What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do for Your Case?

After you’ve been hurt in an accident, you might be wondering if legal representation is worthwhile. As an analogy, a New York Personal Injury Lawyer is a lot like a methodical historian, and as the saying goes, history is written by the victors.

As we have underscored in companion blog posts on this website, an experienced and skilled attorney is the accomplished professional on which to rely as you seek a full range of compensation for your losses.

A personal injury attorney is an efficient multi-tasker in terms of what can be done for your case, especially when serious injuries are involved.

Fact-Checking the Accident

To keep the history analogy going, a crucially important role of a personal injury attorney is to thoroughly investigate the accident and meticulously gather all the facts and evidence necessary to bolster a client’s claim for money damages.

A superficial or half-hearted review, or one where the potentially at-fault party is reluctant to cooperate with the victim on information sharing, just won’t do. 

You need a legal team that is dedicated to getting to the bottom of what happened and in so doing, identify the negligent or otherwise party or parties that are responsible for your injuries as a matter of law and then formulate and manage a legal strategy to obtain justice for you and your family.

Parenthetically, your lawyer can also assist you in triggering no-fault benefits under your own insurance coverage while your case is pending. 

Calculating Your Damages

A competent personal injury lawyer, moreover, has the expertise to accurately analyze your medical costs, lost income, the value of residual pain and suffering, and the possible need for ongoing care of various kinds, plus property damage, to calculate the compensation to which you are entitled.

Once the amount of compensation owing to you is nailed down, your attorney becomes your trusted emissary to the insurance company. 

In the course of interacting with the insurer, a personal injury lawyer tirelessly advocates on your behalf in negotiating a befitting financial settlement with the end goal of achieving maximum financial compensation. 

Making a Deal or Suing in Court

On a common-sense basis, Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys are far more inclined to take a formal demand for compensation seriously, and the check they cut is likely to be higher, when you have the backing of a top-tier, New York law firm.

And you won’t be left in the dark while these negotiations are ongoing. Nothing will be agreed to without your permission.

And there are no attorney fees due unless your legal counsel successfully wins money for you.

In the event an agreement doesn’t materialize or a counteroffer, if any, is too low, rest assured that your attorney has the practical know-how to invoke the necessary and effective legal remedies in a trial to give you your day in court.

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