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Once a rising Democratic star boasting sky-high approval as New York Governor early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace in 2021 after sexual harassment allegations from multiple women. Now out of politics and facing ongoing legal issues, Cuomo lays low while contemplating various ways to potentially resurrect his cratered public stature. In this article, we will learn about What is Andrew Cuomo Doing Now.

Career: Legal Challenges and Potential Lawsuits

Since resigning as Governor in August 2021, Andrew Cuomo has confronted mounting legal troubles on multiple fronts – including criminal charges for alleged groping, civil lawsuits by accusers, and ethics violations regarding memoir book profits. These cascading scandals consume time and resources, not to mention dicey liability risks.

Cuomo’s declarations of innocence backfire as proceedings unleash more damaging disclosure of unethical behavior. The man who once easily commanded the New York political sphere was now forced to play defense through attorneys just to avoid handcuffs or bankruptcy.

CaseStatusPotential Penalties
Criminal Misdemeanor ChargesAwaiting Trial1 Year Jail
State Ethics ViolationsUnder Investigation$110k+ Fines
Civil Harassment LawsuitsIn LitigationFinancial Damages

Table 1. Andrew Cuomo’s Major Looming Legal Issues He Faces

While raging against political enemies he blames for a takedown, behind-the-scenes Cuomo surely grapples with how swaggering governing style planted seeds for mega-fall. The legal tornado still swirling may take years to fully play out further complicating professional options next.

Podcast Hosting and Media Appearances

Although former CNN host brother Chris provides counsel, Andrew Cuomo hesitantly re-engages the media himself trying to steer a redemption narrative after his resignation left his professional future uncertain. He made occasional radio hosting appearances in 2022 giving a platform airing grievances against liberal politicians abandoning him during the scandal.

Cuomo also granted print/podcast interviews reasserting innocence facing harassment claims while touting New York pandemic leadership credentials. This strings public presence as the ex-governor tests the viability of regaining a political foothold or media celebrity through friendly liberal outlets.

But with a legal volcano still erupting and machine allies keeping their distance, his media tour scope and impact stay limited treading cautiously to avoid missteps and further inflaming accusations.

Writing Books and Promoting Personal Brand

Hoping to justify decisions for history while pocketing major payment relaunching marketability, Andrew Cuomo pens memoir recounting handling coronavirus crisis as Governor before scandal fall. Publisher Random House portrays “American Crisis” painting “leadership lessons” steering New York from tragedy.

But the self-glorification contrasts investigations subsequently citing nursing home data cover-ups and misuse of state resources assisting Cuomo’s book project originally promising him over $5 million.

Now New York pursues recovering profits from the scrapped tome deemed unethical. Cuomo counters he will fight ethics charges tooth and nail. This book debacle signifies wider post-governorship irony with rehabilitation schemes backfiring under harsh scrutiny.

Uncertain Future Career Path

As sexual harassment allegations first surfaced in early 2021, Andrew Cuomo defiantly vowed to stay New York Governor the entire term despite many politicians urging his resignation. But with the stunning breadth of accusers coming forward detailing uncomforting physical encounters plus a toxic workplace environment intimidating victims, the State Assembly opened rare impeachment proceedings that prompted Cuomo to acquiesce to August’s ouster rather than undergo a spectacle seen as a surefire conviction.

This swift banishment from the Governor’s mansion where Cuomo expected to serve long as a Democratic lion now gives way to discharge from party ranks and public persona plunging further amid a legal tornado still swirling two years later.

Talk radio host? High-paid commentator? Corporate consultant? All possible Cuomo career options face extensive viability challenges given pariah status rendering the next acts extraordinarily complicated.

Focus on Public Image and Reputation

Once flying high nationally for presiding over New York’s lowercase COVID response before vaccine rollout, Andrew Cuomo’s aura transformed as harassment accusations metastasized in 2021 from misguided banter claims to alleged groping incidents marring moral high ground. Rather than contrition for inappropriate behavior, Cuomo lashed out blaming cancel culture and political conspirators for sinking legacy.

