What are Kim and Kroy Doing Now (2024)

After stepping back from Don’t Be Tardy in 2020, Kim has not announced any major new reality TV projects. Sources suggest she has met with producers about potential future shows, but nothing has been confirmed as of early 2024. In this article, we will learn about What are Kim and Kroy Doing Now.

Kim’s Business Ventures

Kim continues to focus on her various business ventures, including:

  • KAB Cosmetics – her makeup and cosmetics line
  • Kashmere Kollection – her luxury clothing line
  • KissabyKim – her affordable clothing line
  • Kim’s Signature Fragrance – her perfume line

Detailed financial information and performance metrics for these ventures are not publicly available. However, Kim remains actively engaged in promoting these brands on social media.

Kim’s Personal Life

Alongside her business interests, Kim is busy raising her six children – Brielle, Ariana, Kroy Jr., Kash, and twins Kaia and Kane. After filing for divorce from Kroy Biermann in early 2024, her focus remains on her family.

Kroy’s NFL Career

Kroy has not played professional football since his release from the Buffalo Bills in 2019. He remains retired from the NFL as of 2024.

Kroy’s Business Interests

There is limited public information on Kroy’s current business engagements. Sources suggest he had plans to open a restaurant in 2023, but it is unverified if this project is still in development.

Kroy’s Personal Life

Like Kim, Kroy appears focused on maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship and raising their six children. He has maintained a relatively low public profile outside of legal proceedings related to their divorce.

Kim and Kroy’s Divorce

In February 2024, it was reported that Kim filed for divorce from Kroy after nearly 14 years of marriage. Both parties have remained relatively quiet publicly about the situation.

The divorce papers cited their date of separation as November 2022. It remains ongoing through early 2024.

Kim & Kroy’s Public Appearances

Both Kim and Kroy have made limited public appearances since news of their divorce emerged. Neither party has addressed the situation directly via social media or interviews.

They were both photographed separately on outings with their children in late February 2024. They have not made official public appearances regarding their careers or business interests since their separation.

Table 1

Kim Zolciak Business VenturesDescription
KAB CosmeticsMakeup and cosmetics line
Kashmere KollectionLuxury clothing line
KissabyKimAffordable clothing line
Kim’s Signature FragrancePerfume line

Table 2

Kroy Biermann Career DetailsDescription
NFL CareerRetired in 2019
Business InterestsUnverified restaurant plans
Public AppearancesLimited since November 2022

Kim & Kroy’s Uncertain Futures

With their divorce still unfolding in 2024, the futures of both Kim and Kroy remain unwritten.

Questions linger about everything from potential new TV projects for Kim to what Kroy’s next career move might be. Their ongoing business ventures also face an unclear path forward.

Most importantly, it remains to be seen how their separation will affect their ability to effectively co-parent their six children.

Overall, Kim and Kroy’s next moves – both personally and professionally – are surrounded by speculation, uncertainty, and high public interest.


In summary, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann are going through substantial life changes in 2024 due to their separation after nearly 14 years together.

Kim seems focused on business and family, while Kroy is lying low and also prioritizing their kids. Both of their futures – personally and professionally – remain uncertain.

Their ongoing divorce proceedings and attempts to positively co-parent will continue unfolding publicly in the coming months. Fans maintain a strong interest in the latest updates on both celebrities.

For now, they are undergoing big transitions in 2024. But the full picture of what’s next for each star post-divorce remains to be seen. Their paths forward are widely speculated upon, but still developing.

Frequently Asked Questions about What Are Kim and Kroy Doing Now

What prompted Kim and Kroy’s divorce?

The exact reasons that led to their divorce remain unclear. Neither party has publicly addressed what specifically prompted their separation or decision to end their marriage.

When did they separate?

Divorce filings list their date of separation as November 2022.

What is Kim doing for work now?

Kim continues to focus on her various business ventures, including her cosmetics, clothing, and fragrance lines. She does not have any verified upcoming reality TV appearances as of early 2024.

What were Kim and Kroy doing before their separation?

Before separating in late 2022, both Kim and Kroy had stepped back from public life over the past few years. Kim ended her show Don’t Be Tardy in 2020, while Kroy retired from football in 2019. Their focus was on raising their family.

Does Kim still live in her mansion?

It is believed Kim continues to reside in the couple’s former marital home with their children.

Where is Kroy living now?

Kroy’s current living situation is not publicly known. He maintains a relatively low profile but likely lives nearby to co-parent his kids.

How many children do they have?

Kim and Kroy have six children together – Brielle, Ariana, Kroy Jr., Kash, and twins Kaia and Kane. Brielle and Ariana are Kim’s daughters from previous relationships, whom Kroy later adopted.

How will they co-parent six kids after divorce?

They have not addressed specifics, but their statements emphasize a desire to positively co-parent their large family together despite separating as a couple.

Did they have a prenup?

It is unknown if Kim and Kroy had a prenuptial agreement. If not, their substantial assets and properties would need to be divided during divorce proceedings.

Why did Kroy retire early from the NFL?

Kroy retired unexpectedly early from the NFL in 2019 at only 33 years old. Specific reasons were not given, but it allowed him to focus more on parenting duties.

What business ventures does Kroy have?

There is limited public information on Kroy’s current business involvements, if any. Previous unverified reports suggested he had plans to open a restaurant.

How long were Kim and Kroy married?

The couple was together for nearly 14 years before separating. They married in 2011 and their divorce was filed in early 2024.

Who is representing Kim and Kroy legally for divorce?

The names of attorneys representing either Kim or Kroy specifically have not been shared publicly. Most details of their divorce currently remain private.

Has Kroy or Kim publicly dated anyone else since separating?

Neither Kim nor Kroy have been seen publicly dating any new partners since their reported separation in November 2022. Their focus has remained on their children.

What’s next for Kim – more reality TV?

Potentially. Sources indicate Kim has explored options for a new reality show, but no concrete future TV appearances or projects have been verified as of early 2024.

What was Kim and Kroy’s reality show that ended in 2020?

Don’t Be Tardy aired for eight seasons on Bravo. It documented Kim’s life with Kroy and their blended family until production ended in 2020.

Do Kim and Kroy still film anything together?

No joint public filming engagements have occurred since November 2022 when they reportedly separated and ceased production on any shared projects.

What does Kroy do for work now?

Outside of legal and home life matters, Kroy has maintained a low work profile since retiring from football in 2019. His current professional interests or engagements are unclear.

How has Kim’s makeup line performed?

Detailed sales or financial data for Kim’s KAB Cosmetics line is not publicly shared. However, she continues to actively promote and expand the brand’s offerings to customers.

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