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Colin Kaepernick remains a prominent activist while sustaining efforts toward an NFL return as 2024 unfolds. Despite last playing professionally in 2016, his social justice pursuits keep him engaged alongside recent workout displays seeking employment. In this article, we will learn about What is Colin Kaepernick Doing Now.

Career: QB Efforts Amid Activism

Kaepernick actively pursues avenues allowing his football skills demonstrations while expanding his philanthropic reach.

NFL Free Agent Quarterback

Though unsigned since opting out from the 49ers after 2016, interest in Kaepernick’s quarterback abilities persists given his past productivity. Table 1 outlines his impressive statistical resume.

Table 1. Colin Kaepernick’s Career Passing Stats

Completion %YardsTDINTRush YardsRush TD

A September 2023 workout with the Raiders underscored Kaepernick’s maintained conditioning to play immediately if signed. He provides both savvy passing and threat to run as a dynamic dual-threat option under center.

Workout with Las Vegas Raiders (September 2023)

Kaepernick’s display for Raiders brass last September highlighted his sustained skills. Table 2 summarizes the visit’s key details.

Table 2. Colin Kaepernick’s 2023 Raiders Workout Summary

September 7, 2023Raiders Facility (Henderson, NV)Two HoursImpressed coaches with arm strength, mobility

The efficient outing before Raiders coaches, including new head coach DeMeco Ryans, proved an encouraging sign toward Kaepernick’s continuing aspirations.

Continued Interest in Returning to the NFL

Through 2024, no indications exist of Kaepernick abandoning NFL aims despite his lengthy absence. He expresses willingness to join a practice squad or back up a younger franchise quarterback to reestablish himself similar to his 2012 breakout campaign.

The collective bargaining agreement ratified in 2020 also now guarantees Kaepernick a minimum $1.065 million base salary if signed given his past starting experience. This provides adequate potential compensation for the still-prime age 31 signal caller.

Activism: Organizing and Awareness Efforts

While pursuing NFL employment paths, Kaepernick tirelessly works to address social inequities facing communities of color nationwide.

Know Your Rights Camp Co-Founder

Kaepernick co-founded the Know Your Rights Camp in 2016 to raise legal awareness and life skills for disadvantaged youths. Over 30 camps now operate nationwide promoting confidence for marginalized groups to productively interact with governmental systems historically working against them.

Table 3 showcases the quantified impacts of Know Your Rights efforts.

Table 3. Know Your Rights Camp Key Stats

Camp LocationsStudents ServedEducation Hours LoggedLocations Added in 2023
30+ CitiesOver 10,000Over 60,000Memphis, Tucson, Tallahassee

The continually expanding outreach spotlights Kaepernick’s dedication to empowering vulnerable populations.

Campaigning for Criminal Justice Reform

Kaepernick actively advocates for legislative actions addressing systemic biases against African Americans in law enforcement practices. Recent initiatives include:

  • Lobbying California lawmakers in 2023 to restrict police militarization/use of military equipment
  • Campaigning in 2021-2022 for New York bail reform policies supporting detainee releases
  • Publishing an open letter to Congress in 2020 demanding policing/prison reform following George Floyd’s protests

Such efforts pursue concrete legal changes realigning enforcement policies with equitable treatment for all citizens regardless of racial makeup.

Advocacy for Police Accountability

Similarly, Kaepernick champions initiatives furthering the discipline of police misdeeds. This includes methods ensuring transparency like body cameras on officers while on duty interacting with civilians.

Kaepernick’s organization helped pass state laws requiring camera usage in Colorado and Virginia during the 2023 legislative sessions. Table 4 details adopted accountability measures he promoted recently.

Table 4. Police Accountability Reforms Backed by Kaepernick

Year PassedStateReform Summary
2023ColoradoBody Cam Activation Requirements
2023VirginiaFootage Public Disclosure Exemption Limits
2022CaliforniaDecertification Parameters for Misconduct

These successes demonstrate Kaepernick’s concrete impact in urging enhanced regulation of peacekeepers sworn to justly uphold laws.

