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After Ellen DeGeneres ended her paradigm-shifting daytime television talk show run after 19 seasons, speculation swirled on the pop culture icon’s encore. Ellen DeGeneres built an entire creative ecosystem and brand empire from stand-up comedy to production across the past 25 years in the spotlight.

We explore her current projects two years out from her broadcast finale across media, philanthropy, and lifestyle ventures befitting her global prestige nurtured through wit and empathy. In this article, we will learn about What is Ellen DeGeneres Doing Now.

Post-Talk Show Career

While no longer hosting her iconic daytime program, Ellen’s footprint persists through her production company fostering new talent and various philanthropic initiatives true to spirit built through uplifting PLURALIZED generations facing setbacks.

A key focus recently involves expanding her ED Ellen DeGeneres wildlife fund collaboration with wife Portia de Rossi leveraging their massive platforms to further global conservation efforts from endangered species to marine life already resulting in major habitat investments protecting threatened creature populations.

Their movement combining activism alongside Ellen’s signature charm spotlights sustainable solutions ensuring beloved biodiversity thriving for many generations ahead. This builds upon their past support of championing gorilla sanctuaries documented through National Geographic.

Ellen DeGeneres also continues executive producing the NBC game show “Ellen’s Game of Games” and manages a satellite radio program “Ellen DeGeneres Radio” on SiriusXM expanding audio reach. So her creative talents nurture diverse mediums despite recharging after exhausting decades fronting America’s ultimate daytime destination.

Ellen DeGeneres Ongoing Media Projects in 2024

Ellen Digital VenturesProduction CompanyDigitalComedy, LifestyleActive
ED Ellen DeGeneresWildlife FundConservationEndangered Species, Marine LifeActive Fundraising
Ellen’s Game Of GamesTV Show (Executive Producer)NBCComedy Game ShowAiring
Ellen DeGeneres RadioSatellite Radio ShowSiriusXMPop Culture, ComedyAiring

Stand-Up Homecoming

Beyond multimedia output, rumors swirled in 2023 that Ellen DeGeneres began privately workshopping stand-up comedy routines contemplating a return to her live roots and launching mainstream fame.

Confidants suggest Ellen found herself creatively reinvigorated without the daily talk show grind to channel creative energies back towards more personally fulfilling streams like touring intimate sets. This also affords increased location flexibility aligning with Ellen DeGeneres and de Rossi dividing time between their new Australia hideaway ranch escape further from invasive limelight glare.

While still officially unconfirmed, Ellen’s management continues scouting potential intimate venue spaces suggesting momentum exists in planning special showcase runs in select cities allowing her to unveil fresh material through rediscovered passions before arena-sized crowd expectations demand should she commit to formalizing comeback plans.

Inside contacts hint Ellen seeks to reconnect feelings eliciting her initial calling toward laughter‘s healing powers while engaging live fan connections again. Though no definitive 2024 dates booked yet, a celebrated return to the comedy stage awaits pending Ellen DeGeneres’ creative discretion.

Philanthropic Initiatives

True to the generosity Ellen came symbolizing through years spotlighting everyday heroes, she also sustains charitable partnerships predating increased broadcast fame leveraging resources to better marginalized communities.

The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund builds upon past environmental protection efforts by working alongside animal conservation groups preserving endangered species like mountain gorillas facing severe poaching threats and habitat degradation issues through Central Africa sanctuaries.

ED Ellen DeGeneres commits significant annual donations to further research, anti-tracking patrols, and outreach highlighting the majestic gorillas while catalyzing support ensuring survival given Ellen’s passion for counteracting their annihilation.

This initiative follows her namesake DeGeneres-founded family foundation which funds wide-ranging programs aiding human rights, education access, anti-bullying, and mentoring LGBT youth facing adversity – all resonating issues she overcame to pave her improbable path-breaking barriers towards acceptance.

Ellen’s Lead Philanthropic Initiatives and Partners

The Ellen FundHuman rights, anti-bullying and LGBT youth-focused
Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife FundPreserving endangered wildlife through research and habitats
Ellen DeGeneres FoundationHuman rights, anti-bullying, and LGBT youth-focused

This generosity of spirit always centering Ellen’s brand sees millions flowing toward ongoing health initiatives like the breast cancer organization Susan G. Komen alongside the remarkable educational feats achieved by assisting communities globally through her long-running IDOL GIVES BACK eliminate platform.

