What is Frank Fritz Doing Now (2024)

Frank Fritz was previously best known as the fan-favorite co-host of History Channel’s hit show American Pickers alongside Mike Wolfe. However, Fritz has been off the show since 2020 due to declining health, leaving many wondering – what is Frank Fritz doing now in 2024?

This article explores the latest updates on Frank Fritz’s activities, recovery progress, potential return to TV, and other projects keeping the former American Pickers star busy in recent years and into the future.

Frank Fritz’s American Pickers Journey

Before covering Frank’s current schedule and priorities, it’s helpful to understand his background with American Pickers and why he ultimately left:

  • Co-hosted over 300 episodes spanning 2010-2020
  • Known for his humor, one-liners, vintage car knowledge
  • Struggled with back injuries and Crohn’s disease
  • Went on hiatus in 2020 to recover from back surgery
  • Did not return to the show, with his absence became controversial

Frank Fritz undeniably played a major role in American Pickers’ success. However, his health issues ultimately forced him to walk away – at least for the time being.

What is Frank Doing Now in 2024?

While Frank Fritz’s TV career is paused as he recovers, he has remained quite active with various projects and making progress toward improved health:


  • Undergoing intensive physical therapy for strength and mobility
  • Working on post-stroke speech therapy and cognitive functioning
  • Living in an assisted care facility helps with adaptation

Public Appearances

  • Attended American Pickers season premiere public event in New Hampshire 2022
  • Planning meet-and-greet with fans when health permits

Business Endeavors

  • Advising others in the antiques trade through a consultant role
  • Providing online vintage item appraisals for collectors


  • Donated antique 1932 Ford Coupe Hot Rod for charity auction
  • Working with organizations to advocate disability awareness

Frank has a lot on his plate. While American Pickers fans eagerly await his potential return to TV, Fritz continues progressing both physically and mentally from stroke effects while exploring new business and charity ventures.

Frank Fritz’s Recovery Progress

Frank’s health challenges stemming from Crohn’s disease and subsequent stroke have been well documented. So how is he currently faring?

By many accounts, Frank continues making measurable progress in speech, and movement therapies and adjusting to assisted living support:

  • Communication: Holding short conversations; speech is limited but improving
  • Mobility: Walking short distances with a cane; balance and coordination improving
  • Cognition: Retained humor and wit; memory gaps but recall improving
  • Living Situation: Adapted to assisted facility; enjoys interacting with staff

While Frank still has a long recovery journey ahead, he appears in good spirits and committed to the restoration of his abilities to the fullest extent possible.

Will Frank Fritz Return to American Pickers?

This is the big question every fan wants answered. Can they expect to see Frank Fritz come back on the History Channel alongside Mike Wolfe in the future?

There is definite optimism from those close to Frank. As his health and communication abilities continue improving with rigorous therapy, he may be able to film at least occasional segments for American Pickers by 2025.

Much would need to align for a full-time return to the show’s grueling cross-country filming schedule. But Frank hunger to get back on set and there remains hope for cameos if progress persists.

Where to Get Frank Fritz Updates

As Frank Fritz works toward his recovery goals and potential American Pickers return, fans have a few options to stay informed:

Social Media

  • Frank’s accounts (inactive during recovery)
  • Mike Wolfe & American Pickers social accounts
  • Danielle Colby’s Instagram & Facebook pages


  • Frank Fritz recovery stories shared by American Pickers alumni

News Sites

  • Pop culture sites like PopCulture.com
  • Antique trade publications

Frank himself may still be shy of the public eye during intensive rehab. But those close to him promise to keep fans updated on his improvement progress and potential eventual comeback.


In conclusion, former American Pickers host Frank Fritz has embarked on a long but determined health restoration journey since leaving the show in 2020. He is making promising improvements through speech, mobility, and cognitive therapies while adapting to an assisted living facility.

Frank also remains active as an antique world consultant, gift appraiser, charity auction supporter, and more. Despite setbacks, he appears upbeat and committed to progress. While a full-time return to American Pickers filming may be unlikely shortly, supporters remain hopeful to see Fritz back on-air occasionally by 2025.

As one of the History Channel’s most beloved personalities, fans will continue rooting ardently for Frank’s full recovery and return to TV. They’ll be following closely for any sightings of Frank Fritz picking once again.

