What is Cassidy Hutchinson Doing Now (2024)

Cassidy Hutchinson left her position as a top aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in January 2021, shortly after the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. At just 25 years old, Hutchinson had already built an impressive resume working on Capitol Hill and in the Trump White House. However, she, like many other former Trump officials, faced challenging career prospects after leaving the administration. In this article, we will learn about What is Cassidy Hutchinson Doing Now.

Initially, Hutchinson took time to reflect on her experience and think about what she wanted to do next. She gave media interviews and made limited public appearances, but did not take on a new full-time position right away. This allowed her to focus on her mental health and process the traumatic events she witnessed leading up to and during the Capitol attack.

Advocacy for Democracy and Civic Engagement

In mid-2022, Hutchinson emerged as a vocal advocate for democracy, civic participation, and electoral reform. Her watershed testimony before the January 6th congressional committee thrust her into the national spotlight.

Hutchinson provided critical first-hand evidence of former President Trump’s state of mind and behavior during the Capitol attack. Her testimony was praised by politicians and pundits across the political spectrum for its credibility and profound civic importance.

This experience inspired Hutchinson to use her platform to speak up for democratic values and institutions. She wrote op-eds stressing the need for “generational change to defend democracy” and appeared at events promoting voting rights and peaceful political engagement.

Speaking Engagements and Public Appearances

As one of the most high-profile Trump White House staffers to testify in the January 6th hearings, Hutchinson found herself in great demand for speaking engagements and public appearances following her testimony.

She gave interviews with outlets ranging from Politico to MTV News, speaking transparently about her experiences while bringing nuance and insight to the conversations around the Capitol attack and its aftermath. Hutchinson also began accepting paid speaking appearances at universities, conferences, and events centered around civic education and democratic renewal efforts.

Additionally, there is speculation that Hutchinson may turn her story into a memoir someday, given the historical significance of the events she witnessed.

Media Interviews and Book Promotion

Cassidy Hutchinson continues to use media interviews and appearances to amplify her advocacy for democracy, good governance, and civic responsibility.

She has spoken with outlets including CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, and more to provide commentary on issues ranging from the Department of Justice’s investigations into January 6th to the state of American democracy to reflections on public service.

Hutchinson has also done various podcast and radio interviews focused on her first-hand experience serving in the Trump White House. Her unique, insider perspective has proven valuable for analysis of ongoing investigations and political developments.

There are rumors Hutchinson may eventually author a book about her time in the Trump administration. She could leverage strong media relationships built through interview appearances and her public profile to promote such a book. However, Hutchinson herself has shared that she is focused on other goals first before considering any book project.

Focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing

The events leading up to and during January 6th took an extraordinary toll on Hutchinson emotionally and mentally. The experience leading the Congressional investigation made this trauma even more intense.

As a result, she has spoken openly about the need for those working in high-stress public service jobs to prioritize mental health and wellbeing. Hutchinson has shared her struggles with the traumatic events she endured when most young Americans her age have far different life experiences.

Part of Hutchinson’s path forward has focused inward on reflection, speaking with a therapist, and spending time focusing on mental health. While she maintains an ambitious professional drive, she has emphasized the importance of balance and self-care, especially for women, as she charts her career. Hutchinson hopes her transparency around mental health helps reduce stigma and encourages openness about issues we too often ignore.

Education and Potential Future Careers

With wide-ranging experience in politics and public service at just 26 years old, Cassidy Hutchinson’s career prospects remain manifold. She has not yet indicated plans to pursue further higher education. However, she would be a highly coveted candidate if she applied for degree programs focused on public policy, law, political science, or international affairs.

Down the line, Hutchinson could leverage her experience and talent for several promising career paths beyond government work. With her media exposure and communication abilities, careers in consulting, media relations, political commentary, civic tech, or even elected office could be potential options if desired. But in the immediate future, Hutchinson seems focused on advocacy work and sharing her perspective as a key witness to history.

