What is Chris Cuomo Doing Now (2024)

Chris Cuomo, once a star CNN anchor, has maintained a low profile over the past two years after his swift downfall in late 2021 amid sexual harassment allegations. As the brother of disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris faced increased scrutiny regarding his journalistic ethics.

What is Chris Cuomo Doing Now, many wonder – what’s next for Cuomo? Where does he go from here? This article explores the latest details on Cuomo’s career, legal issues, personal life, public perception, and potential future paths.

Career: SiriusXM Show Departure

In mid-2021, Cuomo announced he would host a show on SiriusXM to great fanfare. However, just months later in December 2021, SiriusXM fired Cuomo after further allegations surfaced around his journalistic integrity and sexual harassment claims. This marked Cuomo’s sudden plunge from the top of broadcast journalism into professional uncertainty within a year.

Announces SiriusXM showJune 2021
Fired from SiriusXM showDecember 2021

Table 1: Key dates regarding Cuomo’s brief tenure with SiriusXM radio show

Since his SiriusXM firing, Cuomo has not hosted or appeared regularly on any radio or TV outlet. His next professional move remains unclear amid his legal challenges and damaged public reputation.

Legal Representation and Potential Lawsuits

Cuomo has retained legal counsel to advise him on pending investigations and potential defamation lawsuits regarding sexual harassment allegations made against him in 2021. He denies the most serious allegations claiming he sexually assaulted a colleague during his time at ABC News.

While no lawsuits have yet materialized, Cuomo likely continue consulting attorneys on the next legal steps to redeem his reputation. The legal aftermath of the allegations which derailed his career continues unfolding.

Media Speculation and Future Career Prospects

Given Cuomo’s damaged credibility regarding sexual harassment, political favoritism for his brother, and overall ethics as a journalist, the path forward for his career in media appears murky at best.

Some speculate Cuomo may attempt a comeback by launching a media venture more akin to opinion journalism rather than objecting reporting. However, even liberal-leaning media outlets seem wary of affiliating with Cuomo given the still-fresh scandal baggage.

For now, Cuomo remains completely off the media grid without a clear direction for this next career phase. The man who less than two years ago commanded primetime on America’s top-rated cable news network now faces professional exile.

Focus on Family and Personal Life

As Cuomo’s professional options narrow, he appears focused on family and personal life out of the public eye. He frequently posts photos on social media depicting outings with his wife and three children.

Cuomo married Cristina Greeven Cuomo, editor of the lifestyle magazine The Purist, in 2001. They have three children together – daughters Bella and Carolina, and son Mario. Photos show Cuomo spending time with family, whether hitting the beach, celebrating holidays, or taking vacations.

This focus on personal well-being marks a stark contrast from Cuomo’s hard-charging journalist days. The man who long occupied rarefied media airspace now finds solace in private family time away from professional pressures.

Uncertain Professional Path

While early 2022 brought rumors of Cuomo shopping for media comebacks, his professional path remains murky as 2024 unfolds. Attempts at journalistic redemption seem questionable given his damaged personal brand.

For now, Cuomo appears to be taking an extended period for self-reflection away from the public eye rather than aggressively plotting his next career move. Close associates say he feels he has “nothing to prove” at the moment following his swift fall from television news mountaintop.

Personal: Maintaining Public Presence on Social Media

Although he eschews media interviews, Cuomo maintains a public presence through frequent social media posting. His Instagram account in particular offers a window into his life post-CNN, depicting him enjoying family activities.

Yet Cuomo generally avoids directly addressing the scandals that capsized his journalism career. He does not take clear stances on current issues or rehash past journalism viewpoints. Instead, his social accounts intentionally steer towards the personal rather than political or professional.

This online presence allows Cuomo to update his fans while avoiding the public limelight that harshly turned on him in late 2021.

Advocacy for Mental Health Awareness

One exception to Cuomo’s social media avoidance of scandal-related issues involves posting about mental health struggles. He directly cites his CNN firing and resulting issues as motivation to advocate for mental health awareness.

“I am depressed. I am now understanding that, to an extent, I have never felt before,” wrote Cuomo regarding his post-CNN struggles. “I have always been anxious – especially when fighting against the odds and unfairness. But clinical depression is different.”

By transparently detailing his battles with depression, Cuomo works to reduce the stigma around mental health – if not directly rehabilitate his public image. This advocacy marks one space where Cuomo actively engages in issue-related discussion.

Avoiding Public Commentary on Current Events

Aside from mental health advocacy, Cuomo generally refrains from commentary on current events or issues in the public sphere. Whereas before he readily voiced hard-hitting opinions each night during his “Cuomo Prime Time” show, he now avoids partisan analysis or punditry.

This reticence likely results from legal advisors warning against addressing related allegations or matters indirectly involving family members. Now a public figure outside mainstream journalism, his words carry more potential liability.

