What is Catherine Keener Doing Now (2024)

Catherine Keener is an acclaimed actress known for choosing complex, nuanced roles in independent films like “Being John Malkovich” and “Capote”. But what projects are the versatile star taking on now in 2024, In this article, we will learn about What is Catherine Keener Doing Now.

An Overview of Catherine Keener’s Current Work

As of 2024, Catherine Keener remains highly selective about the roles and projects she takes on. This year, her most notable endeavor is starring alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in the hotly anticipated “Joker” sequel, “Joker: Folie à Deux”. She also recently wrapped production on the indie film “Sticky Notes”.

While Keener shies away from major mainstream films, she continues to act in thought-provoking independent movies, work in theater productions, take on occasional voice acting roles, and collaborate with innovative directors and actors. neon net worth She avoids extensive self-promotion but remains influential through the bold creative choices of her filmography.

Catherine Keener’s “Joker: Folie à Deux” Role

In October 2024, Keener will be seen on screens again in the new DC film “Joker: Folie à Deux”, co-starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker and Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. While plot details remain tightly under wraps, Keener is confirmed to play an undisclosed role.

Given director Todd Phillips’ track record with 2019’s smash hit “Joker”, expectations are incredibly high for the sequel. And with such iconic stars attached, Keener’s mysterious character is set to gain major public attention upon the movie’s release.

Catherine Keener’s Latest Films and Projects

Aside from the burgeoning hype around “Joker: Folie à Deux”, Catherine Keener recently acted in a starring role for the independent drama “Sticky Notes”. The film debuted on the festival circuit in late 2023 and is awaiting international distribution deals for a 2024 release.

Table 1. Catherine Keener’s Upcoming Films

Film TitleRoleRelease Timeframe
“Joker: Folie à Deux”Undisclosed roleOctober 2024
“Sticky Notes”Lead rolePending distribution in 2024

Additionally, Keener is attached to co-star with Timothy Olyphant in “The Surgeon”, a thriller directed by Alan Ball. The production timeline is currently unconfirmed but tentatively scheduled for late 2024 or 2025.

Beyond acting, Keener occasionally works as a producer on passion projects. She is producing an untitled Jim Jarmusch film slated to begin filming in 2025.

Catherine Keener’s Acting Career Evolution

While today Catherine Keener carefully selects impactful movie roles, her early career began in the late 1980s with minor film and television parts before gaining traction.

Her breakout role came in 1997’s “The Real Blonde”, followed by acclaimed performances in “Living in Oblivion” and “Walking and Talking”. This indie film work captured the attention of distinctive directors like Spike Jonze and led to Keener’s role in 1999’s game-changing “Being John Malkovich”.

Following this surreal film’s critical success, Keener continued proving her versatility with further collaborations with Jonze and directors like Steven Soderbergh. Her chilling acting as Harper Lee in “Capote” earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

In the 2000s and 2010s, Keener gravitated towards complex character studies and provocative indie films working with directors Nicole Holofcener, Noah Baumbach, and Rebecca Miller.

Her filmography reveals an artistic through-line of playing challenging, extremely human characters. Now approaching her mid-60s, Keener demonstrates no signs of slowing down from pursuing stimulating projects that catch her interest.

Accolades and Recognition for Catherine Keener’s Acting

While public red-carpet appearances aren’t necessarily her style, Catherine Keener’s acting talents have garnered tremendous acclaim. Her extensive award nominations recognize her daring acting choices that stray from typical Hollywood fare.

Table 2. Catherine Keener’s Most Notable Acting Award Nominations

1996Independent Spirit AwardsBest Female Lead“Walking and Talking”Nominated
2000National Society of Film Critics AwardsBest Supporting Actress“Being John Malkovich”Winner
2000New York Film Critics Circle AwardsBest Supporting Actress“Being John Malkovich”Winner
2006Academy AwardsBest Supporting Actress“Capote”Nominated
2007Independent Spirit AwardsBest Female Lead“Friends With Money”Nominated

Beyond awards, Keener has been recognized twice by the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado—in 2005 with a tribute selection of her work and again in 2014 with a special screening. These selections further demonstrate her respected position in independent cinema.

Where to Find the Latest News on Catherine Keener

Unlike many Hollywood celebrities who embrace widespread media coverage and maintain public social media accounts, Catherine Keener prefers privacy regarding her personal life. She rarely gives interviews anymore or makes public appearances beyond film promotion duties and occasional film festival honorariums.

Therefore, the most direct news on Keener’s work comes from film-centric journalism outlets like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, and reputable cinema blogs. These industry sources announce updates on Keener’s upcoming projects, reviews of new releases, festival reactions, and more.

Alternatively, fans maintain unofficial Twitter fan accounts tracking the actress’s latest credits. Keener’s IMDb page serves as the most comprehensive filmography resource to follow her career’s ongoing evolution.

But with press-shy stars like Catherine Keener who avoid the spotlight, sometimes their upcoming roles seemingly materialize out of nowhere. The discretion only adds allure to her film choices and characters. We’ll have to wait patiently for updates on what independent films or directors she’ll work with next after “Joker: Folie à Deux”.


Amidst the noisy din of social media and Hollywood celebrity culture, few actors have maintained careers as substantive as Catherine Keener’s while avoiding widespread fame. For decades, she has brought lucidity and humanity to idiosyncratic lead and supporting film roles at a prolific pace.