Impact of January 6th Testimony

Cassidy Hutchinson made an enormous impact through her blockbuster testimony before the January 6th Committee in summer 2022. She provided a gripping, eloquent insider account that shed new light on the factors enabling and driving the Capitol attack.

Hutchinson’s testimony directly implicated former President Trump in failing to call off the rioting mob despite knowing violence was underway. Her first-hand descriptions of Trump’s volatile temper and indifference to the attack reframed public understanding of the day’s events. They also informed ongoing criminal investigations and the final committee report.

Moreover, Hutchinson’s nonpartisan poise and credibility led many political observers from across the ideological spectrum to praise her testimony as profound and compelling. Her courageous decision to testify shone a light on the need for ethical responsibility and love of country over personal loyalty or partisan interests. This has fueled her rise as a respected voice on democratic values and civic virtue.

Role in Historical Events and Documentation

As one of the last remaining Trump White House staffers with critical access on January 6th, Cassidy Hutchinson played an invaluable role in informing the historical record through her testimony. The revelations and evidence provided in her testimony will fill pages in history books documenting the unprecedented attack on American democracy that day.

More broadly, Hutchinson’s first-hand accounts of the final weeks inside a norm-shattering administration will prove enlightening for scholars, journalists, and historians assessing one of the most disruptive presidencies in generations.

Despite her young age, Hutchinson displayed remarkable poise and clarity conveying the significance of her experiences for the Congressional committee and American public. Her unique vantage point on historic events makes her testimony a profoundly important contribution to our understanding of a pivotal period for the nation.

Public Perception and Media Focus

Initially a largely unknown former White House aide, Cassidy Hutchinson rapidly emerged as a widely respected public figure following her blockbuster January 6th committee testimony in the summer of 2022.

Despite intense attempts to smear her credibility by Trump allies, media and political observers across the ideological spectrum praised Hutchinson as a nonpartisan, professional witness who showed courage in coming forward. Her composure and clarity during hours of questioning burnished her reputation for integrity.

Consequently, Hutchinson became one of the most sought-after commentators on American democracy, the state of US politics, and reflections on public service. Profiles emphasizing her patriotism, grit, and “All-American” background humanized someone thrust unexpectedly into the national spotlight due to her proximity to history.

With critical investigations ongoing, Hutchinson may continue offering level-headed insights about the health of governing institutions and political culture. However, she has been careful not to overexpose herself or wade into partisan fray. This judiciousness coupled with her credibility has bolstered Hutchinson’s public standing.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Cassidy Hutchinson has shared that she maintains an ambitious drive and range of aspirations despite her dramatic rise to prominence at a young age. However, she has been careful not to explicitly detail any specific plans after such intensely public recent experiences.

In past interviews, Hutchinson has indicated interests in law school, public policy graduate programs, governmental work, or research roles down the line. She may leverage her media experience for careers in communications, commentary, consulting, or civic engagement initiatives as well. Electoral politics also remain a possibility should Hutchinson decide to pursue that path.

However, in the immediate future, Hutchinson seems primarily focused on preserving and promoting American democracy through ethical advocacy and public education based on her time as an eyewitness to history. Wherever her career takes her long-term, she has emerged as an important voice at a pivotal time in American civic life.


Cassidy Hutchinson stepped into the national spotlight when her compelling, historically valuable testimony before the January 6th Committee shed further light on the Capitol attack. Since then, she has risen as an influential advocate for American democracy, good governance, and civic responsibility.

Despite immense pressure and attempts to undermine her credibility after publicly breaking with Donald Trump’s inner circle, Hutchinson has displayed tremendous poise while speaking truth to power. Her experiences bore witness to profound threats confronting bedrock democratic principles most Americans take for granted.

At just 26 years old, Hutchinson’s career remains full of potential. Her courage and eloquence spotlighting ongoing threats to the peaceful transfer of power have fueled calls for her to pursue elected office. However, she has been judicious in balancing media exposure with focusing inward on personal growth and mental health.