But independent probe findings corroborating systemic abuses of power undercut attempts to scapegoat external enemies. The depth of misconduct outlined kills the prospect of re-entering legitimate public leadership, forcing Cuomo to concentrate on defense lawyer fees and bracing for lost multimillion-dollar memoir riches rather than plotting the next grandiose chapter.

Personal: Maintaining Family Relationships

As scandals intensified isolation sinking the former Governor’s stature, Andrew Cuomo leaned on familial connections to steady personal life beyond professional uncertainty and legal woes.

Photos captured Cuomo gathering at 2020 Thanksgiving with mother Matilda, daughters Cara, Mariah, and Michaela, alongside former TV figure brother Chris before his own dramatic 2021 parallel downfall.

Cuomo also turned to ex-wife Kerry Kennedy more amid turmoil, reaffirming bonds rooted in decades long past despite splits since 2003.

Their renewed solidarity signifies Cuomo’s isolation where few past allies stand by publicly anymore. At this fragile time, the closest inner circle constitutes blood relatives willing to forgive flaws binding them.

Advocacy for Mental Health Awareness

In interviews following their resignation, Andrew Cuomo acknowledges mental health impacts facing consequences after decades of building esteem governing New York where father Mario also famously served three terms. In between bemoaning unfair treatment, Cuomo shows glimmers of understanding of trauma circles caused beyond just his reputation.

Insiders say years witnessing homeless crisis haunts Cuomo considering additional advocacy helping vulnerable populations one cause he held dear in happier times. While the legal quagmire continues obstructing many roads ahead, purpose-promoting wellness awareness could offer a path to partially restoring legacy goods and counterbalancing darker scandal memories.

Avoiding Public Commentary on Current Events

As the 2022 New York Governor contest raged and COVID crisis phases evolved, quips expecting spicy Andrew Cuomo commentary teeing off on successor Governor Kathy Hochul or Mayor Eric Adams rarely emerged. This discretion contrasts the formerly boisterous banter Cuomo constantly lobbed the media’s way seizing headlines whenever he deemed opportune positioning to promote his pandemic policies.

Whether stirred by legal advisors counseling keeping a low profile avoiding pile-on criticisms, or Cuomo’s self-limiting commentary without staff apparatus boosting the signal, this period’s relative silence marked a striking shift for someone dominating civic discourse loudly through a decade of running a thriving state.

While allies urge Cuomo to bide time before weighing in on hot issues as a potential 2026 gubernatorial candidate, risks abound re-entering the fray exposing legal liability or political weaknesses better left quieter seasons ahead.

Focus on Personal Well-Being and Recovery

As sex pest scandals and nursing home data disgrace abruptly halted Andrew Cuomo’s soaring national prominence at the height of COVID briefing fame, the ensuing legal freefall and reputation oblivion prompted considerations exiting New York spotlights swirling for Florida’s warmer climes.

But insiders suggest Cuomo stays near Albany and Manhattan stomping grounds he ruled before scandal exile – yet keeping purposefully lower profile focused self-care, family time, and lawyers meetings rather than public visibility attracting more criticism pile-on.

Escaping media glare training fiercely during decades as an intensely driven political brawler, Cuomo’s relatively recent quiet signals recognition rehabilitation road remains filled with vitriolic enemies and potential further tragedies improperly navigated. Friends hold hope signs point Cuomo privately making enough smart moves first re-centering corrupted moral compass to eventually earn opportunity right personal legacy.

Private Life and Family Time

Extricating nearly completely from the public stage post-governorship due to misconduct disgrace, Andrew Cuomo retreated into private life the past two years rarely glimpsed as before saturation news coverage chronicled his prolific speeches, schedule, and accomplishments helming New York state through multiple crises.

