Living and Working in Canada: What Immigrants Need to Know

If you are one of the people interested in moving to Canada, then you should be aware of the steps that will lead you there. Firstly, you should have a Visa. A permanent visa is available within the skilled worker category if you meet the requirements. An assessment of your profile is made, especially of your work experience (knowledge) and qualifications. 

A visa application for Canada consists of multiple phases of a system called “Express Entry.” Using this system, points are awarded to personal factors, resulting in the candidates with the highest score being invited for a full visa application. 

Canadian visa categories  

Federal skilled worker class 

To apply for this “federal skilled worker” category, you have to meet different kinds of requirements. Firstly, most candidates are evaluated based on their scores on various factors. In order to apply, you need at least 67 out of 100 points. Leaving work credentials and work experience, the following are the important factors: 

  • Your age 
  • Diploma and work experience are essential 
  • Your knowledge of English and/or French language is also relevant 
  • A job offer from a Canadian employer generates extra points 
  • Finally, your connections with Canada (e.g., language abilities of your partner, Canadian work experience or previous study, family in Canada)

If you meet these above requirements, you fit the criteria to submit a profile within “Express Entry.” After that, the given profile is assessed based on your CRS score. Consult the best agency for Canada immigration in Dubai to make your visa process easy.

Canadian express class 

This type of category is specifically selected for people with work experience in Canada. You may be eligible for this category if you have one year of work experience in Canada over the past three years. This is possible if the position has the correct order of (O, A, or B) and is on the NOC list. Finally, knowledge of English or French must also be demonstrated here. Lastly, just like the aforementioned Visa, a minimum score of CRS is required. 

Provincial Nominee Program 

Finally, the provincial nominee program also belongs to the “Express Entry” in the Visa category. Many Canadian provinces have their own Visa programs called “PNPs.” Through these visa programs, the provinces in Canada can play a direct role in the selection of immigrants. Furthermore, it also responds to the demands and supply within the labor market of the specific province. Consequently, each province or territory applies its criteria and conditions.

These programs also can provide additional possibilities if you are not eligible for the federal program. If you have a specific preference for an area where you would like to live and work in Canada, you can also contact expert migration consultants Dubai for your help. 


The information provided here can help you in order to reach your goal of moving to Canada! A visa for that is a must, and the following programs offer various resources for different kinds of people. Having at least a 67 out of 100 score on CRS is also very important, as it can ease your way and make your goal possible! 

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