Frank Fritz Key Stats

Years on American Pickers2010-2020
Episodes FilmedOver 300
Vintage Cars OwnedOver 20
Back SurgeriesAt least 5

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Frank Fritz Doing Now

What is Frank Fritz doing now in 2024?

Frank remains focused on intensive stroke recovery therapies while also consulting in the antique trade, appraising items online, donating to charity auctions, and staying involved in the American Picker community when possible.

What was the nature of Frank’s health issues?

Frank Fritz struggled with Crohn’s disease for years before back surgeries left him with recurring intense pain and mobility issues. He then suffered a stroke in July 2021 that severely impacted his speech, movement, and memory recall abilities.

How has Frank’s health situation affected American Pickers?

Frank’s absence from American Pickers since 2020 due to health has been controversial. Ratings dropped sharply and the show faces ongoing fan pressure to bring him back or cancel filming entirely out of calls for loyalty.

What kind of progress is Frank Fritz making in recovery?

By many accounts, Frank is regaining speech proficiency, balance for walking short distances, cognitive sharpness, and acclimation to assisted living support. He still struggles with pain and severe mobility limits but tries staying upbeat.

Where is Frank Fritz living currently?

Frank resides in an Iowa assisted living facility focused on stroke and neurological rehabilitation. He sold his American Pickers store after leaving the show and enjoys having staff support with therapeutic programs and social interaction.

Has Frank commented on returning to American Pickers?

Frank has expressed that he would like to make at least cameo appearances on American Pickers again by 2025 if ongoing therapy progresses sufficiently. However, the show’s rigorous filming schedule seems unlikely to be realistic for anything more than occasional segments.

How can fans send supportive messages to Frank Fritz?

Fans are discouraged from contacting the care facilities directly. Well, wishes for Frank can be posted on the American Pickers official Facebook page or sent to History Channel offices to share.

Will Frank Fritz open another antique shop?

While his mobility limitations may restrict hands-on antique hunting currently, friends suggest Frank still hopes to open a small vintage item or memorabilia shop once his health improves. He misses regular interaction with pickers and collectors.

What charity initiatives has Frank Fritz engaged with?

Frank recently donated one of his restored vintage vehicles to a charity auction and is connecting with disability advocacy groups to promote accessibility. He wants to use setbacks as inspiration to help others.

Who is Frank Fritz’s main support system?

Frank remains close with their ex-wife Troi who monitors his care. His former American Pickers colleagues, particularly Danielle Colby, also visit regularly and give updates on social media (with Frank’s blessing).

What communication issues is Frank working to overcome?

The stroke greatly impacted Frank’s speech fluency. He is now able to have short conversations but still struggles with severe word recall delays that require pauses during sentences more than a few words long.

What are doctors saying about Frank’s future outlook?

His medical team remains guarded on full long-term prognosis but has seen promising progress in recent months. Maintaining rigorous speech, occupational, and mobility therapies – along with the determination Frank exemplifies – can hopefully restore functioning to near-normal levels eventually.

Will Frank Fritz file any lawsuits around his exit from the show?

There is no hard evidence that Frank intends any legal action against American Pickers producers or colleagues. He has more urgently focused all current energy on recovery efforts rather than past show business relationships.

What were some of Frank’s notable skills in American Pickers?

Fans loved Frank for his self-deprecating humor, vintage car smarts, and bartering talents. He also had a knack for spotting obscure valuable items that others overlooked and talking people into deals.

Does Mike Wolfe visit Frank Fritz currently?

Details of the current relationship between Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz remain unclear. It is rumored they have had limited contact since Frank’s exit to focus individually on various personal situations over the past two years. Mike continues publicly wishing Frank well on his recovery journey, however.

What does Frank miss most about American Pickers?

Interviews suggest Frank mostly misses the thrill of the hunt – uncovering unexpected historic gems and learning their stories. But he also valued traveling the backroads and bonding with welcoming collectors.

Would American Pickers ever try replacing Frank Fritz?

The show experimented with new cast members, but fan backlash was intense. While Frank cannot resume filming immediately, producers seem to realize now the show’s magic stems from his irreplaceable wit and warmth paired with Mike Wolfe’s years of history.

How can fans continue showing support for Frank Fritz?

Fans should keep watching American Pickers, purchase Frank Fritz merchandise from the History Channel, and write encouraging social media posts or messages to producers pushing them to welcome Frank back when ready. Fritz Nation isn’t going anywhere!

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