Paparazzi periodic shots capture Cuomo enjoying neighborhood walks near suburban Westchester home, grocery store visits, and Boundary Waters vacation canoe trips with daughters Cara and Michaela far removed from New York City’s past glory.

For now, Cuomo steers clear of Albany legislative chambers, Manhattan dinner galas, and Hamptons fundraisers associates say he frequented perpetually before harassment reckoning abruptly curtailed clout and grandiose ambitions beyond state borders. Whether downfall permanently humbles Cuomo abandoning future electoral and media ambitions stays unfolding drama warranting reflection before redemption word applied credibly.

Additional: Former New York Governor

Rising from Secretary of Housing federal role through New York Attorney General to a term governorship, Andrew Cuomo long positioned himself national figure wielding expansive institutional powers preparing a launchpad lifting further electoral ambitions, with transient Supreme Court Justice fantasy frequently floated to supporters during apex.

But cascading scandals centered on sexual misconduct, nursing malpractice and chronic abusive management that alienated staffers finally collapsed the support system binding mighty Cuomo perch.

The Emperor dethroned undoubtedly stews on might-have-been reflecting how pesky personal foibles poisoned ambitions, governorship tenure once seemingly smooth sailing towards history acclaim.

Sexual Harassment Allegations & Resignation

The floodgate allegations by current/former staffers capturing damning headlines stemmed from former economic aide Lindsey Boylan initially accusing Cuomo of fostering bullying workplace culture and harassing female colleagues through inappropriate touching, kissing questions, and objectifying comments existence of power imbalance enabling such patterns to remain unspoken.

After Boylan broke the silence, 10+ corroborating victim accounts surfaced unleashing a firestorm Cuomo initially downplaying “misinterpreted” harmless gestures until the Assembly Judiciary probe substantiated credibility before recommending moving impeachment forcing resignation for the good of the state.

Public Perception and Media Scrutiny

The raging fire-lit summer of 2021 searing through anything left salvageable of Andrew Cuomo’s post-pandemic popularity now leaves merely ashes by 2024 as far as public perception or media treatment.

Cuomo once luxuriated nearly Obama-level national magazine cover treatment lionizing his coronavirus briefings as a “New York Tough’ maestro contrasting previous Federal bungling. But probing post-mortems on nursing decisions, memoir ethics, harassment & bullying workplace conduct leave Albany legacies permanently upended.

The overlord aura intimidating opponents cracked under scandal weight as cronies scattered, resigning staffers unleashed secrets, legislative partners flipped allegiances and liberal media piled on scathing obituaries on legacy governorship merits few now want ownership claiming any longer given toxicity.

Evolving Political Landscape and Changing Roles

The New York political machinery shifts seismically as Cuomo exits the tall shadow long cast statewide during terms redefining roles governor office controls regarding infrastructure projects, ethics administration, and partisan constituencies. The legislation now modernizes sexual harassment reporting, nursing home data transparency, public document handling, and executive emergency authority.

Cuomo’s self-created kingmaker sheen as gatekeeping moderate checking ultra-progressive ambitions collapses opening the path of fresh political winds as New York gravitates decisively leftwards. Meanwhile, locally few past Cuomo disciples cling to allegiances as incumbents enjoyed mutually beneficial special alliances before, instead freed from obligations defending bullying benefactors forcing awkward spectrum stances.

Uncertain Impact on Future Aspirations

As 2023 speculation swirls about Andrew Cuomo contemplating a remarkable comeback bid to reclaim governor’s office lost resigning in scandal-induced disgrace, seasoned Empire State political observers remain highly skeptical ongoing legal tornado leaves a viable path to the ballot line for a polarizing figure.

Between state courts and campaign ethics oversight investigations threatening more embarrassing public disclosures, the mountain appears too steep to regain statewide constituencies trust given extensive sexual harassment confirmed even if Cuomo boasts forcing removal softened impeachment resignation outcome. Attempts promoting the book also backfired prolonging publicity on the nursing decision fallout.

