Step by step guide to applying for a visa

Applying for a US visa is a very complex process. Many people don’t understand how to apply for their visa and then make mistakes. In this article step to step guide is shared about how to apply for a US visa.

Steps to apply for a US visa

Following are 8 steps that you have to follow when you are applying for a US visa: 

  1. Find out if a visa is needed

If you want to travel to the US then you may need a visa, but there are 41 visa waiver countries in total that do not require a visa to visit the USA. That’s why the first step to applying for a US visa application is to check if you need a visa. You can also apply for travel visa Canada.

  1. Think that which visa would you need to travel the US

If you don’t know, there are many kinds of visas that you can use to travel to the US. Like student visa, visitor visa, spouse visa and others. Make sure to determine the right visa type for you or your case can get rejected. You can also hire a law consultant in case you need help.

  1. Fill in the visa application form DS-160

DS-160 non immigrant visa application form is a form that is required by immigration department of the US. You can find this form in online websites like the consular electronic application centre. This form can include some personal information like your name, your profession, your place and date of birth, your country, your mobile number, your email, your passport number, your education and work permits etc.

  1. Pay application fee

You will have to pay an application fee when applying for the US visa. It depends on the type of visa you are applying for. It ranges from 185 dollars  to 315 dollars. 

  1. US visa interview

Every non immigrant visa applicant between 14 and 79 years is required to give the US Visa interview. As soon as you have submitted your DS-160 form you should get an appointment immediately. 

  1. Compile your documents

With your DS-160 form, you are also required to submit some important documents that the application requires. To make this process easier you can hire a law consultant or a lawyer who will help you throughout the process.

  1. Attend the interview

The final step in the US visa application is to attend the visa interview. The interviewer may ask you about your background and questions related to the visa you have applied for.

  1. Wait for processing

Wait is the worst thing when you are done applying for a visa application. The wait can be one week, one month, 6 months and even more. After the processing is completed you are informed whether your case is approved or denied. Once your visa is approved you should start preparing for your journey abroad. But if it’s denied, don’t worry and try again. You can also contact the best immigration consultants in Oman to save yourself some time and effort. 


If you follow these steps correctly and submit your visa application, the chances of your case will definitely get higher. At last also make sure that you don’t give up in case your case gets denied and try again.

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