Yet as an actress in her 60s, Keener shows zero hints of slowing down or drifting into bland roles ill-suited for her abilities. The fact we know little about upcoming projects like “Joker: Folie à Deux” or future collaborations only adds mystique.

But one certainty is whatever Catherine Keener does next will bear her signature thoughtfulness. No matter the genre or scale, her dedication to representing flawed, complicated women on screen changes what’s possible. Wherever Keener’s creative compass points her following “Joker” will undoubtedly reveal new sides of her versatility.

For actors and directors, as well as audiences craving fresh perspectives, Keener’s filmography represents an exemplar. The roles she’s chosen deny conformity in favor of revelation. Now decades into her acting career, Catherine Keener’s mystique endures — a spotlight-shunning icon following her map whose detours tell far richer tales than any straight line.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Catherine Keener Doing Now

What is Catherine Keener best known for acting in?

Catherine Keener’s most acclaimed and well-known acting performances came in independent films like “Being John Malkovich”, “Capote”, “Your Friends and Neighbors”, and “Lovely and Amazing”. She frequently plays complex, dynamic women dealing with unusual situations or relationships.

What was Catherine Keener’s breakthrough role?

While Keener acted in minor film roles in the late 1980s and early 90s, her breakthrough came from her lead performance in Tom DiCillo’s 1997 satirical film “The Real Blonde”. This attention-grabbing role showcased her talents and range.

How many Oscar nominations does Catherine Keener have?

Catherine Keener has received one Oscar nomination to date—for Best Supporting Actress in 2006 for her role as Harper Lee in “Capote”. Her chilling acting opposite Phillip Seymour Hoffman earned high praise, though she did not win the category that year.

What was Catherine Keener’s most recent movie?

As of early 2024, Catherine Keener’s latest film with a released date was the independent drama “Sticky Notes”, which debuted on the 2023 film festival circuit and awaits distribution. She also recently finished production on an undisclosed role in the highly anticipated “Joker: Folie à Deux” arriving in theaters in late 2024.

What upcoming movies will Catherine Keener be in?

Catherine Keener has two upcoming films scheduled for release: “Joker: Folie à Deux” and the indie drama “Sticky Notes” pending distribution. She is also attached to co-star with Timothy Olyphant in the thriller “The Surgeon”, directed by Alan Ball, which is now in development.

Has Catherine Keener ever directed a movie?

While Keener focuses predominantly on acting, she has worked behind the camera directing a few short films. These include “The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany County” in 2001 and more recently, “Oh, Mary” in 2017 which screened at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

What TV shows has Catherine Keener been in?

While best known for her film roles, Catherine Keener has acted in a handful of television shows over her long career. Early on, she appeared in single episodes of “Law & Order” and “Fallen Angels”. She recently held a main role in the short-lived HBO show “Show Me a Hero” in 2015.

How selective is Catherine Keener with her roles?

Catherine Keener is highly selective when considering acting roles to take on. She consistently opts for compelling character studies and collaborating with respected independent film directors. Even in her 60s and with two Oscar nominations to her name, Keener avoids mainstream Hollywood projects.

Who are some famous directors Catherine Keener has worked with multiple times?

Some acclaimed directors Keener has collaborated with on multiple film projects include Spike Jonze, Steven Soderbergh, Nicole Holofcener, and Tom DiCillo earlier on. She often works with innovative independent filmmakers known for their strong directorial visions.

What upcoming projects might Catherine Keener produce?

Keener occasionally works behind the scenes producing small passion projects that interest her. She is currently producing an untitled film written and directed by indie icon Jim Jarmusch. The production timeline is unconfirmed but scheduled tentatively for 2025.

Is Catherine Keener active on social media?

No, Catherine Keener has no public social media accounts and is known for greatly valuing her privacy around her personal life. She gives very few interviews anymore as well. This leaves fans and journalists reliant on industry news outlets for updates on Keener’s sporadic upcoming projects.

Where is the best place to find more information on Catherine Keener’s career?

The most reliable sources for news relating to Catherine Keener’s acting work and career achievements are film journalism outlets like Variety, Indiewire, The Hollywood Reporter, and similar cinema-focused publications. Her IMDb page also serves as a thorough catalog of her credits over the years.

What film festivals and institutions have honored Catherine Keener?

Prestigious film festivals like Telluride and institutions like the Film Society of Lincoln Center which have previously held retrospectives of Keener’s roles certainly indicate the regard and respect she has earned as a standout actress willing to take risks.

How has Catherine Keener influenced other actors and filmmakers?

Throughout her decades-long acting career, Keener has demonstrated a fiercely independent spirit in her artistic choices that serve as inspiration. Her range and reputation attract innovative directors and co-stars eager to work with her. Actresses aiming for depth over major celebrities can look to Keener’s filmography as a compass.

Keener’s discretion around fame directly contrasts much of Hollywood. Yet her prolific acting continually affirms following one’s creative passions rather than chasing acclaim alone. For independent film, her reliably compelling work expands possibilities for complex roles.

Even when appearing in commercial projects like Marvel’s “Into the Spider-Verse”, Keener uses her clout to imbue personality into smaller roles many actors would overlook. There are no superficial choices in her career influenced by others – only her values. And that artistic integrity sets Keener apart as a professional artist, still taking on exciting creative challenges rather than resting on well-deserved laurels.

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