What is Buster Murdaugh Doing Now (2024)

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Buster Murdaugh, son of disgraced South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh, has maintained a low public profile since his father’s conviction in 2023 on murder charges. Limited verified information is available about What is Buster Murdaugh Doing Now.

Current Status

Residing in South Carolina

Public records indicate Buster Murdaugh resides in the state of South Carolina as of 2024. Specific location details have not been made public.

Maintaining Low Profile

Since his father’s widely publicized trial, Buster Murdaugh has avoided public appearances and media interactions. He appears to be focused on privacy and personal well-being.

Ongoing Legal Matters

Buster continues to be connected to legal proceedings related to his father’s financial crimes investigation. His future involvement remains uncertain.

Uncertain Future Path

It is unclear if or when Buster Murdaugh intends to make public statements or resume public life. His next moves regarding career, community engagement, or otherwise remain speculative.

Background and Context

Buster is the son of disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh, who in June 2023 was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the 2021 murders of his wife Maggie and son Paul.

Paul and Buster were also involved in a February 2019 boating accident that claimed the life of 19-year-old Mallory Beach. Related lawsuits over the accident concluded in 2022. Buster had testified in multiple proceedings over the years.

Below is a timeline of key events:

February 2019Paul Murdaugh boat crash, later sued over death of Mallory Beach
June 2021Murders of Maggie & Paul Murdaugh
September 2021Alex Murdaugh shot in botched suicide-for-hire scheme
October 2021Alex Murdaugh charged with financial crimes
June 2023Alex Murdaugh convicted of double murder

The various crimes, deaths, and legal proceedings have generated extensive media attention and public discussion. Buster’s current minimal public profile contrasts significantly with his family’s former prestige and prominence in the South Carolina legal community.


When speculating about Buster Murdaugh’s 2024 status and hypothetical future moves, it is important to:

  • Avoid prejudicing ongoing legal proceedings
  • Allow appropriate privacy related to personal well-being
  • Use neutral, objective language without promoting unverified rumors
  • Recognize the inherent uncertainty of the situation

Information is very limited. There is no credible data to suggest when or if Buster Murdaugh intends to reemerge publicly or relay his experiences. Any 2024 projections without verified sourcing risk inaccuracy and potentially disrespect those grieving devastating losses.


Buster Murdaugh has avoided the public spotlight in the aftermath of his father’s downfall and keeps a low profile as of 2024. Currently, available information is limited largely to legal records listing a South Carolina address. His exact location, employment status, financial standing, family relationships, and physical and emotional well-being remain private matters at this time.

Plans regarding possible public statements, career pursuits, or community interaction remain speculative and uncertain due to the turmoil and trauma still surrounding the Murdaugh family. While public interest persists in hearing first-hand perspectives, the ongoing legal developments and difficult grieving process necessitate privacy and caution moving forward. Continued reevaluation of public presence and media engagement would be case-by-case depending on personal and legal circumstances.

The full truth regarding the convoluted network of Murdaugh family crimes, deaths, cover-ups, and consequences remains elusive despite extensive investigation and analysis. Buster himself hopes to focus forward while grappling with the dramatic downfall of his relatives and community standing. Time will tell whether he can help resolve lingering uncertainties or make a positive impact going forward after years under public scrutiny during his family’s tragedies. His path remains wholly unclear as of 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions about What is Buster Murdaugh Doing Now

Here are answers to 20 common FAQs based on currently available verified information:

Where is Buster Murdaugh living now in 2024?

Public records list an address in South Carolina, with no specific location details. Based on his family history in the state, it is likely he continues residing in the South Carolina Lowcountry region.

What is he doing for work or career?

No verified reports on the 2024 employment status. Previously worked in property management for the family business. The future career path is uncertain and speculative.

Does Buster Murdaugh plan to write a book or sell his story?

No credible information on any book plans or intent to profit from the family tragedies. These types of rumors should be treated skeptically without verified sourcing.

When will he make his next public statement?

No verified timelines for any public statements. He has avoided media interactions since his father’s June 2023 conviction. Any projections or expectations for future public comments are speculative.

What was Buster’s role in the legal cases?

He testified in his father’s murder trial and deposition in the Beach wrongful death lawsuit. The extent of involvement in financial crime cases is uncertain due to limited public information.

Is Buster Murdaugh still involved in lawsuits related to the boat crash?

Multiple boat crash lawsuits settled in 2022 without specific details. It is uncertain if Buster continues facing any civil liability related to the incident as of 2024.

Where was Buster Murdaugh when the murders took place?

According to testimony, he was not present at the property during the June 7, 2021 event. The specific location that night has not been disclosed.

Does Buster get along with his uncle John Marvin Murdaugh?

No verified reports on the status of their relationship. Any commentary would be speculative.

Did Buster conspire with his dad on the murders or financial crimes?

No. Alex Murdaugh acted alone in both the murders and financial crimes according to prosecution evidence and court verdicts. Buster has never faced any criminal charges.

Why did Buster buy a gun shortly before the murders?

Verified court testimony explained it was purchased for personal and home protection use, not linked to the murders. The timeline was coincidental.

Where are Maggie and Paul Murdaugh buried?

Buried in Hampton Cemetery in Hampton County, South Carolina alongside other Murdaugh family members. The exact plot location is not publicized.

How is Buster paying for his living expenses?

Unknown financial specifics or arrangements. Previous job plus family resources may provide for basic needs, but unverified.

Is Buster still close with his uncle Randy Murdaugh?

The current status of extended family relationships is private and unknown without verified reports. Speculating risks inaccurate assumptions.

Who provides emotional support to Buster during this difficult time?

Private personal matters involve an appropriate degree of privacy. Safe to assume Buster has access to an emotional support system given the losses.

What does the average day look like now for Buster in 2024?

No credible details. He has reasonably focused on general well-being and privacy during a period of grief and extensive legal proceedings involving his father.

Will Buster feel safe returning to Hampton County someday?

That decision would be case-by-case. Safety-related to public interactions can be reevaluated at his discretion going forward.

Has the family offered any compensation to Mallory Beach’s family?

Details of any private settlements or agreements after the boat crash lawsuits ended have not been made public.

How is Buster paying for lawyers and legal expenses?

Unknown financial specifics regarding case-related costs. Family legal resources are likely available, but recent status has not been verified.

Does Buster Murdaugh have any social media profiles active?

No verified active public social media accounts were found. He does not appear to be engaging on social platforms as of 2024.

Is Buster married or dating anyone?

No reports on the current relationship status. Previously was engaged, but the wedding was postponed indefinitely after Maggie & Paul’s deaths, according to People Magazine.

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