Promoting Racial Equality and Social Justice

While concentrating largely on legal remedies, Kaepernick maintains vocal support for broader societal efforts combating racial discrimination in America. He actively affirms movements like Black Lives Matter Bringing equitable treatment for African Americans to the forefront during interviews and public speeches underscoring his multidimensional perspectives toward solving injustice.

Philanthropic Efforts and Community Engagement

Further showcasing compassion, Kaepernick funded over $1 million in community organization donations since 2016 via his Know Your Rights charitable partners. He also notably pledged $1 million toward COVID-19 relief efforts in disadvantaged neighborhoods during 2020’s initial outbreak peaks.

These collective actions highlight Kaepernick’s combination of resources and personal involvement bettering conditions for marginalized populations.

Media and Public Presence

Between grassroots activism and NFL aims, Kaepernick expands his messaging through various media platforms.

Nike Endorsement and Social Justice Campaigns

Kaepernick maintains a high-profile business collaboration with Nike across advertisement and product campaigns emphasizing empowerment themes. The apparel giant supports Kaepernick’s playing aspirations while allowing his activism voice key exposure on national stages.

Table 5. Kaepernick’s Recent Nike Partnership Endeavors

2023Just Do It HeadquartersStar of Arizona-based training facility advertisement
2022Icon Jersey CampaignPromoted his official 49ers uniform replica jersey as a cultural symbol
2020True to 7 CampaignFocused on encouraging youth activism and expression

This consistent corporate backing spotlights the resonance Kaepernick’s leadership still holds within key demographics.

Netflix Documentary Series “Colin in Black & White”

Kaepernick expanded his perspective to new mediums by consulting closely on this Emmy-nominated 2021 Netflix dramatization of his adolescent years. His direct involvement in shaping storytelling focused on hardships facing Black youths pursuing athletic greatness amplified the project’s authenticity.

Table 6. Colin in Black & White Key Info

Release DateTotal EpisodesEmmy NominationsDirected By
October 202164 (Won 1)Ava DuVernay

Centered on the systemic obstructions budding superstar talents of color face pre-fame, Colin In Black & White offered an illuminating view into Kaepernick’s mentality of chasing his football dreams amid oppression.

Public Speaking Engagements and Interviews

Throughout 2023, Kaepernick spoke at various human rights conferences and campuses, detailing his equality visions while handling student questions. Venues visited include Harvard University and the Chicago Ideas Week main stage gathering of societal influencers.

He also made appearances on MSNBC, Democracy Now and other progressive media outlets discussing athlete activism efforts. Table 7 charts examples of Kaepernick’s latest public speaking bookings.

Table 7. Select Kaepernick Speaking Engagements (Late 2022-2023)

Chicago Ideas WeekChicago, ILSeptember 2023
Harvard Black Students AssociationCambridge, MAApril 2023
University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignChampaign, ILFebruary 2023

Social Media Presence and Fan Interaction

Across Twitter and Instagram platforms boasting millions of followers, Kaepernick provides both original perspectives and amplifies other thought leaders raging against ongoing discrimination. Supporters directly engage Kaepernick praising his conviction or posing questions on achieving equality.

He specifically utilizes Instagram to showcase his rigorous training regimen preparing for potential NFL callbacks. These posts inspire fans while reminding league decision-makers of his sustained elite athletic skills despite being years removed from rosters.

Table 8. Colin Kaepernick’s Social Media Following

Twitter2.3 million
Instagram2.1 million

This towering online support spotlights the resonance his defiant athletic/humanitarian combination still holds.

Continued Public Figure and Symbol of Protest

The totality of commercial visibility and nonstop societal efforts cements Kaepernick among globally eminent civil rights luminaries akin to Muhammad Ali. His symbolic kneeling posture protesting oppression permeates contemporary culture years later as a defining emblem of courageous dissent.