Hence Cuomo postures himself on social media as a private citizen more focused on family than politics or media. But the question looms whether this self-imposed exile can last as socio-political issues he often vividly opined on continue unfolding.

Focus on Personal Well-Being and Recovery

In place of career plotting or public punditry, Cuomo appears focused simply on personal well-being in 2024. Close contacts describe him as “spending a lot of time with family,” echoing social media posts showing beach outings, kids’ events, and vacations.

This demonstrates Cuomo’s dramatic shift following his swift CNN firing. The hard-driving journalist who grilled guests daily on television now concentrates energy on mental health, family, and self-care.

Rather than doggedly pursuing career redemption in the public eye immediately post-scandal, Cuomo embraces private personal time to recover from his publicly chronicled professional collapses.

Private Life and Family Time

Cuomo’s current low profile marks a stark contrast from his position as one of CNN’s highest-paid stars commanding an annual salary between $6 million and $9 million. As his former employer filled his primetime slot within weeks after his firing, Cuomo retreated from the nonstop media grind to family life out of public view.

From a demanding television schedule consisting of filming, travel, research, and constant viewer scrutiny, he now focuses on accompanying his three children to activities and spending time with his wife Cristina Cuomo.

This family emphasis demonstrates Cuomo’s effort to regain personal balance after years of sacrificing home life for professional demands in the high-pressure journalism arena.

Additional: Investigative Journalism Background

Chris Cuomo first drew journalism acclaim as an investigative reporter earlier in his career before entering cable television primetime. After beginning in entry-level roles, his tenacious coverage of chasing scandals at corporations and within political circles earned industry awards and viewer loyalty.

Examples like his examination of salary and compensation controversies regarding the AIG insurance giant in the mid-2000s illustrated Cuomo’s grit and fearlessness in taking on wealthy powerful interests. This background propelled his rise to a prominent CNN news anchor role by early next decade.

But Cuomo’s penchant for punching up at institutions, while touted as a major network star, later haunted him as scrutiny of high-profile figures intensified in today’s raw media climate. The same journalistic style that earned viewer loyalty as a cable news host played a role in his dramatic undoing just a few years later.

CNN and Cuomo Prime Time Legacy

Cuomo anchoring CNN’s 9 pm “Cuomo Prime Time” hour ranked as the network’s top-rated show, averaging 2.6 million viewers at its height. His pugilistic interview style, on-air banter with Brother Andrew Cuomo during COVID, and willingness to challenge positions across partisan lines contributed to strong viewership.

The show’s “Closing Arguments” segment also showcased Cuomo’s experience as an attorney pressing advocates on various sides of an issue. Ratings success propelled the anchor to become CNN’s long-term face until scandal swiftly descended in late 2021.

Now as CNN moves forward, Cuomo Prime Time’s mixture of accountability reporting, legal examination, and family showmanship leaves a complicated legacy. The same reportorial attributes that boosted CNN to industry leader also unwittingly spawned the seeds for Cuomo’s dramatic, unprecedented fall from media grace with the network now reassessing standards.

Sexual Harassment Allegations and Fallout

Just as startling as CNN quickly catapulting Cuomo to superstardom was the network’s almost immediate ouster of him once sexual harassment claims surfaced internally. The complete severance and scrubbing of one of CNN’s franchise faces reflected a landmark moment as media industries grappled with #MeToo.

Once a junior colleague reported inappropriate touching by Cuomo when they both worked at ABC News in 2011, along with allegations he aided brother Andrew Combating harassment claims, CNN suspended the star anchor indefinitely, citing the need for a “thorough review”. Yet just four days later, new misconduct allegations surfaced – and CNN abruptly fired Cuomo.

The episode marked a stunning fall by a television journalist who just months earlier stood as a media supernova. Questions around the swift investigation, Cuomo’s role in assisting his politician brother amid separate sexual harassment claims, and disregard for journalistic boundaries created the climate for his monumental dismissal.

Public Perception and Increased Media Scrutiny

Chris Cuomo now faces ongoing scrutiny regarding both the sexual harassment allegations and violation of journalistic standards assisting his brother former Governor Andrew Cuomo navigate political scandal.

The rapid shift in public support for someone who once commanded esteem as “America’s Brother” during early COVID-19 pandemic shows the intensified accountability culture facing public figures today. Just as swiftly as prominent politicians, celebrities, and business leaders build empires, today’s climate allows previously untouchable major names to quickly crumble when scandals arise regarding abuse, harassment, or ethics.

Hence despite years of building journalistic credibility, Cuomo’s perceived transgressions created a climate for his virtually instant cancellation both by his network and the public court of opinion. Questions around abuse of power and privilege which may have previously been dismissed or downplayed now possess little tolerance.

