Top Scenic Routes: Enjoy the Journey from Albany Airport to Saratoga Springs

Are you travelling from Albany airport to the Saratoga Springs? If yes then do not miss the Scenic routes from Albany to Saratoga. When you travel on the road you can enjoy New Yorks prettiest areas. This lovely route is 30 miles long. It offers beautiful views, historic sites and charming places to stop for photos, food and much more. Whether you are a local or a visitor this guide will help you enjoy your journey.

Scenic Routes from Albany to Saratoga: A Scenic Overview

There are many ways to go but the most beautiful and relaxing option is to take Interstate 87 North and exit onto Route 9. So this route lets you enjoy the natural beauty of the areas and visit fun places. Now let us dive in to the location you should not miss at any cost. Let us have a look at the Sightseeing Albany to Saratoga Springs.

Embracing the Hudson River Valley

It is 42 miles and it requires 1 hour 15 minutes. So this route follows the most beautiful Hudson River. Hence it gives you amazing views and a glimpse of the rich history of this region

The Great Escape

Go north on Albany Shaker Road instead of I-87. This scenic road goes through rolling hills, farms and cute towns. Stop at The Apple Stand in Altamont for fresh produce, local honey and homemade cider donuts. It is a perfect snack for the road trip.

Drenched in History

In Schuylerville take a short detour to visit the Saratoga National Historical Park. This park remembers the momentous battles of Saratoga during the American Revolution. You can explore historic places like the Schuyler House and learn about the events that shaped America.

Foodie Bliss

After learning some history please visits to Batten kill Valley Creamery in Argyle for delicious ice cream made with fresh and local ingredients. Also go for the unique flavors such as lavender honey or maple bacon while enjoying the lovely countryside.

Quaint Towns and Country Charm

The distance is 35 miles and it takes 50 minutes. This route avoids the highway and lets you explore charming towns and landscapes comfortably.

German Heritage

Would you like to enjoy the German heritage? If yes then take Washington Avenue east from the airport. Your first stop could be the historic town of Watervliet it is famous for its German heritage.

Covered Bridge Enchantment

Continue on NY 43 and look out for the beautiful Thompson’s Bridge. This charming covered bridge, built in 1850. It is perfect for taking pictures.

A Touch of Luxury

Finish your scenic drive in style at Saratoga National Golf Club. This historic golf course has dazzling views of Saratoga Lake and offers a luxurious lunch at its restaurant, The Pines. If you prefer something more casual please visit the nearby Saratoga Winery for a wine tasting with a view of the vineyard.

A Lakeside Adventure

It has a distance of 38 miles and takes about 1 hour.

Lakeside Serenity

From the airport, go north on Albany Shaker Road. Turn onto Lake Avenue to drive along the eastern shore of Saratoga Lake. .

Boating on the Lake

Rent a kayak oat the State Park marina and explore the calm waters of the lake.

A Culinary Gem

After the lake adventure, go to Brookside at the Saratoga National for a great dining experience.

Albany to Saratoga Springs Travel Tips

Plan Your Route

Choose a scenic route to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and historic sites.

Pack Snacks

Bring snacks and water mainly if you plan to stop at parks or take a longer route.

Check the Weather

Dress appropriately and bring sunscreen or rain gear depending on the forecast.

Albany Airport to Saratoga luxury car rentals

Look for the reliable rental car service that is safe and secure. You travel will be much easier and comfortable from Albany to Saratoga Springs with a professional taxi service.


So skip the fast route and choose the scenic one instead. Enjoy the lovely air and the beauty of the Hudson Valley. You will arrive in Saratoga Springs feeling energetic and ready to explore.

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