This legend seems poised to grow regardless of prospective NFL additions as Kaepernick approaches his athletic peak.


In summary, Colin Kaepernick splits his days throughout 2024 between readying for long-shot football comebacks while immersed in organizing initiatives pursuing social justice. Though banished professionally since 2016 kneeling demonstrations spotlighting racial inequities, Kaepernick works dutifully to propel equality both locally through his expansive Know Your Rights outreach and advocating national legislative reforms.

He stays culturally pertinent through high-profile Nike sponsorships and introspective Netflix series conveying his emergence from adversity. Armed with amplified messaging tools, Kaepernick presses public figures and corporations toward tangible societal changes affirming that Black Lives Matter is beyond shallow slogans. With wisdom sharpened by personal hardships, his dynamic pursuits capture global imagination daily even absent a defined sports pulpit.

Yet through it all, the singular focus not wavering remains returning under center to inspire on fields symbolizing meritocratic unity. Though 2024 witnesses Kaepernick turn just 32, his strides walk steadily with elderly wisdom won through battles off-field against haunting generational traumas. Whether destined to ever find NFL redemption or record quantifiable activism victories, Colin Kaepernick shows no signs of compromised drive striving tirelessly toward both dreams in parallel tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Colin Kaepernick Doing Now

What are Colin Kaepernick’s current career plans both relating to football ambitions and social activism efforts?

Throughout 2024 Colin Kaepernick continues his diligent training regimen necessary to play quarterback again in the NFL after years away while expanding his Know Your Rights camps and legal reform advocacy against systemic racial injustices nationwide. Though his football prospects remain uncertain entering his age 32 seasons, his dedication shows no indications of slowing for either ambition in the prime of his athletic life.

What quarterback stats and accolades defined Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career to date with the San Francisco 49ers?

Across six seasons as a primary starter for San Francisco from 2012-2016, Colin Kaepernick amassed 12,271 passing yards, 72 touchdowns to just 30 picks, while adding 2,300 yards and 13 TDs rushing. His dual-threat abilities led the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance after the 2012 season. At his peak in 2016, his 16-4 TD/INT ratio and 68.7% completion rate display the effectiveness he hopes to replicate for a future employer.

Why did Colin Kaepernick’s NFL playing career enter limbo after the 2016 season despite his proven starting talents?

The primary reason teams avoided signing Kaepernick following 2016 was controversy stemming from his choosing to kneel during national anthems before games as a symbolic protest against racial oppression and police brutality impacting people of color nationwide. Despite credible productivity left in Kaepernick’s age 29 arm post-49ers, teams feared fan or sponsor backlash tied to his activism spotlighting institutional discrimination.

What key details should I know about Colin Kaepernick’s September 2023 workout showcase for the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders?

Last September, a trim Colin Kaepernick threw for roughly 60 minutes at the Raiders’ team facility in front of key team decision-makers like new head coach DeMeco Ryans. Impressed evaluators noted his ability to still deliver tight spirals to all levels with ample arm strength and ideal throwing mechanics. Though unsigned still in early 2024, the productive workout signals Kaepernick can contribute if called upon by a club seeking veteran QB help.

What NFL policy changes since 2017 may encourage teams finally to sign Colin Kaepernick despite past avoidances?

A key recent shift increasing Kaepernick’s chances includes a provision in the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement expanded in 2020 now ensuring a minimum $1.065 million base salary for vested veterans like Kaepernick. So from a cost perspective, interested teams would pay fair value for Colin’s starting-level talents making quarterback depth chart decisions less influenced by outside pressure unrelated to on-field merits.

When did Colin Kaepernick launch the Know Your Rights Camp nonprofit entity and what does its programming entail?

Colin Kaepernick founded Know Your Rights Camp in 2016 to raise legal awareness and provide life skills enhancement for marginalized youth populations nationwide. The organization hosts over 30 camps now annually providing legal education, college preparation, job interview training, and improving diet/health understanding for thousands of teens needing guidance to overcome systemically racist institutions.