Evolving Media Landscape and Changing Journalism Roles

The stunning sequence of events leading to Cuomo’s downfall also illustrates the rapidly shifting landscape in journalism itself. Whereas previously revered anchors and defined industry standards for objectivity, today’s more personality-driven media environment on television and online platforms centers more on individual brands and viewer connection.

But this creates precarious professional footing, as Cuomo’s expulsion just years after representing CNN’s golden boy underscores. The same reportorial attributes and showmanship drawing record ratings possess inherent risks within the current transparent, unrelenting media environment wary of misconduct.

Cuomo’s exile also continues debates around boundaries between news media, politics, and celebrity in a complex, fractured public discourse climate. As legacy standards transform and new media emerge, questions around ethics and accountability permeate more than ever.

The career rise and fall of media titan Chris Cuomo embodies the good, bad, and danger of these ongoing shifts.


The rollercoaster saga of Chris Cuomo saw him go from investigative journalism rising star in the early 2000s to a primetime cable news celebrity anchoring CNN’s top-rated show to an unemployed broadcaster fired for sexual misconduct and journalistic violations in just over 15 years.

Cuomo’s legacy now tainted by scandal leaves more questions than answers on what’s next for someone who once occupied the media’s center stage. It also underscores this current era’s shifting public expectations around accountability for figures previously seen as untouchable.

With Cuomo’s direct involvement in journalism seeming unlikely given their severely damaged credibility, his near-term path points more toward focusing on legal issues, mental health advocacy, and family time away from public glare.

Yet at just 52 years old, the prospect Cuomo finds media redemption down the road remains plausible. Few rise to such heights as Cuomo before his dramatic fall. Perhaps this fiery Italian-American personality has another unexpected act that redeems or further complicates his rollercoaster reputation.

But for now, the disgraced star stays silent, entangled in trauma from his past and owning uncertainty around how and whether his next professional chapter unfolds. One thing clear is we haven’t heard the last of this fascinating, flawed, and familial broadcasting force – for better or worse.

The Cuomo saga remains unfolding with more unexpected drama surely ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on What is Chris Cuomo Doing Now

What is Chris Cuomo’s current job in 2024?

Chris Cuomo is not known to have any professional media role as of early 2024. He was fired from his CNN news anchor position in December 2021 due to a sexual harassment scandal as well as conduct violations involving political advice given to embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, his brother.

Cuomo’s next career move remains uncertain given the severely damaged journalistic credibility from these scandals derailing his media career peak after a decade as a primetime CNN host. He was also fired from a SiriusXM radio show in 2021 shortly after allegations emerged.

Where is Chris Cuomo now?

Based on social media posts, Chris Cuomo appears to be spending most of his time privately with family at an undisclosed location. Images depict him on vacation, celebrating occasions like Halloween and Christmas, and showing his presence at his three children’s activities. But he has avoided media interviews or resuming any professional roles since his swift CNN firing over one year ago.

What happened to Chris Cuomo?

Cuomo faced a swift downfall in late 2021 when a female colleague accused him of sexual harassment stemming from an alleged incident a decade prior at another network.

Subsequently, further violations surfaced around Cuomo leveraging media sources to help provide political cover and advice to aid his embattled brother, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in response to a sexual harassment scandal of his own.

Within days in late 2021, CNN fired Cuomo after earlier suspending him indefinitely pending an internal investigation. These dual scandals torpedoed the primetime anchor’s CNN career peak at a time when he reportedly earned an annual salary of up to $9 million.

How much was Chris Cuomo paid by CNN?

Based on public reports, Chris Cuomo’s salary while anchoring CNN’s 9 PM “Cuomo Prime Time” show ranged between an estimated $6 million to $9 million annually. His pay package reflected Cuomo’s high-profile role in driving CNN ratings as well as competitive bidding to prevent rival networks from acquiring him. This compensation underlines just how valuable a media property Cuomo seemed before scandal swiftly struck, leading to CNN dismissing someone who had been their star face and top earner.

What were the sexual harassment allegations against Chris Cuomo?

The sexual harassment claims stemmed from a female former colleague at ABC News accusing Cuomo of inappropriate touching during a farewell embrace when she left the network in 2011. Further questions centered around what level of physical contact or intimacy Cuomo, as an established anchor, allegedly initiated versus the female junior reporter’s comfort level interacting. The unnamed woman’s attorney also raised questions about power dynamics, toxic work culture and Cuomo allegedly smearing his accuser’s credibility behind the scenes.

How did Chris Cuomo advise his brother Andrew Cuomo?

As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faced mounting accusations of sexual harassment by multiple women in 2021, reports surfaced younger brother Chris leveraged media industry connections to help advise response strategy. Text messages, unearthed in a state investigation, revealed Chris arranging for political insiders to conduct “opposition research” to obtain more information and context around accusers’ credibility. Critics condemned this as an unethical blurring of journalism and politics.

