefinitely. Early fatherhood signs are encouraging.

How is Johnny Manziel generating income without playing football presently?

Manziel co-founded MOMENTUM, an online autographed sports memorabilia marketplace, alongside partnering with other athletes, betting his history still resonates collecting fanbase. He also lends his fame locally by endorsing Houston-based companies as a spokesperson. Additionally, hospitality concepts like nightlife venue ownership remain under exploration to further monetize identity.

Why does Johnny Manziel still attract curiosity from football fans?

As electrifying Heisman trophy winner projected revitalizing the Cleveland Browns briefly, Manziel demonstrated rare improvisational flair extending plays mirrored only Cam Newton recently. Generational arm talent glimmers still obsess over. And public unwillingly watches fallen stars seeking closure through redemption. Manziel guarantees spectacle, win or lose.

Does Johnny Manziel have regrets over how his NFL career unfolded?

Repeated interviews find Manziel unusually candid in confronting demons of immaturity, especially sobriety struggles and domestic incidents that torpedoed his once-bright football stardom before harnessing mental health tools succeeding. He expresses deep gratitude for securing second chance at family life despite regretful ‘what ifs’ had priorities aligned differently. That authentic vulnerability connects.

Is Johnny Manziel considering any non-football athletic pursuits?

Yes, amidst football longshots, Manziel trains professionally in boxing with a 2024 celebrity exhibition matchup intended to showcase surprising hand skills transitioning sports entertainment space. Softball, golf, and wrestling have floated as options too leveraging athleticism for exhibition income. At core, Johnny proves determined showing lingering physical talents somehow, even unconventionally fighting uphill against imprinted reputation damage.

What does Johnny Manziel’s current relationship look like with his wife and family?

By all indications, the birth of his baby daughter inspires Manziel to embrace maturity as a dedicated family man embracing fatherhood joyfully. This registered even quicker than friends anticipated given groom’s decade-younger Instagram model wife initially seemed to prolong the party lifestyle. But recent social media projects focused, on comfortable homebody instead – suggesting perhaps best yet ahead.

How has Johnny Manziel worked to improve his damaged public image?

Conscious of showing social media depictions of joyful family development, travel adventures, and business success rewriting previous descent towards dangerous vices, Manziel makes concerted reputation recovery efforts partnering with philanthropic addiction/recovery organizations too. The terrain remains uphill battling the past, but his team keeps an eye on humility and redemption messaging influencing perceptions.

What does Johnny Manziel’s net worth currently stand at?

Estimated currently around $5 million – funds accrued largely from football contracts before rapid off-field unraveling. While Manziel forfeited tens of millions in projected earning power flaming out league year three, memorabilia ventures and sponsorship income accumulated again offsetting parts of financial bottoming during lawsuits and rehabs. Carefully recharged, bank accounts stabilize if remain aggressive in monetizing residual stardom.

Could Johnny Manziel realistically return to the NFL playing now?

Manziel himself acknowledges the NFL comeback’s sheer improbability carrying too much baggage regarding maturity issues undermining brief chances to display talents. Bridges burned permanently after squandering Brown’s redemption lifeline manifesting concerning addictive behaviors and brushes law. Simply too much reputational rebuilding is still required given the limited ceiling.

Might Johnny Manziel consider football broadcasting as an alternative career option?

Given the comfort camera facing illegal stemming from that brash Texas A&M cystic peak, Manziel was interviewed occasionally about NFL topics. With relatability tone matching modern shows, football chatter realistically sustains visibility once closure is achieved finally hanging cleats seeking applause highs elsewhere. Best utilize experience guiding next generations game.

What might the next stage of Johnny Manziel’s identity career-wise entail?

Assorted business endeavors transitioning gridiron gifts towards longevity seem to route Manziel headed judging dedicated entrepreneurial work launching an online sports memorabilia marketplace already. Hospitality ownership is possible also to maximize social magnetism by attracting people, products, and opportunities- football directly in the rearview. Goal-making name currency capitalizing the rollercoaster journey.

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