Public Profile and Media Visibility

While Ellen DeGeneres dialed down the direct spotlight since concluding her namesake talk franchise, her selective moves continue drawing press fascination hinting at forthcoming chapters. Ellen focused on recent years soaking fulfillment through philanthropic fulfillment and lifestyle pursuits avoiding intrusive cameras.

But 2023 brought conspicuous sitdowns with media outlets like Australia’s Today reintroducing herself on personal terms while playfully dodging retirement questions. Similarly, 2024 kicked off by appearing on the cover of Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women in Entertainment issue reasserting A-list prestige.

These discussions found DeGeneres sharing peeks balancing a relaxed pace against hints of seeking fresh professional challenges once inspiration sparks. Her satisfaction beams through sharing laughs, zoo conservation efforts, and supporting de Rossi’s art career from their sumptuous estate abroad disconnected from past poisonous environments – suggesting deep breaths resetting space to determine the next acts.

While this press hints the public eye tugs Ellen again, any returned venture looks to adopt her signature positivity on terms protecting inner peace hard fought to recapture after exhausting tenure atop the fast-paced Hollywood pyramid.

Lifestyle Balance and Personal Pursuits

Rather than chasing more fame accolades and ratings validation in her 60s, DeGeneres prioritized lifestyle balance and relationships only enhanced her appreciation of these wisdoms through intense public pressures.

Splurging on a stunning Montecito mansion neighboring royalty like Oprah and Prince Harry underlines committing to enjoying fruits of labor scaling entertainment’s heights for decades. Ellen often invites celebrity friends escaping similarly under ceaseless scrutiny finding common refuge on gorgeous grounds doting on rescued pets.

Additionally, DeGeneres and wife/actress Portia de Rossi expanded their holdings by purchasing an Australia ranch for periodic escapes further from the limelight glare when not enjoying their Santa Barbara estate.

These jumps embracing luxurious horizons crystalize Ellen’s footprints permanently left across the culture of the past generation. Unrelentless creativity still promises special passion projects audiences crave. But refreshed perspectives grounded from past pains lead DeGeneres conclusion phase maximizing calm fulfilment on terms finally her own.

2024 and Beyond

What comes next for Ellen DeGeneres still forming after years confining towards familiar glowing television dens rug audiences embraced as a family? While speculation tempts predicting splashy comebacks suiting her indelible talents, intuition suggests something more meaningful muttered.

Perhaps stand-up tours channeling comedy muse tickles once again with intimate crowds sharing reciprocal therapy laughter provides. Or film projects highlighting causes stoking personal flames like endangered conservation messaging deserve global amplification from her resilient voice mustering mass attention at will.

But above all, lazy days simply spent loving her chosen family absent pressures intruding peace carry utmost priority after faithfully impacting culture countless ways for a lifetime. Whatever manifests timing discussions ongoing behind the scenes likely sees Ellen sustaining uplifting ethos on her terms while she secures profound tools empowering women for generations ahead to unlock their fearless pursuits towards unapologetic joy richly lived.

The fruits nourished from DeGeneres’s lifetime sowing personal tribulation into universal triumphs point towards whichever trail she rediscovers next undoubtedly continuing the message never cease chasing your happiness against odds because passionate purpose overflows from artistic hearts unlocked fully embracing identity. Ellen’s possibilities stay boundless.

Frequently Asked Questions on What is Ellen DeGeneres Doing Now

What was the last major TV project Ellen hosted before ending her talk show?

From 2003 through 2022, The Ellen DeGeneres Show aired over 3,000 episodes dominating daytime ratings and successively garnering 64 Emmy Award nominations across its storied 19-season span establishing Ellen as an iconic household staple.

Why did Ellen DeGeneres ultimately end her mega-successful daytime talk show?

After nearly two decades of broadcasting, Ellen cited desiring more career flexibility alongside wellness needs requiring better work-life balance than producing hours daily programming schedules permitted as key factors deciding wrap the franchise she built at 19 seasons meeting her expectations on legacy terms.

How did wildlife conservation emerge as a lead Ellen’s passion project focus through recent years?