H3 – Why did SiriusXM fire Chris Cuomo?

The satellite broadcaster SiriusXM fired Chris Cuomo in December 2021 after sexual harassment allegations emerged against him from his CNN tenure. Cuomo’s firing came just months after SiriusXM earlier celebrated signing him in June 2021 to headline a major broadcast talk show. This reflected Cuomo’s brand image crumbling so swiftly that even new outside ventures moved to sever ties within weeks to avoid being associated with him.

Could Chris Cuomo return to CNN?

It seems unlikely Chris Cuomo will return to CNN in any capacity after the swift nature of his firing and ongoing controversies still haunting his reputation. Networks moving on so quickly from franchise faces typically signal irreparable relationships and a breach of public trust.

Cuomo also faces continued legal scrutiny around sexual harassment and advising his brother that would take years to resolve in court potentially. Critics also assert Cuomo’s violating journalistic standards in such an egregious manner ruins his credibility as an objective anchor reporting news rather than driving political narratives.

What is Chris Cuomo doing now for work?

No public information indicates Chris Cuomo has taken on any new professional work over the past year since his sterling media career flamed out in a scandal in late 2021. His focus instead involves legal issues, mental health struggles related to depression, and family time avoiding public attention. After decades of working grueling network journalism schedules, Cuomo appears content embracing relative obscurity and freedom from career pressures to recover from harsh scrutiny faced during scandal coverage.

Where will Chris Cuomo go next?

With Chris Cuomo still only 52 despite his long tenure in network news glare, rumors surface periodically that he eyes positions allowing media comebacks. But the severity of reputation damage from his CNN firing makes any mainstream journalism return nearly impossible.

Instead, speculation around Cuomo focuses on options like launching an independent media company more separate from accountability concerns big corporations face. But the mercurial, tarnished broadcaster likely still undergoes much personal examination before fully deciding the next direction befitting someone formerly so high-profile for so long.

What is Chris Cuomo’s net worth?

Estimated reports gauge Chris Cuomo’s net worth somewhere between $12 million and $20 million as of late 2023. Despite his swift firing from a $9 million annual CNN contract, Cuomo likely earned over $100 million in cumulative career contracts over his 25 years in journalism dating back to the 1990s. Savings from his peak earnings period allowed the Cuomo family financial security even while undergoing reputation recovery and pause from the public spotlight.

Is Chris Cuomo still married?

Yes, Chris Cuomo remains married to wife Cristina Cuomo, with whom he shares three children. Photos shared on social media throughout 2022 into 2023 depict Cuomo spending extensive time with family traveling, attending kids’ events, celebrating holidays, and other activities.

These posts portray Cuomo leaning on close loved ones for support rather than aggressively plotting some immediate new professional venture that risks refreshed public criticism.

What is Chris Cuomo doing now on social media?

While avoiding media interviews, Chris Cuomo maintains an active Instagram account with over 880,000 followers. His posts offer glimpses into family outings, milestones with his three kids, public mental health advocacy, and behind-the-scenes selfies suggesting a quotidian private life.

Supportive comments on the posts indicate many fans still rooting for Cuomo despite his professional tribulations. But he also limits social media presence likely on lawyers’ advice given legal sensitivities around past scandals.

Who replaced Chris Cuomo on CNN?

CNN moved rapidly to fill its coveted 9 PM slot amid fierce cable news ratings competition. Just weeks after firing Cuomo, CNN announced it hired Don Lemon, another network personality familiar with viewers from his previous afternoon show.

So far Lemon has navigated inheriting the key slot, garnering respectable audience levels though shy of Cuomo’s heights. But CNN likely emphasizes avoiding further scandal above short-term ratings, hence the quick Cuomo succession.

Does Chris Cuomo have a book deal?

No book deal currently surfaces publicly for Chris Cuomo as he avoids the media spotlight in 2024. But speculation percolates as years pass he potentially pens some memoir chronicling his stratified career rise, dramatic scandal fallout, and aftermath rebuilding personal life.

Given lingering legal sensitivities, any tell-all Cuomo memoir realistically remains several years away at the soonest. But the possibility looms of an epic confessional once tempers and tensions cool somewhat around events permanently changing Cuomo’s public trajectory.

Will Chris Cuomo run for office?

No serious talk emerges of Chris Cuomo potentially running for political office after scandals derailed his broadcasting career. Having a Governor’s brother engulfed in a career-ending scandal likely deters Cuomo from seeking office himself anytime soon while still recovering reputationally.

Critics also would condemn Cuomo for attempting public service given violations of trust standards in journalism. While his forceful speaking ability could appeal to certain voters, the smarter path sees Cuomo avoid further public figure scrutiny.

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