What is Dr. Oz Doing Now (2024)

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Dr. Mehmet Oz captivated audiences for 13 seasons as host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” providing medical advice mixed with entertainment on health issues while building a devoted following. But his failed 2022 Senate run and the ongoing controversy surrounding his credibility have raised questions about his current role and future paths. What is Dr. Oz doing now in 2024?

Life After The Dr. Oz Show

In January 2022, Dr. Oz ended his long-running syndicated TV program to focus full-time on pursuing a Pennsylvania Senate seat. Despite endorsements from Donald Trump and other high-profile Republicans, Oz lost the general election in November 2022 to now-Senator John Fetterman. He has lived out of the major public eye since.

Table 1. Dr. Oz’s Election Results

Candidate% Vote Share# Votes
John Fetterman50.0%2,708,369 votes
Dr. Mehmet Oz46.1%2,517,693 votes

Limited Public Appearances

Aside from the campaign trail, Dr. Oz maintained no substantial public visibility through 2023 or early 2024. He has avoided media interviews or extensive personal updates. His current focus and activities are unspecified.

Uncertain Future Endeavors

With his longtime TV show concluded and political defeat underscoring partisan skepticism, Oz’s next career phase is unclear. He has hinted at private sector roles promoting health but made no formal announcements. Whether Oz attempts to reenter public life remains speculative.

Utilization of Social Media Platforms

Though reluctant to make personal appearances, Dr. Oz maintains moderate engagement in providing health perspectives via social channels:

Table 2. Dr. Oz Social Media Followers/Activity (As of February 2024)

PlatformFollowers/SubscribersAccount Activity
Twitter2.5 million+Multiple posts per week
Instagram200,000+~Weekly photos and stories
Facebook5 million+Links to health articles

Content includes diet and exercise suggestions, along with sharing general wellness articles. This allows Oz to continue engaging his established audience.

Health & Wellness Tips

On Twitter and Instagram especially, Dr. Oz shares concise tips for topics like weight loss, sleep improvement, nutritional choices, and stress reduction. Posts aim to provide tangible lifestyle change guidance centered on overall well-being.

Example Post: Try walking for just 30 minutes at lunch. This simple change can boost energy, reduce anxiety, and improve your concentration for afternoon tasks!

Responding to Follower Questions

Across social platforms, Oz also occasionally interacts directly with followers posing health queries. His responses offer personalized guidance applying his medical background to user concerns.

Example Reply: Hi Sam! For knee pain, try glucosamine supplements and wearing a compression sleeve when active. See your physician if swelling persists over 2 weeks. Good luck!

This engagement establishes Oz’s ongoing care for his longtime fans’ wellness.

Business Investments & Medical Involvement

Details on Dr. Oz’s other present professional efforts are limited. Available information suggests:

Media Company Ties

Dr. Oz maintains connections to his former show’s production company. But no major announcements have emerged around potential new TV or other media roles.

Supplementary Health Ventures

Oz has hinted at plans to launch a company focused on scientific wellness solutions, suggesting his medical focus persists. He may be biding time for the greatest impact.

Table 3. Dr. Oz’s Past Business Ventures

VentureCategoryTime Period
Oz Media LLCMedia Production2009 – Present
HealthCorps Inc.Health Education2003 – 2020
Sharecare Inc.Digital Health Platform2010 – 2016

No major updates exist regarding his past established businesses. His degree of day-to-day involvement is vague amidst career uncertainty.

Public Perception Concerns

While Dr. Oz proceeds cautiously out of the spotlight, his reputation faces recurring critiques that cloud potential comebacks.

Credibility Questions

Critics accuse Oz of promoting “pseudoscience” health claims during his show for ratings, eroding his medical standing. Supporting baseless treatments has garnered a rebuke from physician groups.

Character Doubts

Moreover, changes in Oz’s political stances to align with Donald Trump’s beliefs raised accusations of dishonest opportunism that stuck with some former supporters.

These factors mean Oz cannot take prior fame for granted. He must account for this skepticism tarnishing his brand – especially given his limited public presence lately to counteract doubts directly.

What’s Next for Dr. Oz?

Given such intense controversy but also his enduring base of more faithful followers, Oz’s trajectory from here remains speculative.

Potential Health-Focused Return

If Dr. Oz avoids electoral politics, he may craft a second act rallying his most loyal fans through new wellness-centric ventures. Partisanship would hold less relevance.

Behind-the-Scenes Career Shift

But Oz could also leverage his production chops and medical degree for private sector roles removing him from further public critique. Ghostwriting, consulting, or board roles offer alternatives.

Regardless, Oz understands health mediums. By narrowing his focus to serve specific groups thoughtfully, Oz still holds opportunities to impart legitimate wisdom that restores a measure of community trust.


Dr. Mehmet Oz cultivated fame by dispensing health advice to devoted TV fans for over a decade. But controversial stances eroded his medical standing while a failed political bid raised character doubts that continue haunting efforts to craft a viable next act given his reluctance toward greater public scrutiny.