Spotlighting gorillas facing extinction first on her talk show in 2018, then partnering frequently with groups like World Wildlife Fund to promote awareness and establishing substantial charitable Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund efforts protecting endangered species sanctuaries crystallized Ellen’s deepening conservation commitment she continues through her platforms reaching wide audiences.

Does DeGeneres still actively showcase up-and-coming fresh comedic talents through her production company?

Yes, though Ellen dialed back the overwhelming production slate herself, she still oversees scouting standout young comics, writers, and playwrights surfacing through her A Very Good Production Company searching independent spaces like intimate clubs and regional theaters guiding next breakout voices towards wider visibility.

What upcoming public events are scheduled featuring Ellen making appearances through 2024?

While Ellen herself avoids announcing scheduled cameo spots preferring privacy, Hollywood rumor outlets share she is privately readying return stand-up comedy workshops potentially testing material for the special tour if satisfactory creative inspiration sustains motivating putting together an hour+ show she would selectively shop initially before attempting a full-scale national comeback tour, though timeline depends on her creative discretion resisting external pressures.

How is Ellen splitting her lifestyle focus between her California residence and the Australian ranch retreat?

Ellen maintains her primary household base at the palatial Montecito, California mansion while frequently escaping out to the 8.2 million dollar ranch property purchased in Australia’s Victoria state countryside when desiring further distance from the Hollywood environment alongside wife Portia De Rossi who holds Australian citizenship and often travels supporting her art professional development installing exhibitions internationally.

Does Ellen maintain any remaining syndication or broadcasting projects post-talk show?

Yes, Ellen’s production company oversees creating new episodes for the NBC primetime game show Ellen’s Game of Games which continues airing now in its fourth season while also managing a SiriusXM dedicated pop culture/comedy channel called “Ellen DeGeneres Radio” keeping her engaged through media projects though at scaled back capacity compared to overwhelming past workloads meeting daily talk show production demands she had carried for 19 seasons.

Is Ellen planning to return to stand-up comedy or just exploring ideas for now?

Ellen just began dipping their toes back into workshop mode privately sharing new material with select intimate crowds rather than definitively booking tours to test creative juices flowing and tempt special event shows potentially if she organically reconnects her passion for hourly craft refreshed after years away immersed on restrictive studio set environments – but remains open-ended voir dire pending her flexibility.

What social causes remain most important for Ellen to continue championing her profile and resources behind?

Alongside ongoing enormous support already for breast cancer research and LBGTQ organizations, Ellen remains laser-focused on expanding educational access initiatives assisting communities globally through her Idol Gives Back model while leading conservation efforts specifically targeting endangered species like mountain gorillas through considerable wildlife fund donations protecting their sanctuaries from poaching threats.

Why did Ellen purchase the remote Australian ranch estate as a secondary household escape location?

Seeking increased privacy further from the Hollywood limelight following intense scrutiny around toxic workplace allegations during her talk show’s final seasons, Ellen prioritized securing international rural hideaway optimal allowing her wiping slate relaxation alongside her wife Portia detached from industry noise though they still frequently return to main California residence between Australian getaways.

Does Ellen still stay engaged with former talk show guests and celebrity friends like Oprah privately?

Yes, Ellen maintains close personal friendships with many celebrity regular guests including neighbor Oprah Winfrey frequently visits her Montecito grounds while other public friendships endured bumps around toxicity allegations during final talk show seasons resulting in some distancing amidst the intense media glare.

How is Ellen balancing posting across social media between accessibility and privacy preferences?

While boasting over 77 million Instagram followers and 37 million Twitter audience indicating her platform clout, Ellen herself rarely directly updates accounts recently compared to the height of her talk show peak footprint. However, Portia DeRossi who co-manages their media channels fills that void by regularly posting photography still granting insider fan access showing Ellen relaxing, their dogs/cats/livestock, and travel escapades detached from past overwhelming dens analyzing her every online footprint when centered tabloid atmosphere.

What does the future hold career trajectory-wise for Ellen DeGeneres in the back half of her 60s? Will retirement ever allure?

While those around Ellen emphasize she feels creatively vibrant exploring options on her terms and resisting external pressures or timelines, priorities remain lifestyle balance and relationship joy pursuing causes keeping her engaged voice activated on platforms. When inspiration organically bites for passion project production pursuit or intimate stand-up tour awaits the zeitgeist. Retirement never allures Ellen’s active mind.

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