Play the Southern Tien Len Card Game, Hundred Battles, Hundred Wins

The southern card game Tien Len is probably no longer strange to Vietnamese people, but even those who have never played it have heard of it. Besides preparing yourself with the necessary knowledge, you must also know some notes to easily defeat your opponents. The following article of gamebaitst88 will summarize the knowledge that you need to know.

Definition of Southern Tien Len card game

The Southern Tien Len card game is based on the rules of the real-life traditional Tien Len game. Similarly, this game still uses the familiar 52 Western cards and each player will be dealt 13 cards. If you are the winner, it means you are the first person to play all the cards in your hand. On the other hand, with Southern-style and traditional card games, whether the table has 2, 3 or 4 people, there is still only 1 winner.

Learn more about the concept of Southern-style Tien Len game

For this online card game, you only need a stable internet connection to be able to enter the table and compete with many other opponents. Furthermore, if you are new to learning, you can practice playing the free card game to gain experience from other players.

Not only that, but you can also create a playroom very easily with a few simple steps. Southern card game Tien Len has many levels of play depending on the amount of money you have, you can play from beginners to experts.

In addition, some regulations about cutting pigs or freezing and chopping husbands are included in the game. Thereby helping to calculate the most accurately and ensuring fairness for all gamers.

Game rules for advancing to the South for new recruits

The player on the table who runs out of cards first will win. Playing until the last person has cards means losing.

Start: if there is a 3-card, you will be allowed to play first, but in the first game you cannot win white or steal. After that, in the next games to the South, the winner of the previous game will have the right to play the first card.

Turn to play cards: if allowed to play cards after winning, the player will have the right to play any card they want such as junk, pair, sam or straight. Play turns clockwise, so the person next to the right needs to choose a card to play over. Furthermore, those cards need to be of the same combination and larger than the card the previous person played.

In case there are no cards to play over, you can skip them to let the next player play. However, if a new turn is made, the remaining player can skip the next turn. Because when there are no cards to capture, the player who just played will continue a new round until all cards are gone.

Detailed instructions on how to download Southern style

Instructions on how to download Southern Tien Len online

To download the southern-style online card game Tien Len, you will have extremely simple steps. Furthermore, downloading the free card game and installing it can be done on Android and iOS, details are as follows:

Step 1: You access the application store on your mobile device such as CH Play or Appstore.

Then on the screen you will click on Search.

Step 2: Then you will enter the keyword “Tien Len Mien Nam” and select the corresponding icon to install.

Step 3: Now that you have clicked Install, the system will automatically download and install the card game on your Android and iOS phones respectively.

Important notes when participating in advancing to the South

In addition to understanding the concept, you should refer to tips on how to play Southern Tien Len to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible. Join to find out the following necessary notes:

Pay attention to some important things when playing progressive cards

Remember the cards you played

If you want to win when playing Tien Len Nam, you need to remember the cards you played and calculate whether your play will not be blocked. Through the memorization method, you will know how to keep your cards and not choose to play randomly to be played on important turns.

Know how to play in moderation

When playing Tien Len Southern, you need to play with stops because playing for too long can cause you to lose your inherent judgment. In addition, knowing when to stop can help you maintain your playing form.


Through the above sharing, gamebaitst88 hopes to help you understand the basic rules of the Southern Tien Tien game. At the same time, grasp effective notes to help increase your chances of winning.

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