With President Biden already dodging approval woes heading 2024 reelection push, the risks affiliating with toxicity from Cuomo seem unwise for national Democrats eyeing the White House delivering New York’s blue cornerstone tallies.

Hence Andrew Cuomo floats 2026 hope likely pipe dream stage. But never fully count out a nightmare redemption sequel from this cunning political escape artist somehow still plotting next chapter surprises. The ends always justify means Cuomo’s culture bred where enemies remain everywhere purportedly conspiring against the rightful king’s ambition left unchecked by morality or constituents’ patience worn thin by too many self-inflicted wounds.


The reputational freefall Andrew Cuomo suffered the past three years permanently alters the trajectory of how history recalls three-term legacy governorship in New York State once enjoying sky-high approvals before the original sin of hubris believing emergencies like the COVID crisis elevated authoritarian rule checked by harassment accountability and nursing care decisions deserving public scrutiny.

Barring legal reprieve efforts somehow succeeding in restoring voter goodwill years removed the daily headlines regurgitating scandal lowlights on cable news chyrons, Cuomo likely remains resigned pariah status foreclosing viable comeback electoral options statewide or nationally going forward. Too much baggage exists saddling any campaigns attracting resources, endorsements, and enthusiasm required to reach heights his prior aura once easily magnetized when seeking friends or intimidating perceived enemies.

While the passion of a thriving policy administrator and controlling image crafter doesn’t easily diminish, the toxic shockwaves unleashed past two years signal even once formidable Empire State titans cannot withstand the collapse of the unwavering ally support structure. The despairing Shakespearean plot playing out likely deprives fans of hoping acclaimed competence steering New York from past binds eased COVID fears enough to obscure other deficiency chickens roosted home.

Thus the puzzling purgatory clouding 2024 outlook hangs over this once celebrated figure left prowling wilderness for unknown duration before daring baby steps back eliciting anything beyond scorn about sordid scandals forever torching the bold ALL CAPS leadership facade New Yorkers long accepted price powering state progress few now believe king had clothes at all.

Stay tuned on the long road ahead where Andrew Cuomo works rehabilitating family bonds, legal standing, and mental health requisite reconciling lost governing clout through atonement comforting those harmed during the traumatic reign. Whether sufficient personal transformation manifests redirecting exceptional abilities to philanthropy purposes rendering society positive impacts depends on self-awareness missing until comeuppance held mirrors nobody lower office dared expose.

Frequently Asked Questions about What is Andrew Cuomo Doing Now

Where is Andrew Cuomo living now after resigning as New York Governor?

Andrew Cuomo resides primarily at his home in Mount Kisco, New York located in suburban Westchester County after stepping down from the governorship in 2021 due to sexual harassment scandals. He retreated from the public spotlight and focused on family time and legal matters.

What corporate or political job could Andrew Cuomo realistically get?

With toxicity from myriad scandals, proven bullying tendencies, and legal liability risks, Andrew Cuomo faces exceedingly long odds securing any legitimate corporate, political, or media bigwig jobs in the foreseeable future. Toxicity and baggage were substantiated making PR-sensitive positions too risky presently.

How has Andrew responded to civil sexual harassment lawsuits?

Cuomo denies all harassment lawsuit allegations from multiple women as politically motivated complaints. However, New York law paused his legal costs defense until the first conviction determination. This leaves him vulnerable personally footing and prolonged legal complexity ahead.

Could Andrew Cuomo run again for New York Governor?

Facing fast eroding New York political capital and extensive 2022 candidate bench strength for his prior moderate lane, the realistic path for Andrew ever running credibly as a Democratic gubernatorial candidate again seems vanishingly tiny barring major legal and reputation game-changers.

What does Andrew Cuomo’s suspension from the New York political party mean?