Wherever the coming years lead, Cassidy Hutchinson’s role in informing the historical record and highlighting the fragility of constitutional democracy during tumultuous times will stand as her most significant public contribution so far. Her advocacy has brought overdue urgency around strengthening civic participation and education to uphold American governing values for younger generations.

Frequently Asked Questions about What is Cassidy Hutchinson Doing Now

What is Cassidy Hutchinson’s current job?

Cassidy Hutchinson does not currently have a formal job or position. She resigned as an aide to former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in January 2021 after the January 6th Capitol attack.

Since then, she has focused on nonpartisan advocacy, media commentary on American democracy, speaking engagements, and taking time for reflection while considering future career paths. Her public profile rose dramatically following blockbuster testimony to the January 6th Committee in the summer of 2022.

Why did Cassidy Hutchinson leave the Trump White House?

Cassidy Hutchinson resigned her position as a top aide to Mark Meadows shortly after witnessing the violent January 6th Capitol insurrection and former President Trump’s resistance to calling off rioters. Along with other White House resignations after the attack, Hutchinson’s departure signaled dismay regarding efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election within the administration.

What will Cassidy Hutchinson do next?

While her precise plans remain undeclared publicly, Cassidy Hutchinson has indicated an interest in pursuing further education, careers in public policy or law, writing a book about her experiences, and nonpartisan advocacy or research work related to strengthening American democracy. In the immediate future, she continues to make public appearances and media interviews focused on providing historical insight and encouraging civic responsibility.

Where is Cassidy Hutchinson now?

Cassidy Hutchinson still resides in Alexandria, Virginia just outside Washington D.C, where she lived while working in the White House under President Trump She has maintained a relatively low public profile when not making media appearances or speeches related to her testimony and perspective on the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and threats to democracy.

Will Cassidy Hutchinson run for office?

While she has not ruled anything out regarding future career moves, Cassidy Hutchinson has not made any specific indication that she intends to launch a campaign for elected office at the moment. Some political observers and commentators have speculated that she has promising potential as a candidate for public office down the line. But in the near term, she appears focused on advocacy initiatives and nonpartisan educational efforts around civic participation.

What will happen to Cassidy Hutchinson’s career?

At just 26 years old, Cassidy Hutchinson would likely have some appealing career options in politics, public policy, communications, advocacy, or academia if she decides to return to professional roles. However, in the immediate aftermath of her widely praised yet intensely scrutinized January 6th Committee testimony, she seems focused on reflection, mental health, selective media commentary, and speaking engagements rather than diving back into a full-time position soon. It remains to be seen what long-term career choices she might make as time passes.

Was Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony impactful?

Yes, Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the U.S. House Select Committee investigating January 6th proved tremendously impactful. She offered revelatory, first-hand insight into former President Trump’s volatile mindset and behavior before and during the Capitol attack. Her testimony also directly implicated Trump in failing to call off violent rioters.

Hutchinson proved a poised, nonpartisan, and persuasive witness under intense questioning. Consequently, she brought renewed urgency around shoring up American democracy through legal reforms and greater civic participation.

Has Cassidy Hutchinson written a book?

No, Cassidy Hutchinson has not written or published any books as of early 2024. Given the historical value of her front-row view inside the Trump White House leading up to and during the January 6th Capitol insurrection, there is certainly potential for her to author a compelling memoir or analysis book focused on that period.

Some observers believe she could receive lucrative offers from publishers. But she has not yet indicated any concrete plans to write a book.

What awards has Cassidy Hutchinson received?

While she has not received any major institutional awards or honors yet, Cassidy Hutchinson earned significant praise across the political spectrum for displaying courage and commitment to ethical responsibility through her January 6th Committee testimony.

Her poise under pressure and clarity conveying insights into a pivotal period for American democracy brought acclaim from leaders like President Joe Biden and public observers regardless of political affiliation. Given her young age and rare proximity to historic events, Hutchinson seems on track to accumulate career awards and distinctions moving forward.

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