Extra Time Betting – Basic Information For New Players

Kèo hiệp phụ is a bet that players will often encounter in soccer tournaments. When the two teams have not decided who will win or lose, they will continue to play in extra time. To help you better understand this type of bet. Then join us at Hi88 to find out in detail through the article below!

Some basic details about extra time betting

This is a form of betting that often appears when the two competing teams have played the official 90 minutes. Extra time will be played within the next 15 minutes. For extra time bet It doesn’t always appear, but only when faced with equal competition. This bet is then offered by the system for betting.

Learn details about extra time betting

The duration of these types of bets can only take place in a short period of time, specifically from 10 to 15 minutes. When players participate in this bet, it will be easier for you to analyze because the players start to feel tired. That’s why this is a type of bet that more people choose than ever.

Forms of betting in extra time betting

In this form of betting, it is divided into different types of bets. This is to meet the needs of players who can participate in betting in appropriate forms. Soon, we will summarize a few extra time bet Please help me choose.

Asian extra time handicap

This is considered one of the types of bets that many bettors use when placing bets. With this form, players can bet on extra time 1 or extra time 2. 

After each extra-time match ends, you can place a bet. But be careful when betting and don’t lose your temper to avoid unnecessary risks to yourself.

European odds are commonly used

As for the form of betting extra time bet Hey, you can bet right away on overtime 1 and 2. For extra time 1, players can predict which team will win or end with an equal score. As for special cases of interruption, this bet will still be counted.

European odds are commonly used in Betting

When betting, bettors can predict which team will win, lose or draw. If extra time is paused or canceled, you must pay attention because the 2 bets will no longer be counted.

Over/under bets in extra time

For players who are passionate about over/under betting, the system has also updated over/under betting for you. With this form, players will have to predict which team will win with what score based on the score given by the unit:

  • If a player bets on Over, they must be sure that the score will be greater than the unit’s prediction.
  • Players will choose the under bet when they predict that the score will be smaller than the system offers.

There is one thing players need to pay attention to and understand clearly. That is, if the over/under bet in the first half does not take place, the bet will be cancelled. As for the second overtime period still taking place, this bet will still be considered for betting.

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Experience in betting on extra time from experts

To be able to participate in the game extra time bet In smooth soccer matches, players need to consult experiences from experts. And not only that, but players also need to learn the information of the match to choose the right bet. Next, we will review a few experiences that bettors need to know:

Experience in betting on extra time for new players

  • Players need to learn about factors that affect the match such as the performance of the teams. Or learn the competition history of the teams to make accurate predictions.
  • Not only that, but bettors also need to pay attention to which team has recently topped the table and has good records. From there, bettors can prioritize that team and make better betting decisions. Don’t bet indiscriminately and then bring disaster to yourself.
  • For those new bettors who don’t know the proper analysis yet. You can refer to forums and online betting communities to consult and ask for opinions from veteran players. Note that you should gather useful experiences for yourself, do not learn indiscriminately to place bets.


Above is all the information about extra time bet that Hi88 has compiled and shared with fellow bettors. We hope that this content will help players in the betting process. From there, you can bring yourself the biggest and most attractive bonuses.

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