The Freshness Factor: Discover the Joy of Clean-Smelling Perfume

Gone are the days when a heavy scent was the essence of the perfume world. It is now all about the clean smelling perfume! If you are on the brink of ditching your old perfumes and going for a perfume with a cleaner fragrance, here is everything you need to know about this scent phenom! 

The Fragrance Families of Clean Scents

Clean-smelling perfumes fall into a few different fragrance families, each with a unique scent type and flair. One of the most popular clean-smelling categories is citrus-clean fragrances. Another clean-smelling fragrance family is floral, clean fragrances. The final category is for those looking for clean, soapy smells are clean musk and clean wood fragrances. 

Why Go For A  Clean-Smelling Perfume?

  • They are Clean: This is an obvious place to start when talking about clean-smelling perfumes. They not only smell clean. They are literally clean and free from all these chemicals that may cause a rash, hives, or an itchy nose!
  • Longevity and Sillage: Anyone around the person wearing one of these perfumes will smell the beautiful scent trail (longevity and sillage) without irritants hitting their receptors. 
  • On Trend: Are you all about jumping on the trend? Well, clean perfumes are certainly a worthy trend. Not only do you jump into minimalism, but you also get a “saving the planet” badge when you start using clean-smelling perfumes.
  • Versatile: They are easier to pair with what we wear and accessories. This perfume is not too heavy for work, too sweet for evening, or too powdery for play.
  • A Walk Around Spa: It is a scientific fact that smell definitely has an effect on how you feel and you associate it with things! Clean, fragrant scents invoke innocence, purity, and simplicity which can definitely have an effect on how you deal with a stressful day if you have this smell following you around like a perfumed therapist!

Some Clean-Smelling Perfume Best Practices

  • Make sure it really is a clean perfume: Some companies may claim the moniker clean and be fibbing! So check the ingredients and that pesky fine print.
  • Test: Before spending your dollars, make sure it is something you actually want by spritzing some and going about your business—the scent can change the longer you wear it and you need to find out if you’re okay with the scent’s change after a long day.
  • Layer: If you want to get the most out of your clean scent, start on clean skin that you wash with a soft-smelling gel, then go for a lotion that is also subtle (giving your perfume something to stick to). Now spritz on your perfume.
  • Be Frugal and precise: Clean-smelling perfumes fall on the concentrated side of the perfume pool. Thus, don’t be so heavy-handed and focus on those pulse points.

Embrace the Clean Scent Revolution

These fresh-smelling scents are pure and perfect for any occasion while having the added bonus of getting your mood up!

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