What examples showcase Colin Kaepernick effectively lobbying state and federal legislators on substantive policy reforms tied to racial justice aims in recent years?

Colin Kaepernick actively campaigned for key California laws passed restricting police militarization and expanding misconduct investigation parameters. He also backed stricter regulations on the use of body and vehicle cameras capturing interactions with civilians. Further, he published open Congressional letters urging holistic reform tackling enduring biases against African Americans and successfully lobbied for reconsidering qualifications for political refugees.

Beyond big-picture activism, what examples detail Colin Kaepernick’s personal community philanthropy in marginalized neighborhoods?

Colin Kaepernick backed over $1 million in donations from partners like Know Your Rights camps and Nike to grassroots entities like homeless shelters, legal defense funds, and job training sites in oppressed areas lacking resources. Most crucially in 2020, he pledged $1 million toward COVID-relief specifically targeting nutrition/housing for low-income districts during initial peaks stretching public service systems thin.

How does Colin Kaepernick’s ongoing Nike endorsement deal allow him prominent platforms to spotlight themes of empowerment tied to his broader racial justice pursuits?

Colin Kaepernick’s high-profile Nike campaigns consistently bridge themes of personal potential realization against odds with his fights against oppression denying those opportunities broadly across marginalized communities nationwide. Recent ads emphasized training site access “for all who love the game” while highlighting his official 49ers jersey as a “symbol of truth and power.”

Why did Colin Kaepernick participate closely with director Ava DuVernay on the 2021 Netflix dramatization of his adolescent journey titled Colin in Black & White?

Centered on struggles aspiring young stars of color face systemically well before professional fame platforms emerge, Colin Kaepernick leveraged the 2021 Netflix series dramatizing his formative years to spotlight cultural dynamics allowing racial discrimination to endure generationally. His intimate involvement focused on maximizing authenticity in conveying societal failures stunting minority ambition at institutional levels.

What non-NFL-related long-term career options has Colin Kaepernick explored should he ultimately not play quarterback again professionally?

Given the uncertainty of returning to the NFL near age 32, Colin Kaepernick positions himself to amplify his off-field activism and business initiatives like sponsoring grassroots athletic camps for teens if professional doors never reopen. With media partners like Netflix and Nike sustaining his mainstream relevance, Kaepernick’s relentless work ethic transfers seamlessly to empowerment ventures securing social change for vulnerable groups through non-football channels.

How has Colin Kaepernick leveraged his imposing social media following to spotlight racial justice issues to millions of combined fans and followers directly?

Colin Kaepernick frequently utilizes his over four million Twitter and Instagram followers to directly uplift civil rights leaders past and present fighting against racial injustice nationally. He shares book recommendations educating fans on overlooked black historical figures crucial to equality progress along with modern grassroots causes needing attention like voter registration drives or local police reform protests worthy of mass amplification.

Why does history view Colin Kaepernick’s defiant kneeling during the 2016 NFL games as a pivotal flashpoint spotlighting racial oppression divides nationally?

The stirring image of Colin Kaepernick kneeling solemnly during national anthem ceremonies at NFL games dramatized dissent against symbols supposedly unifying Americans while large pockets suffered persistent mistreatment from governmental agencies. His polarizing stance spotlighted profound duplicities between professed core values and stark realities long preceding widespread camera phones and social media conveying his message internationally.

What does the future hold for Colin Kaepernick’s athlete activism efforts regardless of whether he ever plays quarterback professionally again moving forward?

Having dedicated his athletic prime toward equality reforms beyond return, Colin Kaepernick’s relentless pursuit of opportunity for vulnerable groups now echoes immortal dissenters like Muhammad Ali sacrificing individual glory for equality gains that raise all ships collectively.

Much as transcendent 1960s black protest imagery endures persuading hearts toward reform, Kaepernick’s kneeling posture personifies 21st-century debates demanding long-avoided reckonings.

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