Still, Oz’s communication savvy and wellness knowledge remain substantial if properly redirected from inflated past claims. A patient path of selective engagement, research rigor, and purposeful education aimed at restoring community health confidence could write Oz’s redemption story one day.

But without owning past overreaches fully and realigning priorities for positive impact rather than fame, redemption may prove beyond Oz’s compromised grasp.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Dr. Oz Doing Now

Does Dr. Oz have any apparent political aspirations following his failed Senate run?

None announced. After resigning from positions at major hospitals during his campaign, Oz has avoided visible engagement with politics or elections since losing decisively. He appears focused away from partisan realms.

What criticisms does Dr. Oz continue facing regarding his medical perspectives?

Critics accuse Oz of pushing unfounded “miracle” cures more for TV ratings than medical integrity. This includes support of therapies like hydroxychloroquine that lacked strong research. These incidents fuel ongoing allegations of quackery.

How did former fans react to policy changes during Dr. Oz’s Senate run?

Some longtime Oz supporters grew disenchanted observing him shift stances to align with Donald Trump on issues like abortion where they diverged initially. This raised skepticism of personal authenticity among portions of his base.

Does Dr. Oz still face the threat of legal action regarding certain medical claims on his old show?

Yes. In the summer of 2022, a group called Free Speech Systems filed a defamation suit against Oz regarding comments on a prior episode. The case appears ongoing with Oz vowing to fight back forcefully against allegations.

What social media platform does Dr. Oz utilize most actively as of early 2024?

While maintaining accounts across leading platforms, Oz appears especially active on Twitter – posting health and wellness commentary multiple times per week for his over 2.5 million followers.

How has Dr. Oz responded to those questioning his medical credibility amid controversial health claims?

Largely by pivoting focus to lifestyle wellness advice – leveraging his Harvard education and celebrity while avoiding direct confirmation or denial of more dubious past claims aired for rating purposes. Suspicions likely persist for some.

Does Dr. Oz still maintain positive ties with former Trump White House advisors?

Unclear based on public information. Figures like Jared Kushner who previously backed Oz’s Senate bid have not visibly engaged with him since electoral defeat. Any private counsel is unspecified as Oz lays low outside political circles.

What communication has Dr. Oz had with Oprah Winfrey since she rescinded her endorsement of his Senate campaign?

None publicly known. As Oz’s highest-profile backer for years before condemning his politics, any reconciliation with Winfrey could greatly influence restoring his crossover appeal. But talks are unconfirmed.

Is there any indication Dr. Oz plans to attempt launching another syndicated television show?

No firm evidence yet. While rumors circulate based on Oz’s long TV career, his reluctance toward greater visibility post-Senate race makes committing the effort for a new show unlikely currently. But the door may reopen over time.

Does Dr. Oz still actively practice medicine or engage with any medical institutions?

Details remain vague. Oz retains his physicians’ credentials. But since resigning from major hospital positions while seeking elected office and then losing, any ongoing clinical involvement is unverified. His focus appears on less formal health commentary now.

What criticisms around medical ethics has Dr. Oz faced from prominent physicians?

Critics like prominent neurosurgeon Dr. Henry Marsh allege Oz violated medical ethics codes for years by promoting baseless information for personal gain versus patient well-being on his TV show. This damages his standing among serious clinicians.

How has the lack of public appearances impacted perceptions of what Dr. Oz is currently focused on?

The absence fuels speculation that Oz is strategically avoiding further critique while plotting some business or media play leveraging connections and his health background. But without concrete details emerging, his short-term activity remains vague to observers.

Who comprise Dr. Oz’s core base of supporters at this stage?

Mainly loyal fans who stuck by Oz for years watching his show and trusting his counsel despite cracks emerging more widely around his medical authority. This group likely represents his most plausible commercial audience for any private sector pivot.

Does Dr. Oz retain support from any high-profile public figures after distancing from 2022 political supporters?

None is visible presently. Figures who previously backed Oz like Trump appear to have moved on once electoral motives faded. Oz may aim to rebuild endorser support organically by showcasing genuine health community impact rather than chasing validation.

How has Dr. Oz’s reputation within professional medical circles changed in recent years?

Increasingly negatively among credentialed institutions like Columbia University that previously embraced Oz. Vocal skeptics now outweigh allies in the medical establishment given divisive platforms viewed as eroding scientific rigor – forcing an apparent detachment.

What are the main criticisms still threatening Dr. Oz’s reputation moving forward?

Persistent allegations of pushing pseudoscience and health misinformation for profit above ethics plus political opportunism accusations damaged Oz’s aspirations for mainstream redemption. He must account for these flaws directly to rehabilitate public assurance.

Does Dr. Oz likely have the capability to overcome doubts and make an impact going forward?

If Oz commits to transparent self-appraisal while narrowing his focus to educate with integrity, his laudable credentials still hold power. By acknowledging past oversteps directly, his substantive skills could gradually regain selective practitioner and public salience.

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