The New York democrats taking the rare step of suspending Cuomo’s party privileges signals attempts to distance their 2022 election prospects from scandals haunting the ex-governor. This symbolizes his toxicity even among past partisan allies. Restoration seems impossible presently.

Who is representing Andrew Cuomo against criminal charges?

Top New York litigator Rita Glavin leads Andrew Cuomo’s pending criminal defense against a single misdemeanor groping charge along with related local sheriff probes. She faces a tough task combatting potential additional allegations surfacing from past years plus looming testimony credibility attacks.

How has public opinion shifted on Andrew Cuomo?

New Yorker and national polling indicate Andrew Cuomo’s public image approval collapsed from once strong popularity at the pandemic height to now over 60% negative sentiments viewing him unfavorably. This remarkable inversion looks extremely difficult to salvage given the pile-on media effects from proven misconduct spanning multiple years in office.

What legal consequences does Andrew Cuomo still face?

On top of a potential one-year misdemeanor jail term, if convicted of groping ex-staffer, Cuomo battles new state pursuits revoking $5 million book deal profits and imposing fines from state AG sexual harassment workplace violations findings plus nursing malpractice cover-ups. He also braces for the possibility of additional civil lawsuits.

Who is representing female accusers in lawsuits against Cuomo?

High-profile civil rights attorney Debra Katz heads legal efforts aiding multiple Cuomo sexual harassment victims pursuing various lawsuits seeking accountability and damages stemming from the ex-governor’s alleged misconduct while in office abusing power imbalances.

Will more allegations against Andrew Cuomo emerge?

With an extensively documented history of intimidating critics and avoiding transparency, experts watching Cuomo expect additional women stepping forward in the future detailing historical harassment allegations now feeling safer coming forth without his bully pulpit powers protecting past predatory behavior left unspoken.

How has Cuomo adjusted personally outside the political spotlight?

Sources suggest former publicity fixture Andrew Cuomo always surrounded himself with cronies and staff inflated ego now struggles devoid of past sycophants and institutional resources aiding kingmaker aura. But he enjoys family time as grounding relief from toxicity facing the public by himself.

Who is advising Andrew Cuomo’s attempted comeback?

Trusted former advisors and intermediaries linked to Gov. Cuomo hover in the background guiding attempted gradual image and credibility resuscitation through podcasts, and radio hits before contemplating bigger public platforms. Priority remains on avoiding further self-inflicted wounds piling legal and reputation damage.

What previous disgraced politicians could advise Cuomo?

Experts suggest Cuomo seek personal advice from figures like Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, or even Bill Clinton on navigating life beyond political downfall. All former rising star politicians before scandal exiles perhaps impart wisdom on pathways to redemption long-shot as it seems presently for Cuomo.

Where was Andrew Cuomo’s father Mario buried?

Former three-term Gov. Mario Cuomo, father of Andrew Cuomo, rests at St. John’s Cemetery in Queens, New York following his death on New Year’s Day 2015. Visitors pay respects at his gravesite located near the historic cemetery entrance gate.

What previous jobs did Andrew Cuomo hold before Governor posts?

Prior elective experience before Andrew Cuomo won New York Governorship included serving as U.S. Housing Secretary under President Clinton plus a one-term stint as New York Attorney General placing platform for his eventual gubernatorial election success backed by family legacy.

Where did Andrew Cuomo attend college and law school?

Like their late father Mario, Andrew Cuomo graduated law school at St. John’s University after undergraduate attending Fordham University – both Catholic institutions reflecting Cuomo’s Italian-American Queens backgrounds before a foray into broader New York political ecosystems in various government legal roles through the years.

Who is representing and advising Andrew’s legal defense?

Hard-charging litigator Rita Glavin leads Andrew Cuomo’s pending state criminal defense against sole misdemeanor groping charge. She also represents Cuomo fighting state civil lawsuits by multiple sexual harassment accusers plus defends him against government ethics violations that could impose steep fines related to unethical self-promotion book deal conduct violations.

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